Ten Things To Do In Cancun With The Kids

Even being in such an exotic holiday location as Cancun is not going to be enough to keep the kids occupied. While you may enjoy the natural beauty and archaeological wonders of this stunning Mexican city, guaranteed they’re going to want to do something more exciting than clamber over crumbling Mayan ruins.

But don’t worry, because Cancun has it all under control.

There’s some amazing days out around Cancun where you can combine vacation time with education without the kids even noticing they’re learning something. You’ll be able to immerse them, literally, in aspects of the ancient Mayan civilization and some of the fantastic wonders of the natural world which abound in Cancun. And they’ll have fun while they’re doing it.

1. Xel-Ha Park

Xel-Ha Park is a place where the kids can be as wild as they like. They can run or cycle along forest trails revealing their inner explorer, then zipline through the jungle canopies before making a big splash in one of the natural pools. At Xel-Ha Park, they’ll have a great adventure as they discover first hand the amazing Mexican flora, swim with colorful tropical fish and explore underground caverns. Question is, will you be able to keep up with them?

If they develop a liking for being wet and wild, Cancun has plenty more adventure parks for them to let off steam.

Xcaret Park

Enjoy the wildlife, explore underground rivers, have fun in the aquatic park and then watch the dolphin show.

Ventura Park Adventure

With everything from water slides to roller-coasters and go-carts, Ventura Park will keep the kids occupied for hours. Check out this special admission ticket pack to save on multi-activities.

Have you been blessed with water babies? If you can’t keep your children out of the water and they can swim like little fish, they’ll love to go on this next day out when you’re in Cancun.

2. Tulum Snorkeling Tour

On the Tulum Snorkeling Tour you’ll sail across the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea in a motorboat. After anchoring, you’ll snorkel over the submerged coral reefs which are home to many Mexican maritime treasures such as turtles, rays and shoals of fish. It’s a fantastic way to show the kids a real underwater world outside of an aquarium.

If they’re not into submerging their head beneath the waves try this next fun activity to get them out on the water.

3. Aqua Bike

An Aqua Bike is a fantastic way to get off the beach, see the beautiful Caribbean coastline from a different angle and get some exercise at the same time. Perfect for all ages, pedal as hard or as gently as your fitness level dictates while you and the family traverse the calm waters of the Nichupte lagoon.

4. Cancun Parasailing Adventure

They’ve seen it from the surface, so why not give the young ones a super thrill and give them a bird’s eye view of Cancun? Soar above the waves, safely strapped under the canopy of a parachute, on the Cancun Parasailing Adventure as you’re towed over the Caribbean Sea by a motorboat. Fly tandem and you get to enjoy it too.

Just the mention of the name, the Caribbean Sea, conjures up certain images in everyone’s mind. Yes, you guessed it – pirates. It would be impossible to be in the vicinity of such a traditional sailing route for the buccaneers of old and not encounter at least one or two and maybe even three pirate ships.

Get ready to jump aboard as they weigh anchor with a cry of heave-ho me hearties and set sail into the wild blue yonder.

5. Jolly Roger Pirate Show

Ship ahoy and shiver me timbers, you’ll be geared for a day of nautical action when you set sail on the Jolly Roger. The galleon itself is an exact replica of Christopher Columbus’s flag ship the Santa Maria. See how easy it is to slip in a history lesson while the kids are climbing the rigging? A great day out for the young ones with pirate shows and food included. Just watch out they don’t have you walking the plank.

If your kids are bigger fans of Captain Jack Sparrow than they are of Peter Pan, you may want to consider taking them on this next pirate themed night out.

6. Captain Hook Dinner Cruise

Participate in a real life pirate attack on the Captain Hook Dinner Cruise as enemy boats aim to take possession of the Black Pearl. Be thrilled as the pirates enter into a swashbuckling battle to save their ship. Enjoy the twist in the fairy tale as Hook clashes with Sparrow and the odd fire-eater too before you indulge in the on-board dinner of New York steak or a juicy Cancun lobster.

 7. Cirque du Soleil

There’s more to Cancun’s history than rebellious pirates. At the Cirque du Soleil watch as the artists perform a lavish extravaganza based around the story of a young Mexican girl and her grandfather who search for the meaning of life. This beautiful, enchanting Mexican myth, re-enacted with stunning acrobatics, will captivate you and the kids.

The performance at the Cirque du Soleil may be an artistic man-made creation, but it still can’t quite out do Nature.

Cancun has some of the most fascinating geological formations which are just as magical as any stage performance.

8. Rio Secreto & The Crystal Caves

Introduce the children to the wonders of a subterranean world. Venture into a wondrous place where water flows below ground through cathedral-sized caves decked with glittering stalagmites and stalagmites. On the Rio Secreto Underground River Tour with the Crystal Caves, you’ll be led through the labyrinth by a qualified guide, have a chance to swim in the pools and listen to the echo of your voice as it reverberates off the walls. Totally awesome.

9. Croco Cun Zoo Guided Tour

After all the water-related activities it could well be time to let the kids dry out for a bit. A visit to the Croco Cun Zoo will give them the opportunity to meet face to face some of Mexico’s unique fauna. At the zoo, accompanied by a guide, they’ll be able to interact with everything from weird hairless dogs to monkeys, reptiles and crocodiles.

10. Chichen Itza by Night

Being in Cancun really is the right place and time to give the children an insight into the history of ancient civilizations. Explore Chichen Itza by daylight. They may like the macabre wall of skulls and the towering statues of the Temple of Warriors, but they’ll enjoy it more by night when the Kukulcan pyramid comes to life recreating Mayan mythology with illuminations in a dazzling spectacular of light and sound.

Have you been to Cancun and enjoyed any of these marvelous activities with your family? If so we’d love to hear about it, so let us know what you enjoyed the most in the comments below.

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