The Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve is a significant and sacred Indigenous site located on the banks of the Murray River.

It is an ancestral home of the Nganguraku Aboriginal people

The Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve is now used in archaeological studies and for tourism.

Visitors to the site are able to appreciate the lifestyle, customs and traditional beliefs of the people that once prospered there.

To see Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve, you can join a 4 night cruise from Adelaide.

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Things to see and do at Ngaut Ngaut

Walks and Tours 

Explore the Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve on a boardwalk that travels along significant areas within the reserve.

Along the path are displays providing information about it’s environment.

Due to the importance of the site to local Aboriginals, visits occur only in groups supervised by a local Aboriginal.

These experts host tours that provide an even more interesting perspective on the sites.

The tours need a minimum of 10 people to run and can be booked in advance.

On the tours you have an opportunity to learn more about the Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve, its history and the cultures that persevere to this day.

Rock Art 

The Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve is home to a number of significant rock art sites.

These sites are solid remnants of the unique culture that once existed at the Reserve.

As you explore Ngaut Ngaut, you’ll see artworks carved into the limestone cliffs.

Your local Aboriginal guides will explain the significance of each work of art during tours.

For example, you will see images of the sun and dolphins swimming in the Murray River, representing nature.

Before the addition of prison cells and other man-made blocks from European settlement.

Archaeological Finds 

The Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve was the location of some major archaeological findings.

An employee of the South Australian Museum, Norman Tindale, first made some discoveries.

Herbert Hale, a zoologist, then continued the work and eventually became the Director of the South Australian Museum.

They began their digs in 1929 and found evidence of Aboriginal people lifestyles and historic remains.

Along the boardwalk you will find interesting information relating to the men and their discoveries.


Fire Warnings

The Murray River area can be very hot and incredibly dry.

Especially between the months of November and April.

Tours will be cancelled on extremely hot days

This is due to potential fire outbreaks so access to the reserve will be limited.

Aboriginal Lands

Aboriginal people believe that all lands are sacred.

Particularly those with significant cultural and historical heritage like Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve.

As such, under no circumstances should anything be removed from the site without the permission of the traditional owners.

This includes rocks and any other objects found at the site.

Cultural Guide 

Read the Ngaut Ngaut Interpretive Guide before visiting Ngaut Ngaut.

It provides interesting information about the site.

For visitors unfamiliar with Indigenous Australians, it provide a better appreciation of the site. 

The Murray River Cruise

Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve is located on the banks of the Murray River.

You’ll have a chance to explore the rest of the region at the same time.

Instead of driving to the Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve, you might consider taking a river cruise, many of which stop at the reserve, to really get a good look at the river.

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How to get to Ngaut Ngaut


Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve is located on the west side of the Murray River, around 12 kilometres south of Swan Reach.

It is approximately 170 kilometres north of Adelaide.

The site can be accessed via the Walker Flat-Mannum Road or the Swan Reach-Walker Flat Road, via Hunter Road and Purnong Road.

You can cross the river from the Mannum side by ferry.


A tour is highly recommended for first time visitors to Ngaut Ngaut, Murray River and it’s surrounding regions.

A luxury 4 night cruise on the Murray River stops at the Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve.

Book one of the comfy staterooms and enjoy a cruise down the river, as you watch nature glide by from your balcony.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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