Seminyak is an upscale, luxury destination in Southern Bali; as opposed to the popular Kuta, Seminyak is known to be more sophisticated and laid-back.

With high-end spas and boutique shops abounding in the last ten years, the town has gone through one of the most rapid transformations in all of Bali.

1. Petitenget Beach

As with the majority of beaches in the area, Petitenget has unforgettable sunsets.

The difference with this beach is its tranquility, being far quieter than the beaches in Kuta and Legian with fewer tourists and more locals enjoying the endless expanse of grey sands.

At night however, a different vibe takes over due to the close proximity of chic hotels like W Retreat & Spa and KU DE TA entertainment venue.

2. Pura Petitenget

A beautiful Balinese temple off JI Petitenget which is renowned for its beachside ceremonies; it is part of a string of seaside temples from North to South.

The name means “magic box” in english and was originally a treasured belonging of 16th century priest Niratha.

There is a series of events throughout the year corresponding to dates in the Balinese calendar in which the temple is used as a sacred site.

3. Seminyak beach

With a 3km span of white sands and a spectacular view of the wide Indian ocean, Seminyak is the beach most tourists spend their time at while in-town.

It is home to a number of high-end resorts, boutiques and world-renowned restaurants making it the perfect place to spend a day or evening while in Bali.

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4. Scuba Diving at Seminyak

With its incredible biodiversity and more than 12,000 different underwater species, Bali is known world-wide as a diving destination.

You can try scuba diving for the first time in Seminyak with one of the many professional schools offering everything from day-trips to PADI certification courses.

Adventure Scuba Diving Bali is the most well-known school in the area.

5. Seminyak Square

Go to Seminyak Square and spend a relaxed afternoon of shopping at the many brand-name stores.

The outdoor garden patio equipped with benches and tables make it the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a bite-to-eat.

Just outside of Seminyak Square, there are more shops, restaurants and massage stores lining the streets.

You can easily spend 2-3 hours window shopping at Seminyak Square and surrounding shops.

6/ Bali Trick Art Museum

Take your picture with one of the many 3-D painting ranging from ancient Rome to dinosaurs to local Bali themes.

There are approximately 80 life-size hyper-realistic paintings to pose infront of, there’s something for all ages.

Open 9am-10pm, Monday-Sunday. 150.000 IDR per person.

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7. KU DE TA and Nightlife

Premium lifestyle destination, KU DE TA, is located directly on the Seminyak beachfront and offers unparalleled fine dining, cutting edge design and architecture, as well as big-name international performers.

Surrounded by the vibrant District Seminyak with world-class resorts, upscale fashion brands, and sophisticated dining venues, KU DE TA, is the place to go day or night while in-town.

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  • Research accommodation – There is a wide variety of accommodation options to suit your needs from beachside bungalows to luxury hotels to private villas. Budgets go from $25USD per night into the hundreds. Split between a few friends, bungalows and villas can be the perfect option especially if you’re looking for a more laid-back, secluded experience while in Bali.
  • Dress code – If you go to a beachside ceremony, especially a sacred one such as a cremation make sure to dress appropriately and show respect. It is normal for strangers to attend open cremations and walk along with the family, which can be a very humbling and culturally-relevant experience.
  • Prepare according to season – October to April is the rainy season in Bali and May to September the dry season, so depending on which time of the year you’re planning a visit, pack your belongings accordingly. Also, make sure your accommodation is equipped with air-conditioning during the hot season as it can be quite uncomfortable without it.
  • WIFI and connectivity – Due to the growth of Seminyak’s tourism industry, wifi has sprung up all over the place. Most cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels have free internet; just look for the sign. So to save some money turn off your data and turn on your WIFI. For phone calls, it is easy to purchase a pre-paid mobile SIM card at convenience stores which can be activated on the spot.


Bemo is the name of the local bus service in Seminyak, they are essentially minivans with unscheduled service around the island.

There is the private Bemo and the public bus service in Seminyak and the rest of Bali.

The key is to agree on a rate with the driver before you set off and share the price with a group as opposed to paying separately.

This makes it an affordable travel option around the island. If you are just staying in and around Seminyak, you won’t need to worry about buses and Bemos.

  • Taxi – Taxis are very common in the South of Bali and there are several companies offering their services. Ngurah Rai airport taxi is the most well-known company which offers service from the airport, Bluebird Taxi is another. Make sure your driver uses the meter as this will work out to be cheaper instead of agreeing on a flat rate. The typical cost from the airport into the heart of Seminyak is between $9USD and $13USD. From Ubud to Seminyak in a private shuttle or taxi should cost you between $14USD and $18USD.
  • Motor Bike or scooter – It is an easy and relatively affordable option to rent a motorbike or scooter daily or weekly in Seminyak as long as you have an international drivers license. It is recommended to rent a scooter through your hotel in order to get a fair price, per day it should cost you between $3USD and $5USD.


Originally Seminyak was a separate township, and is now a suburb of Kuta.

The last ten years have seen the rapid development of its tourism industry and related facilities.

Prior to the 2000s, Seminyak was a quiet village, quite unknown to the rest of the world as tourists tended to flock to nearby Kuta instead.

Interesting Facts

  • Partly due to Seminyak’s popularity with tourists and fashionability, land and accommodation prices are among the highest in Bali. It still makes for an affordable get-away or permanent home for ex-pats due to the strong exchange rate.
  • KU DE TA, with its cult following, earned the title of number one party spot in several magazines since its opening in 2000.

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