Ten Things To Do In Melbourne At Night

Are you planning on having a night out in Melbourne? Fair play. Sounds good, but there’s one tiny problem.

Melbourne has such a massive array of exciting things to do, it’s almost impossible to choose where to go and what to do without thinking you’ve missed out on something.

So, to save you from wasting any of your precious social hours in contemplation, we’ve put together ten of the best things to do in Melbourne at night.

Start as you mean to go on. By chilling out!

1. Ice Bar Melbourne

It may be freezing cold in the Ice Bar in Melbourne, but believe it, this is where your night really starts to warm up. If you’ve never drank a cocktail in an igloo this will be a new experience for you – as it would be for most people – unless you’re an Eskimo. Don’t forget, if you don’t down your drink quick enough, you’ll be left with an alcohol flavored popsicle.

The Ice Bar is also the one place where you don’t have to worry about looking super trendy because once you’ve got your uniformed jumpsuit on everyone looks the same. But just one word of advice. Don’t lick the walls or you could be stuck there for hours.

Are all the bars in Melbourne the same? There’s only one way to find out.

2. Melbourne CBD Pub Crawl

Check out three or four bars on the Melbourne CBD Pub Crawl. From eight in the evening until the wee hours, join a group of other like-minded party-goers on a boisterous, pub-going safari of the best drinking holes in Melbourne.

And if that’s not enough there’s always one or two more.

Melbourne Hidden Bar Walking Tour

Explore secret venues with a qualified guide and find some amazing pubs.

 The Melbourne Un-Pub Tour

You’ll never know where you will be drinking next on this tour of Melbourne’s best drinking venues.

There’s nothing like a few beverages for giving you an appetite. If you’re not in the mood for a stuffy restaurant, where can you go for some food without losing the atmosphere of a night out?

3. Chinatown, Melbourne

A culture within a culture, Chinatown in Melbourne has been there for almost two centuries and has the vibrant atmosphere of a well established community. Live entertainment takes place on the busy streets which are lined with hanging red lanterns. Every other doorway is the opening into a world of Chinese cuisine from noodles to dumplings to Peking duck and if you want to stick to liquids, try a bowl of shark fin soup.

4.Melbourne Magic Show

The Melbourne Magic Show asks you to believe the impossible is possible when magician, Luke Hocking, performs mind blowing optical illusions in front of you and a small select audience. Can you believe what you see or is his hand faster than your eye? Be careful what you think, he’s reputed to be a mind reader too.

Guess what? We’re about to pull another one out of the hat!

Melbourne Illusionaire Magic & Comedy Show

Smile in disbelief at the fantastic and funny tricks of Melbourne’s top comedy magicians.

If you enjoy a bit of – now you see it now you don’t – you’ll love this next night out.

5. Eynesbury Homestead Dinner & Ghost Tour

There’s nothing better than a night of fright. At the Eynesbury Homestead, you’ll be fed a good dinner before being let loose on this historic property for some ghost hunting. Will you spot a spirit servant in the kitchen or hear the residual clink of crystal glasses from a long forgotten party?

If you enjoyed being spooked and want to be completely freaked out, check out Melbourne’s Scariest Ghost Tours.

If you thought you heard the clanking of chains, you weren’t wrong, although there’s nothing ghostly about it. Our next suggested nights out are about to weigh anchor and set sail.

6. Melbourne Showboat 80’s Theme Cruise

Practice your jive talk, unpack those shoulder pads and get those Night Fever moves going for a fun night aboard the Melbourne Showboat 80’s Theme Cruise. While the disco ball revolves, you can bop the hours away to all the major hits from the ever popular decade of pop.

If the eighties and wearing Lycra just isn’t your thing, why not try one of these other themed cruises instead.

Melbourne Blues Cruise

Jazz your evening up with some live Blues music plus a resident DJ.

Melbourne Burlesque Showboat Cruise

Add some serious oh la la to your evening out with some Burlesque cabaret.

7.Melbourne Urban Beer Tour

Australians know how to brew some pretty decent beer. It’s one of the things which make Australia great. On the Melbourne Urban Beer Tour you’ll discover the reasons why beer is so ingrained in the country’s history apart from the fact it tastes good. Intersperse the lager tasting with some fruit flavors or even cider at specialist brew houses around the city and dinner, which is included, to make sure you don’t go over the limit.


8.Melbourne Food & Wine Walking Tour

One of the nicest ways to soak up the atmosphere of Melbourne by night is on a Food and Wine Walking Tour. Pop into some exclusive places to sample wines, from the Yarra Valley and beyond, accompanied by some specially prepared tapas-style snacks. Not a beer barrel in sight, but you will see a sommelier who knows a thing or two about wine and some first class chefs.

Melbourne By Night – A Progressive Dinner

Join forces with a guide who knows the city inside out and find the very best places to suit your own personal tastes.

If all this imbibing of various liquids has left you feeling a bit dizzy this next night time activity in Melbourne will sober you right up.

9. Night Rap Jumping, Melbourne

Turn yourself into the Australian version of Spiderman by Night Rap Jumping in Melbourne. Just so you are fully informed – this involves running down a very tall building looking where you’re going while you do it. We’re sure you’ll be pleased to know there is a safety harness, or even two, involved. The bonus? You can see the floor coming. Only joking. This may at first glance seem a little dangerous but with the professional instructors you’ll be in safe hands.

We’ve added a daytime photo so you get the full visionary effect. We’ll leave you to imagine what it’s like doing it in the dark.

10.Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park

When the sun goes down and the moon rises, Melbourne’s wildlife wakes up. If you’re not sleepy why not join them on the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Evening Tour? Meet the animals who only appear after dark. No, not the party ones but creatures fighting extinction such as the Tiger Quoll, Tasmanian Devils and the feather-tailed Gliders. There’s also bound to be an owl twit-twit-ta-wooing somewhere in the background too. Your visit will help fund their conservation and make sure Melbourne’s true nightlife lives on. They might not be easily apparent but you’ll find them if you look hard.

Have you had a great nocturnal drinking or dining experience in Melbourne or been lucky enough to see an endangered species?  Post your comments and photos in the section below. We’d love to hear about it.


  1. joel
    joel 25 Comments
     -  06 Dec 2017


    The writer did excellent job revealing ten things to do in Melbourne at night. What thrills me most is night rap jumping.
    It will be easier for every reader or traveler to choose which he or she likes most. I have once witnessed moonlit sanctuary wildlife evening tour, and it was so amazing. Melbourne Showboat 80’s Theme Cruise is the next place I wish to visit one night

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