Are you looking for the best local food or dining experiences in London?

As one of the largest cities in Europe – and the world – it has one of the best culinary scenes in existence.

From Indian food to afternoon tea, indulging in London’s gastronomic culture is a must while visiting the British capital.

Keep reading to discover the 14 best London food tours and dining experiences.

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1. London East End Food Tour

London’s East End is a neighbourhood like no other.

Diverse cultures and background collide in this borough, which has resulted in the area having some of the best food in all of London.

Thus, it is the perfect spot for a food tour!

Throughout this 4 hour tour, you will stop at markets, shops, bakeries, pubs, and restaurants.

Along the way, you’ll be treated to 12 food samples at 7 different locations.

You can expect to try everything from sandwiches to cheese.

Plus, your local tour guide will be with you every step of the way to explain the history of the East End.

Tour details

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure Point: Old Spitalfields Market, Spitalfields, London
  • Departure Times: 10:00 am, 10:45am, or 11:15 am
  • Inclusions: Local guide, 12 samples

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2. Indian Secret Food Tour of London’s East End

It’s no secret that London has the best Indian food in the world – outside of India, that is.

If you’re partial to rich curries and spicy samosas, then the Indian Secret Food Tour of London is a must!

This tour takes you through the East End, one of the most ethnically diverse regions of the city.

On this three hour walking tour, you will explore the streets of the East End, while stopping at numerous restaurants and eateries to sample some delicious Indian food.

Along the way, you’ll stop by many East End sites, including Old Spitalfields Market and Whitechapel Gallery.

All snacks and beverages are included.

Tour details

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure Point: Whitechapel Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High St, Shadwell, London
  • Departure Times: 5:00 pm or 7:00 pm
  • Inclusions: Beverages, local guide, food, snacks

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3. London Afternoon Tea at Grosvenor House

When in London, do as the Londoners do!

Enjoying a spot of afternoon tea is the ultimate British dining experience.

And there’s nowhere better to indulge in this age old tradition than at Grosvenor House.

Prepare to taste delicious cakes, savoury sandwiches, and of course tea, all of which will be served on a dainty tiered platter!

Each afternoon tea experience also includes classic scones with fresh jam and clotted cream.

In addition to the food and tea, you’ll love the atmosphere in the Grosvenor House Park Room, which is located just across the street from Hyde Park.

Not only is it delicious, but you’ll feel like royalty for a day!

Tour details

  • Duration: 3-5 hours
  • Departure Times: 2:00 pm
  • Inclusions: Afternoon tea

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4. Afternoon Tea at The Rubens at the Palace Hotel

There’s no dining experience as regal as afternoon tea, especially when you’re in Britain.

Become part of this age old English tradition at the Palace Hotel in London.

The Rubens at The Palace serves one of the best afternoon teas in the city.

All goodies are baked fresh and there is a wide selection of tea offerings for guests.

When your elegant tray appears on the table, you can expect to find smoked salmon and egg and cress sandwiches, lemon meringue pie, scones, white chocolate and passionfruit cheesecake, and even homemade marshmallows.

Make sure to go with an empty stomach, as we guarantee you’ll want to finish everything on your plate.

Tour details

  • Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Departure Point: The Rubens at the Palace, 39 Buckingham Palace Rd, Westminster, London
  • Departure Times: 3:00 pm
  • Inclusions: Afternoon tea, entry fees, beverages

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5. Afternoon Tea at The Milestone Hotel

For a quintessentially English afternoon tea experience, look no further than The Milestone Hotel.

This historic hotel has an intimate and cozy tea room filled with dark panelled wood and antique furniture that you are sure to love.

Plus, the food served during their afternoon tea is delicious!

Over the course of two hours, you will feast on an array of finger sandwiches, as well as cupcakes, macarons, and tarts.

Of course, there will also be freshly-baked scones with jam and traditional clotted cream.

If you have any sort of food restrictions, The Milestone is a great place for afternoon tea as they have vegetarian and gluten-free dining options available.

Tour details

  • Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Departure Point: The Milestone Hotel and Residences, 1 Kensington Ct, Kensington, London
  • Departure Times: 2:50 pm
  • Inclusions: Afternoon tea, beverages, entry fees

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6. London Bridge and Borough Market

If you’re a bonafide foodie, then you won’t be able to resist this Secret Food Tour of London.

This off the beaten path tour is run by local foodies whose goal it is to introduce visitors to the best food that London has to offer.

On this tour, your local guide will take you to London Bridge and the Borough Market.

You’ll get to sample all kinds of traditional British food throughout the tour, stopping at spots that only the locals know about.

Plus, your guide will tell you all about the culinary history of London.

Experience a side of London most tourists never see – and get some tasty treats along the way – on this Secret Food Tour.

Tour details

  • Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Departure Point: 6 Tooley St, London
  • Departure Times: 11:00 am or 3:00 pm
  • Inclusions: Food tastings, local guide

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7. International Food Tour of Soho

Soho is one of Central London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

Just steps from bustling Oxford Street is where you will find this foodie paradise.

The area is known for its diverse cuisine, which is why an International Food Tour is perfectly suited to it.

Over the course of this 3.5 hour tour, you will be treated to 10 food samples that come from all over the world.

You’ll also be given wine or beer along the way.

In addition to the food and drink, your local guide will teach you about the history and culture of Soho as you pass by the borough’s many theaters, boutiques, and cafes.

Please note that to ensure the best experience, tour groups are limited to just 12 people.

Both evening and daytime tours are available.

