XXXX Brewery has been a part of Australia’s culture since 1877.

It follows a journey from the humblest of beginnings to its current place as one of Australia’s most popular beers.

You can experience the entire journey with a trip to the XXXX Brewery in Brisbane.

The brewery, where XXXX first began so many years ago, is the perfect place to get a taste of this Aussie beer.

Join a tour and find out how the brewery prepares this drink for Australia.

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XXXX Brewery Tour

There’s no better way to fully understand the XXXX company than with a trip to their founding brewery.

The XXXX Brewery Tour is the Brisbane highlight of every beer lover.

History buffs will love the interesting stories and fantastic beer tasting sessions.

The tour runs through the 130-plus years of XXXX’s history, educates on the delicate nature of brewing, and of course provides ample opportunity to enjoy some XXXX beers.

XXXX Brewery Alehouse

Enjoy the best culinary traditions of Australia at the XXXX Brewery Alehouse, serving some of the freshest XXXX beer in Australia straight from the source!

The Alehouse operates for lunch from 11:30 am onwards Monday through to Saturday.

Bookings are only required for groups of four or more.

Their menu includes a variety of pub-style meals, some with a beer-flavoured twist.

XXXX Merchandise

If you’re a lover of all things XXXX, why not commemorate that with a unique souvenir from the Brewery’s shop.

The merchandise is exclusive, available only online or at the brewery itself, ensuring that you get something both memorable and interesting.

Combined Tour

XXXX Brewery offers combo tours at Suncorp Stadium and brewery.

They are in partnership with the Suncorp Stadium where the XXXX sponsored the Queensland Rugby League team, Maroons.

The tours cover everything in the brewery, history of the stadium and some juicy behind the scenes extras.

Tours start at Suncorp Stadium, and bookings must be in advance.


For those XXXX lovers looking to host an event or celebration, the XXXX Brewery Alehouse is available for exclusive function hire on Saturday nights.

There’s plenty of room for entertainment.

The venue is big enough for any party you might have in mind, with a great atmosphere and, of course, a good choice of Australian beers!


In 1877, the Fitzgerald brothers Nicholas and Edward had a dream to create the finest ales in Australia.

To accomplish this, they moved from Victoria to the warmer climes of Brisbane and started the world-class XXXX Brewery.

With the help of a German ale expert the Fitzgerald brothers started producing great beers, that soon earned the XXXX mark of high quality beverages.

They were heavily involved with Australia as the company evolved and started innovating new recipes and brews, even distributing XXXX beers in both the first and second World Wars.

After the 1950s the brewery started using the stubby, a compact bottle that is stronger, easier to hold and simpler to transport.

It was a move that catapulted XXXX forward, giving them more freedom of transport, especially around the vast Australia continent.

Despite a variety of success, it wasn’t until 1992 that the XXXX Brewery became a household name in beers. The catalyst was the release of XXXX Gold, a mid-strength beer that Australians loved.

It went on to become the most popular and best-selling beer in Australia, a reputation that XXXX has successfully upheld.

Interesting Facts

  • Soldiers in the First and Second World Wars nicknamed the XXXX lager that was given to the troops Barbed Wire.
  • In 1999, the five billionth stubby was produced at XXXX Brewery.

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