Are you looking for a nightclub in Barcelona where you can rave all night?

Luckily for perpetual nocturnal partiers, the city has an amazing nightlife to offer.

We’ve researched all the popular places to hang out and found the following best nightclubs in Barcelona.

Make sure you pick the club most appropriate for your group, but more importantly, book ahead to guarantee entry.

Table of Contents

1. Opium

Sprawling across the cerulean Mediterranean Sea, nothing can top the prime location Opium enjoys.

The nightclub is oozing with luxury and when there is a stunning beach right in front of you, there are no questions asked.

Apart from the select location, Opium has a lavish cocktail bar, a high end restaurant and VIP club tables.

With exclusive features and thematic nights such as Addicted, Euphoria and Just Opium, the club caters to an elite crowd who knows how to party hard.

Opium also offers flexible and intricately detailed spaces for private events.

Be a part of some of the liveliest parties in Barcelona and surrender to the music because the DJ won’t let you escape it.

  • Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: Commercial House Music, Electro Dance 

2. Bling Bling

Bling Bling claims to be a game changer that revitalized Barcelona’s nightlife, and with all its glimmer and sparkles, we can see why it would entice the clubbers.

Featuring a shimmering microcrystal mirrored scheme with cleans accents and vibrant hues, Bling Bling offers an intense bling-factor just by its decor.

Then comes its striking laser shows, VIP tables and cocktails and a hip disco scene that will keep you glued to the dance floor.

The nightclub is a full package with its luxurious perks, glamorous crowd, and awesome DJs.

When you are in Barcelona’s uptown, make a beeline for Bling Bling and spend a night full of indulgent pleasure.

  • Address: Carrer de Tuset, 8, 08006 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: House Commercial & Top Hits

3. Pacha

Pacha is a not-so-secret gem in Barcelona for night owls and bon vivants.

The club is sitting right next to the beach, and when the sun melts into the horizon, the sounds of waves crashing against the sandy shores and pulsating beats from the club gel together.

The entire ambience thumps with infectious energy that you are tempted to join in. 

Pacha is divided into three sections; the dance floor featuring house music and EDM, the Red Room dedicated to Pachangueo, a type of Spanish party music and a vast balcony that opens onto the beach.

Celebrities and posh folks are a common feature here, and don’t be surprised if you see a famous star walking in.

  • Address: Ramón Trias Fargas, 2, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: House, Reggaeton, EDM

4. Eclipse Hotel W

Situated at the 26th floor of Hotel W, Eclipse has certainly reached the height of glamorous bliss.

When the entire city falls asleep, somewhere far above the quiet streets, lights will be glimmering inviting you to have a roistrous night with your squad.

The rooftop bar stands out amidst other crowned bars thanks to its lavish location, extreme London vibes and Mediterranean roots.

Eclipse has a versatile and innovative Dim Sum menu as well as a select range of mixology cocktails that clubbers can enjoy after an exciting yet vigorous dance session.

Elegant attire and a fat wallet are the key to entering the club.

Don’t forget to sign up your name in advance!

  • Address: Moll Oriental, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: RnB & Hip Hop, House, Top Hits

5. Otto Zutz

Otto Zutz made a sleek entrance to Barcelona’s nightlife about three decades ago, and since then it has gained a loyal group of jet-setting patrons whose aim is to party in utmost style.

The nightclub has four dance rooms; each room has its own charm with a different playlist that resonates with guests and vibrates the entire floor.

Nights like Censored Fridays, Supreme Room Saturdays, Reggaetown Thursdays And YOLO Wednesdays are the highlights of Otto Zutz.

Each night is unique and thematic allowing clubbers to enjoy a variety of music and party scenes.

Hollywood celebrities such as Silvestre Stallone, Leonardo Di Caprio, Rihanna, and star Football players, like Ronaldinho, Maradona, and Umtiti often visit here.

  • Address: Carrer de Lincoln, 15, 08006 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: Hip Hop, Reggaeton and Top Hits

6. Catwalk

Catwalk is within the Port Olímpic vicinity, a doorway to Barcelona’s most desirable spots, spectacular sailing events and sun-drenched beaches fronted by Mediterranean Sea.

The nightclub has a discreet location at the foot of Arts Hotel.

While the venue is low-key, it is certainly not a secret among hardcore clubbers.

Real partiers know their way around.

Catwalk has two rooms and a balcony, and each space enjoys a unique music genre and ambiance.

Stick to one dance floor or explore the entire club.

Of course, at Catwalk, guests have to be dressed immaculately.

After all, it has to live up to its name.

Ramp or no ramp, swagger is must.

  • Address: Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: Hip Hop, Reggaeton, House Comercial & R&B

7. Shoko

Feng-Shui and clubbing is an odd combination, but Shoko does it quite well with its feisty vibes and harmonious energy.

The seafront bar has a heated terrace, a lavish restaurant with gourmet menu, an impeccable cocktail bar, avant-garde music technology and a set of posh clienteles.

The likes of Madonna, Elton John, Coldplay and Lady Gaga have hosted live concerts at Shoko and famous Hollywood movies such as The Hangover have been premiered here.

The club also has VIP areas for those who are seeking a private night with individualized services.

Sway to a catchy beat of an 80’s song, sip on a cocktail and rejuvenate yourself through the night at Shoko.

  • Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 36, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: Electronic and R&B


Perched right on the beach, CDLC is an artfully styled restaurant by day that transforms into a thumping bar as the nightfall emerges.

Offering the best local DJs, some of the finest performances, fantastic music and a swanky ambiance, CDLC is recognized as one of the best clubs in Barcelona.

The club attracts a young and lively crowd who are most likely to be super-rich with yachts and private jets.

The beachfront club is open throughout the week.

CDLC has also been known to team up with Pacha occasionally.

At Carpe Diem Lounge Club, drink up and dance, indulge in some hobnobbing, and seize the day, or rather the entire night!

  • Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 32, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: Hip Hop, EDM, RnB

9. Cafe Del Mar

Let’s start with clearing up a few confusions; Cafe Del Mar is not technically a cafe. It is actually a night bar…

It has an awesome pool, a restaurant, and a lounge for you to kick back and relax.

At the nightclub, guests can drink and dance with full gusto, and schmooze about all the luxuries in life.

Indulge in revelry, finger licking good Mediterranean cuisine, chilled cocktails and if you make it through the night, you can even witness a glorious sunrise at Port Vell.

Cafe Del Mar features famous international DJs that will keep you on your toes with the music.

The club is lying across the sea, and the beach locale combined with blithesome music creates a laid-back environment.

  • Address: Edificio Maremagnum-Moll d’Espanya, 5, LOCAL 205, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: Jazz, Chill House Mix, Dreams

10. Hyde

Hyde is a superb amalgamation of cosmopolitan vibes, utmost sophistication, and vogue crowds.

Throw in a handful of lavish afterwork parties, awesome music, disco glamour, and some sumptuous tapas, and you have a perfect nightclub to revel in.

The crowd is versatile; ranging from university students to professionals in their mid-40s.

During the day, Hyde offers a vast library, good coffee, and free Wi-Fi to its visitors.

If you are seeking a spot where you can enjoy a superb afterwork drenched in luxury and fun, Hyde is your go-to club in Barcelona.

The waiting lines are long, but once you make it inside, you will know it was worth it.

  • Address: Passatge de Domingo, 3, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
  • Music: Commercial House, RnB

Gather your party squad, dress up in luxury and head out to one of these fancy nightclubs and parties in Barcelona.

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