Tour details

  • Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Departure Point: Soho, London
  • Departure Times: 10:15 am, 4:00 pm, 4:30 pm, or 5:30 pm
  • Inclusions: Professional guide, 10 food samples, entry fees

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8. Tower of London Tour: Afternoon Tea at Westminster Abbey

Get the true London experience on this Tower of London Bus Tour.

This tour will have you whizzing around the city on a classic red double decker bus.

On this tour, you will get to avoid the crowds and see some of London’s most famous sites without disruption.

Attractions include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Borough Market.

You’ll have plenty of time to see and explore each site, especially Westminster Abbey, where you’ll be treated to afternoon tea in the Cellarium Café.

You can expect your afternoon tea experience to include classic finger sandwiches and traditional scones with cream and jam.

Tour details

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Departure Point: Evan Evans Tours, 258 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster, London
  • Departure Times: 8:15 am
  • Inclusions: Afternoon tea, entry fees, headsets, transportation by bus

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9. English Tea and Desserts Walking Tour in London

Calling all sugar addicts!

If you have a sweet tooth, then you will adore this English Tea and Desserts Walking Tour in London.

This small group tour is sure to excite your taste buds owing to the many delicious offerings you’ll be treated to.

Over the course of 2.5 hours, a professional guide will take you to a variety of bakeries, cafes, and restaurants.

By the end of the tour, you will have tasted the best cakes, macarons, and chocolates the city has to offer.

Sweets will range in style from classic French patisserie to traditional British baked goods.

The tour will end at a secret location where visitors will be given scones, jam, and cream.

Tour details

  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Departure Point: Piccadilly Circus, Soho, London
  • Departure Times: 11:00 am
  • Inclusions: Guide, desserts, and tea

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10. Mayfair Chocolate Ecstasy Tour

Are you a self professed chocaholic?

Then you won’t want to miss out on the Mayfair Chocolate Ecstasy Tour.

This 5-star rated chocolate tour began in 2005 and since then has been delighting tourists year after year.

The tour will begin with a cup of decadent hot chocolate in one of London’s most interesting restaurants.

From there, you will begin to make your way through Mayfair and Soho, stopping at some of the best chocolate and dessert shops in the city.

You will even get to try the Queen’s and Roald Dahl’s favourite chocolates!

In addition to samples, which are included, the shops you visit will offer discounts on any gift items purchased in case you want to bring home souvenirs.

Tour details

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure Point: 4 Monmouth St, London
  • Departure Times: 10:00 am
  • Inclusions: Local guide, bottled water, food tasting, entry fees

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11. Lunch in the Cotswolds from London

Get out of London on this one of a kind dining experience!

Hit the English countryside for a spot of lunch in the Cotswolds.

This picturesque pastoral region is one of the most famous in the country.

It is a popular spot to relax in over the summer, especially for Londoners wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital.

On this day trip tour, you will be treated to a decadent two-course meal at a traditional English hotel restaurant.

You will also stop at some of the Cotswolds’ most famous sites along the way, such as Stow-on-the-Wold Market Square, Bibury Trout Farm, and Burford Library.

Tour details

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Departure Point: Victoria Coach Station, Belgravia, London
  • Departure Times: 8:15 am
  • Inclusions: Local guide, entry fees, lunch, round-trip transportation

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12. London Cruise on the Thames River

Combine two activities into one: a gourmet dinner and a cruise on the River Thames!

There is no sight more beautiful than the London skyline from the vantage point of the river.

Experience this unforgettable view while indulging in a tasty meal on board a river cruise.

While aboard, you will glide past iconic sites, such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge.

There are three dining cruise options – lunch, dinner, or tea.

No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to love this gastronomic meets sightseeing experience.

Free drinks are served on board and vegetarian options are available.

Tour details

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure Point: Westminster Pier, London
  • Inclusions: Meal, beverages

Dinner Cruise Lunch Cruise Tea

13. Faulty Towers the Dining Experience

Dinner and theatre collide during this Faulty Towers Dining Experience.

This fully immersive and highly improvised show is set in London’s West End.

Located in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Hotel, this hilarious experience pays homage to the popular British television series, Fawlty Towers.

While you’re laughing at what’s happening on-stage, the waitstaff will be serving you a 1970s-inspired 3-course meal.

The event is two hours in length and you’re guaranteed to come away with a full stomach and smile on your face.

Faulty Towers the Dining Experience has both lunch and dinner options.

Tour details

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Departure Point: Radisson Blu Edwardian 9-13 Bloomsbury Street The Torquay Suite Theatre, London
  • Departure Times: 1:30 pm, 6:30 pm, or 7:30 pm
  • Inclusions: 3-course meal, 2-hour show, entry fees

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14. Cheese Crawl

Let’s be honest, cheese is one of the most delicious foods on the planet, and few countries do it better than Britain.

This 2 hour walking tour will have you sampling the finest cheese that London has to offer.

You can expect to sample Stilton, Camembert, and drunk cheeses.

You will also be offered a glass of wine to go with the cheeses if you wish.

In addition to eating cheese, this walking tour will take you through the streets of London, where your guide will provide you with fascinating knowledge about the area.

And make sure to pay attention as there may be a fun quiz along the way.

Tour details

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Departure Point: Statue of Goddess Diana, London
  • Departure Times: 12:00 pm
  • Inclusions: Food tasting, snacks, coffee or tea, alcoholic beverages

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We hope this list has introduced you to just how incredible London’s food scene is.

From indulging in a gourmet dinner on the River Thames to afternoon tea at one of the city’s most historic hotels, there are plenty of amazing food and dining experiences in the British capital.

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