Are you looking for the ideal holiday home in Langkawi?

Encapsulating the awe-inspiring, timeless beauty and elegance of Langkawi, the Lavanya Residences offer a safe home amidst the long stretches of sea and lush mountains.

Boasting the best facilities, surrounded by tremendous beauty and main attractions of the city, it is an ideal holiday or retirement home.

Invest in your future the right way, as we look at the many reasons why Lavanya Residences is a perfect fit for future retirement.

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Luxury Suites & Villas

Lavanya Residences – A prosperous community of low-density living along the peaceful coast of Pantai Tengah.

With a closeness to Pantai Cenang, Lavanya Residences has a fine selection of suites and villas to call your own.

This will surely appeal to the locals, expats and even tourists looking to invest a holiday home on this private Freehold land.

As an investor, you can choose from 133 fully furnished studios or 90 apartments, all offering an airy and spacious haven.

For the ultimate luxury, there are also 37 landed villas that comes with private swimming pool and more open space.

With Lavanya Residences operating under the facility and services of a 5-star hotel, you can expect the best property management.

Another plus side is getting to enjoy a lifestyle with hotel like amenities on a permanent basis, as well as assistance with finding renters at lucrative rental return.

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Overlooking the beautiful blue seas of Langkawi, the Lavanya Residences enjoy a prime location within the borders of Kedah.

Langkawi International Airport is just 10 kms from the property, and it’s easily accessible by ferry points as well.

Set on the lovely Pantai Tengah, there are breathtaking beaches of Pantai Cenang to explore, and some of the most exciting tourist spots nearby.

Enjoy the Underwater World Langkawi and The Duty Free Zone only 3.8 kms away, and the bustling Cenang Mall at 3.4 kms.

Just within a 5 km radius you’ll find high-end refined restaurants.

Also, essential services like the Langkawi Hospital is just a 13 km drive.


Imagine you are lying on the beach wearing sunglasses and enjoying the sun bathing, listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the breeze gently blows towards you.

It’s a great enjoyment in life.

At the moment, there is no work pressure, no continuous phone calls, and no endless meetings. Only the warm sun and the broad sea.

Langkawi is a beautiful tropical heaven with near-summer weather round the year, perfect for a relaxing yet adventurous beach vacation.

Unlike other regions of Malaysia, Langkawi is known for its year round stable weather, sunshine and prolonged dry periods.

This is because it is a well-protected area by the Malaysian mainland on the east and the Indonesian island of Sumatra on the west end.

Peak holiday seasons usually range from October to March.

It is the dry period where you can expect little to no rain on the island, ensuring a sunny weather ideal for outdoor activities.

During these peak seasons, you can also expect 100% occupancy with fully booked beach resorts everywhere on the island.

This ensures high profit margins with constant renters.

With the cool and serene seawater, a number of water activities can be enjoyed such as swimming, diving, snorkeling and para-sailing.

5 STAR Facilities & Amenities

The fully furnished suites and villas are managed by a renowned international hotel chain.

All the basic hotel amenities like room service, laundry service, meal assistance, and dedicated housekeeping will be available.

The rooftop gym and swimming pool offers motivation to the residents and renters to stay in shape,

You can enjoy the sweeping views of the mountains and sea to revel in as you swim or workout.

To complement the swimming pool on property, there’s a sauna and hot tub to help you unwind and relax.

The tasteful and sophisticated on-site restaurant also offers lovely sea views of the island, while you feast on some delicious local and international delights.

If you have a supercar, there are 3 parking bays specially crafted for these vehicles.

These features include additional spacing, fully enclosed podium parking, mechanical ventilation, power point access to trickle charging or battery, and CCTV surveillance system.

Also outside, you’ll find a lush landscaped garden within the residence.

On top of that, there’s a playground for kids which will keep them busy while you enjoy a soothing day by the pool with your favourite drink in hand.

The most enjoyable part of your stay will be the buggy services offered to the residents and renters, allowing you to access the nearby beaches in comfort and style.

For the safety of its residents, there is a 24-hour guard patrol for complete security against intruders.

There’s also CCTV surveillance at all times to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent any mishaps, robbery or accidents.

Property Management Services

Residents can expect a professional property management service as they look after your holiday home.

Lavanya Residences provides a hosting model.

While you’re away, your property will be advertised to travellers in a leaseback program to maximise high rental returns.

The flexible leaseback program allows owners to choose the periods during the year for rental and can even be as short as 3 months.

Before renters leave, there will be inspections on room conditions to ensure that everything is in order.

More importantly, when you decide to return to your holiday home, all housekeeping and hospitality services for your property will be taken care of.

Future Growth

Langkawi is one of the most affordable prime holiday destinations in Asia.

Its current purchase value is approximately three times lower compared to Phuket and other famous Asian travel destinations.

A promising sign of growing tourism is the undergoing major expansion of the Langkawi International Airport (LGK) done in efforts to cater to the growing tourists and business travelers.

The ever-growing attractions and development plans such as the addition of Shangri-La, Ritz Carlton and St. Regis promises a bright future for tourism and real estate.

Even with a change in your short term or long term investment, you can still expect an optimistic future at Lavanya Residences.

Langkawi is constantly evolving, attracting more tourism on the island.

Although the man-made luxuries and comforts continue to improve, the flawless natural beauty all around the property will always be promising enough for an amazing stay.

The pristine beaches, wildlife diversity, unspoiled natural landscapes and mouthwatering cuisines continue to attract tourists from all over the world.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme

The MM2H Programme is highly encouraged by the Malaysian Government to facilitate the process of multiple-entry social visit pass for foreigners.

It has made the country noticeable for its real estate opportunities.

The programme continues to improve revenues in the International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index, where it is amongst the top five worldwide destinations.

With a social visit pass, foreigners can stay in the country for prolonged periods.

Its initial validity is for 10 years after which it can be renewed.

However, there is a certain criteria pertaining the financial and medical aspects that the applicants must fulfil in order to be eligible for the programme.

The good news is that citizens of all nationalities are free to apply for the MM2H Programme.

You can bring your spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years of age) if you do plan on moving to Langkawi.

The applicants are of course expected to be financially independent themselves.

This means you can support a good life for yourself and your family while staying on this programme in the country.

All in all, there’s no doubt that the prestigious Lavanya Residences offer a unique development in the island of Langkawi, offering an investment opportunity you won’t regret.

Whether you wish to avail this opportunity to have a lovely holiday home for the family, invest in a retirement home, or rent it out for profit, you will not be disappointed by your decision.

Lavanya Residences – Your Holiday Home

Lavanya Residences Langkawi is the epitome of grace and beauty, offering a luxurious and exciting way of living.

Featuring the most beautiful views of Langkawi with a calm and refreshing atmosphere, this is an ideal place to spend family holidays.

The best way to secure this deluxe residence for all your future holidays is to invest in it as your very own holiday home and enjoy the distinct comfort for years to come.

It also has the potential to be a peaceful and serene retirement home, which is another great use of the property.

Take in the tranquil beauty of Pantai Tengah beach and proximity to Pantai Cenang offering ceaseless convenience to tourists.

Get your pick from the serviced suites, studios or extravagant villas, and enjoy the rooftop pool, saunas, hot tub, landscaped garden and a tasteful indoor restaurant.

To find out more, you can fill out this form and get in touch with the professional team at Lavanya Residences Langkawi.

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