Explore plantation country, as you travel back in time.

New Orleans is home to the most substantial antebellum estates of Louisiana.

Learn about famous local families, their operations, and the history of slavery.

We’ll show you the plantations with guided tours, transportation, and hotel pick-ups.

Some plantations even have on-site accommodation, a fitting end to a day trip.

To help you choose, here are the best New Orleans plantations with tours.

1. Oak Alley Plantation

Quite popular among tourists, visiting this beautiful plantation landscape is a must.

Oak Alley is named after its iconic driveway framed by oak trees.

Tour the ‘Big House’ to hear the intriguing stories of past dwellers.

Then, explore the grounds, lush greenery, and lovely gardens.

Combined tours of the plantation and the surrounding swamp are favored as well.

For a quick bite, head to the Plantation Café.

Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant and Inn also serves up delicious Louisiana-style delicacies.

Book one of the on-site, century-old cottages to unwind as a family.

  • Opening Hours: 9am-4:30pm daily
  • Address: 3645 Highway 18, Vacherie, LA 70900, United States

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2. Laura Plantation

Take a look at this unique plantation, run by four generations of women.

An hour away from New Orleans, Laura Plantation can be easily reached by car.

Some tours even offer shuttle services from any hotel in the city.

The fully guided experience of Laura Plantation covers extensive grounds.

It includes visits to the Mansion, sugar plantation, gardens, and outhouses.

You also get special insight into an authentic slave cabin.

A picnic area is set up for anyone wanting to have a meal outside.

Come harvest season, the caretakers even put together fruit baskets for guests.

  • Opening Hours: Tours every 40 minutes from 10am-3:20pm daily
  • Address: 2247 LA-18, Vacherie, LA 70900, United States

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3. Destrehan Plantation

The closest plantation to New Orleans awaits all wanting a country escape.

It is located near the airport and only a 25-minute ride from the city.

Tours at Destrehan Plantation are specially held by costumed interpreters.

As locals, they can give you a broader perspective on its historical events and architecture.

Don’t miss the demonstrations of folk life staged daily.

After the tour, take a scenic walk around the land, amongst evergreen trees.

For couples, renting one of the two secluded cottages is a perfect romantic getaway.

  • Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 9:30am-3pm, Fri-Sun 9:30am-4pm
  • Address: 13034 River Rd, Destrehan, LA 70047, United States

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4. Whitney Plantation

If you prefer to go on a self-guided tour, then Whitney Plantation is the best place to visit.

Exclusively focused on the legacies of slavery, it is a one-of-a-kind exhibit.

However, if you prefer to follow a local guide, wear appropriate clothing since the tours take place outdoors.

Make sure to download the special app, which helps to recapture the past of the plantation.

Drop by the visitors center for more info about the area.

Spend a full day here, with the added perks of a swamp airboat ride and hotel pick-up.

  • Opening Hours: Wed-Mon 10am-3pm
  • Address: 5099 LA-18, Edgard, LA 70049, United States

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5. St. Joseph Plantation

Get a glimpse of what the lifestyle was like at a working Sugarcane Plantation.

Built in 1830, St. Joseph Plantation is still operating for its original purpose.

This family-owned plantation welcomes visitors daily on its grounds.

Your tour guides will be family members, who proudly showcase their heritage.

They take you around their ancestral home, rich farmland, and original slave cabins.

While there are tours throughout the year, October is the best time to visit.

They have morning tours with live re-enactments of a traditional mourning ritual.

  • Opening Hours: 10am-3pm daily
  • Address: 3535 LA-18, Vacherie, LA 70090, United States

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6. Houmas House

Participate in a costumed guided experience at the elegant Houmas House.

Surrounded by lush gardens, this plantation is great for a family day out or even a romantic date.

While you’re exploring outside, you may come across a few peacocks.

When you head indoors, the staff takes you down to the wine cellars that are still in use today.

Numerous restaurants are on-site for lunch.

For fine dining, the 5-course tasting menu at Latil’s Landing Restaurant comes recommended.

Book one of the charming cottages and enjoy the beautiful scenery to make the visit extra special.

Time your visit around Christmas to see Houmas House decked out with decorations.

  • Opening Hours: 9:30am-7pm daily
  • Address: 40136 LA-942, Darrow, LA 70725, United States

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7. Nottoway Plantation and Resort

Nottoway Plantation and Resort is the largest antebellum estate in Louisiana.

Repurposed to operate as a hotel, this is one of the best places to stay if you want the complete experience.

Whether you travel with family or your partner, there are rooms suitable for you.

Different rooms are located at the Mansion, Boys Wing, Garden, and Carriage House.

Make sure you check out the cottages if you want the most luxurious amenities.

For dining, the on-site Mansion Restaurant serves delicious Creole-style dishes.

To truly take in the views, dine on the outdoor balcony.

Tours happen on Fridays and Saturdays if you want to get more insights of the area.

  • Guest Rating: 7.3
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Best Room: Deluxe king cottage
  • Opening Hours: Tour times 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
  • Address: 31025 Highway 1, White Castle, LA 70788, United States

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New Orleans Plantations Map

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What’s the best New Orleans plantation to stay overnight?

Nottoway Plantation and Resort is the best place to stay for an overnight plantation experience.

They cater to all types of visitors with a variety of rooms to choose from.

For families, there are rooms with two double beds.

And for couples, check out the spacious cottages or Deluxe rooms.

Which New Orleans plantation has tours with hotel pickup?

Most plantation tours offer transportation from downtown New Orleans.

For direct hotel pick-ups, Laura Plantation is strongly recommended.

Tours at Laura Plantation offer a shuttle from any hotel in the city.

What’s the best New Orleans plantation with self-guided tours?

If you want to explore a plantation at your own pace, visit Whitney Plantation.

Focused on the slave’s perspective, you’re sure to have a unique experience.

You can download their app to learn more about their exhibits.

What’s the closest plantation to New Orleans?

The closest plantation to New Orleans takes 25-minute to reach.

Destrehan Plantation is not only near the city, but the airport as well.

Travel here to unwind and walk among lush greenery.

The tours guided by costumed interpreters guarantee great times.


New Orleans PlantationsOpening Hours
Oak Alley Plantation9am-4:30pm daily
Laura PlantationTours every 40 minutes from 10am-3:20pm daily
Destrehan PlantationMon-Thurs 9:30am-3pm, Fri-Sun 9:30am-4pm
Whitney PlantationWed-Mon 10am-3pm
St Joseph Plantation10am-3pm daily
Houmas House9:30am-7pm daily
Nottoway Plantation & ResortTour times 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm