The sprawling seaside city Rio de Janeiro is well known for their famous beaches, Ipanema and Copacabana district at night.

But they are still large areas, and for the average tourist, it can be difficult to decide where to go.

We’ve listed the best things you can do in Rio de Janeiro at night so you can truly feel the wonderful energy of this amazing city.

1. Christ the Redeemer

Your Rio de Janeiro trip will not be considered complete without visiting the Christ the Redeemer.

This iconic landmark is an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ.

It is 98 feet high, not including the pedestal which is 26 feet in height.

Its location atop the Corcovado mountain offers a fantastic view especially at nighttime.

Skip the long line as this deal allows you to jump on the next available train going to the statue.

Please note that the last train to Corcovado runs until 6pm, as the attraction closes at 7pm.

What makes this tour a memorable nighttime experience? 

  • Get to see one of the New 7 Wonders of the Modern World!
  • Gaze at the breathtaking views of the city from atop the Corcovado mountain.
  • You can spend as much time as you want exploring this attraction, as your ticket is valid for any returning train schedule.

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2. Cable Car to Sugar Loaf Mountain

Take in the spellbinding views of Rio de Janeiro at night and ride to a peak rising 1,300 feet above the harbor.

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the most recognizable sites in Brazil.

Reach the peak by riding a cable car, the first opened in Brazil in 1912 and the third in the world.

Enjoy the unforgettable experience inside the glass-walled cable car – not for the faint of heart!

Sugarloaf Mountain got its name from its resemblance to the conical molds used to transport sugar on ships in the 16th century.

The cable cars run every 20 minutes, starting from 8:10am until 9pm, with the last car descending from the summit at 8:40pm.

What makes this nighttime Rio de Janeiro experience memorable?

  • Skip the main lines with this exclusive ticket to access the next cable car up to the peak.
  • Enjoy the fantastic 360-degree nighttime views of the surrounding mountains, beaches, and forests.
  • Have a snack at the food court and restaurant located in a complex at the top.
  • Spend as much time as you want at the top (until the closing time).

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3. Rio de Janeiro Sunset

Take in one of the magnificent sunset views you will ever see in Mureta da Urca.

This waterfront community just beneath the Sugarloaf Mountain gives off a welcoming, laidback vibe.

Its rich history dates back to the Colonial days, and is home to Rio’s oldest street. 

As such, it’s not surprising that it’s such a popular area where tourists – local and international – go to chill. 

Its busiest days are Thursdays and Fridays and on the weekends, from 7pm onwards. 

Choose your spot in the late afternoon and relax for hours while enjoying the spectacular sunset view.

What can you look forward to with this nighttime Rio de Janeiro tour?

  • Relax while enjoying cold beer and take in stunning sunset views of the city. Four beers are included on the tour!
  • See the Christ the Redeemer’s majestic silhouette in the dark.
  • Explore the colonial architecture on the streets.
  • Mingle with the locals and tourists relaxing in the laidback atmosphere. 

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4. Watch a Soccer Match

Witness the passion that Brazil has for soccer by watching a match yourself!

Feel the intensity of each evening match amplified by the dazzling lights amidst the darkness.

From January to May, the championship is played in 2 cups. 

The champions from each cup will play against each other in the finals to become Rio de Janeiro’s best team for the season.

Meanwhile, May to December is focused on the Brazilian Championsip.

In this case, 20 teams battle for the prestige of having the chance to be Brazil’s top team. 

What makes nighttime soccer enjoyment in Rio even more exciting?

  • You will enjoy individual seating under cover in each evening soccer match, with a local guide in attendance.
  • All entrance fees are included so you can focus on the thrilling match without worrying about other details.
  • Experience the electricity in the nighttime Rio air as the best soccer teams compete for the top spots!

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5. Pedra do Sal

Get to know Rio’s rich cultural heritage by going on this nighttime walking tour.

Explore the old downtown area with a local guide giving you a peek into the area’s history. 

Check out the port area which has undergone a significant renovation for the 2016 Olympics. 

Next, go up Conceição Hill and enjoy the evening stroll through cobblestoned streets.

Go back in time in this quaint neighborhood with its colorful old houses and buildings.

The architecture in this area dates back to the first Portuguese occupation. 

Get ready for some Samba-loving when you visit Pedra do Sal, the center of samba music.

Mingle with the locals and tourists who share a common love for samba.

What can you look forward to with a night out in this area?

  • Join the exhilarating street parties, which are held every night from Monday to Friday. 
  • Move your body to the intoxicating rhythm of samba music, played live on the streets.
  • Enjoy a cold beer outdoors while soaking in the rich history of Pedra do Sal.

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6. Samba Class

Make the most out of your Rio de Janeiro trip by joining a Samba class!

Learn even more about this Brazilian music genre by mastering the moves of this electrifying dance style.

Samba is internationally recognized as a symbol of Brazil and of the Carnival.

You will surely enjoy this activity which is suitable for all dancing skill levels and ages.

Take the samba dance class by yourself so you can concentrate on perfecting your moves. 

Alternatively, you can go with a partner or with a group of friends for even more fun!

Afterwards, get ready to experience the sensational Rio de Janeiro nightlife.

What are the highlights of this great nighttime experience?

  • Enjoy an invigorating 1-hour samba dance class in Copacobana.
  • Next, a private transfer will take you and your tour guide to a local samba club.
  • Soak in the invigorating nightlife by listening to the live band or by trying out your new dance skills!

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7. Rio’s Hottest Nightclubs

Your Rio adventure will not be complete without experiencing its world-famous nightlife scene.

This private tour lets you skip the line so you can enter quickly into the hottest nightclubs.

Know which ones offer the most exciting vibe with the help of a local guide.

Your private transportation will pick you up from your hotel at 11pm, just in time for the start of the bustling Rio nightlife.

Feel the soaring energy as you move to the special effects and sounds played by talented DJs.

Enjoy the free drinks included, as well as the entrance fees to one nightclub.

What makes this a thrilling nighttime experience in Rio?

  • Get quick, easy access to the best nightclubs in Rio without going though long lines.
  • Party like the locals and enjoy the world-famous nightlife scene.
  • Stay as long as you want and make the most out of the experience, even up to 5am as the sun rises. 

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8. Rio Scenarium

Experience the bustling Rio nightlife in one of the most popular attractions, the Rio Scenarium. 

It is recognized as one of the 10 best bars in the world by The Guardian. 

This world-renowned site is just a short distance away from the iconic Lapa Arches in the Lapa district.

Rio Scenarium is known for featuring some of the best samba, gafieira, and forro music. 

The structure combines a show house with an antique shop housing a spectacular collection of 10,00 antique pieces. 

It is also one of the most photogenic spots in the city, with a fascinating interior design and vintage furnishings. 

In addition, it hosts local acts such as the Henrique Band and Lunar Orchestra for your live music enjoyment. 

What are the different ways to enjoy the nighttime scene at Rio Scenarium?

  • Enjoy the thrilling experience with a live show and dinner.
  • Savor the carefully selected menu of sumptuous Brazilian fare.
  • Go on a private tour for a more personalized experience.
  • Make the night even more interesting by going on a samba dance class beforehand!

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9. Party Boat in Bahia de Guanabara

Take your Rio nighttime experience to the next level by joining a boat party.

Ride the party boat on the Bahia de Guanabara, considered as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

This boat is fully-equipped to provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable night party on the water. 

The professional sound equipment onboard makes the nighttime party scene even livelier.

This is a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions, or just to soak on the world-famous Rio nightlife in a unique way.

On the other hand, it is also a great way to meet new friends while you party the night away.

What are the most exciting things about this unique Rio nightlife experience?

  • Take in the stunning nighttime city views from the water onboard the party boat.
  • Free hotel pickup and drop-off is included for your convenience.
  • Enjoy this unforgettable experience as you spend the night partying onboard a well-equipped boat.

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10. Nightlife Tour

Explore Rio’s nightlife away from the usual tourist routes.

This is your chance to enjoy the city at night just like the locals do.

You can go to several places offering different forms of night entertainment.

Check out well-known live music venues and listen to talented performers.

Trips to informal rustic bars may also be included in your schedule for the evening.

Alternatively, you can also join outdoor samba parties so you can show your dance moves.

What are the benefits of booking this nighttime tour?

  • See the less-visited but equally entertaining nighttime attractions in the city.
  • Get to know the fascinating informal nightlife culture of Rio.
  • Listen to real live local music away from the bustling tourist alternatives. 

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11. Ginga Tropical Show

Elevate your Rio nightlife experience by watching a spellbinding Ginga Tropical show.

This is known to be the best show featuring samba and other Brazilian dances. 

You will be mesmerized by the men and women dressed in stunning Carnival costumes for their performances. 

Get to know the various musical dimensions as showcased by bossa nova, lambada, and of course, samba, onstage.

Also included in this cultural feast for the senses are capoeira, live drumming, and folklore. 

These enthralling performances combine dance and music to bring you an unforgettable Rio nighttime experience. 

If you choose the option including dinner, get ready to feast on an all you can east style barbecue dinner.

Alternatively, a vegetarian option is also available.

What are the highlights of this fascinating Rio nightlife experience?

  • Expect to see around 16 different dance styles represented through the night’s performances. 
  • All entrance fees are included, as well as hotel pickup. 
  • Get to know more about the culture of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil through the various dances showcased.

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12. Copacabana Beach

Take a relaxing stroll along the iconic Copacabana Beach at night. 

This world-famous tourist attraction features a 4.5-kilometer long scalloped beach. 

It is considered as one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in the world. 

Here, the fun continues for locals and tourists alike after the sun sets. 

As you walk along the sandy stretch, you will be amazed at the flurry of activity, even at night. 

While the beach is well-lit at night, it is best to stay close to the busiest areas. 

What are the various ways to enjoy the Copacobana Beach at night?

  • Book a custom private tour for a more personalized feel of the Rio night experience. 
  • Check out the numerous kiosks for refreshing caipirinhas.
  • Alternatively, go to one of the restaurants dotting the area for sumptuous Brazilian fare. 

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13. Evening Food Bar Tour

Enjoy only the best food & drinks in Rio just like the locals do with this evening food bar tour.

While Rio is well-known for it bar culture, there are a few options that might leave you wanting.  

Avoid disappointing food and drink choices as your knowledgeable guide brings you to the city’s best spots.

Sometimes these spots are hidden away from the well-beaten tourist paths.

As such, your guide will be able to point you towards the right direction – and the best food and drink options!

Get to know the bar and nightlife culture while enjoying the top tummy-filling and refreshing picks. 

What are the advantages of choosing this nighttime tour?

  • Enjoy great value for money with good food and drink options, as chosen by a knowledgeable guide.
  • Learn where the best bars and restaurants are located without the need to wander aimlessly through the night.
  • Check out dive bars, unique concept bars in this tour.
  • In addition, you can also visit locla microbreweries and live samba clubs.

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14. Dinner Show at Rafain in Foz do Iguaçu

An enthralling show and sumptuous dinner awaits you at Rafain in Foz do Iguaçu.

The Latin American show features performers from various countries including Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and Chile.

These performers act as representatives for their respective cultures. 

Enjoy this night even more with a delicious barbecue dinner during the show.

Partake of the fine cuisine while learning more about rich Latin American culture. 

What are the highlights of Rafain in Foz do Iguaçu?

  • Discover the traditional dances and music of Latin America.
  • At the same time, enjoy the exquisite barbecue dinner.
  • Free hotel pickup and drop-off are included. 

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15. All you can Eat Brazilian Churrascaria

Prepare your appetite and bellies for an evening filled with a Brazilian gastronomic feast!

A churrascaria offers an all you can eat service featuring authentic Brazilian fare.

For a fixed price, the waiters come to your table with high-quality cooked meat in skewers.

Using a sharp knife, the waiter cuts a portion of the various meats for your dining pleasure. 

Most commonly offered are chicken, pork, and beef, although sometimes exotic meats are included.

The servers go around the dining area to see which diners want their plates refilled with the succulent meats.

The waiter – and the food – will keep coming until you signal that you want them to stop.

What can you look forward to at Brazilian Churrascaria?

  • Get to sample the most delectable spit-roasted meats cooked the authentic Brazilian way. 
  • Enjoy the food served freshly-cooked, cut to succulent portions right on your table. 
  • Eat all the meat that you want, with the waiters only stopping their service when you signal that you’ve had your fill. 

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16. Brazilian Cooking Class

Join this Brazilian cooking class for a unique way to spend an evening in Rio. 

This 4-hour class is done in the heart of Rio’s Copacabana neighborhood.

Learn how to prepare 7 of Brazil’s favorite recipes from an instructor in a cozy cooking studio. 

The ingredients used can be found worldwide, so you can replicate the dishes easily when you get home.

You have the option to choose between 2 traditional Brazilian dishes. 

The evening just gets better with the inclusion of 2 alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy.

What are the highlights of this evening cooking class?

  • Have fun on this hands-on evening cooking class as you learn how to prepare Brazilian dishes.
  • This is a small group tour with a maximum of seven participants for a more personalized feel. 
  • Afterwards, dine on the sumptuous meal you prepared along with free alcoholic drinks. 

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17. Pub Crawl in Lapa

Experience the dynamic, world-ramous Rio nightlife with an evening in Lapa.

This Boheman neighborhood is famous for its vibrant nightlife and historical monuments.

Check out the live music clubs, traditional bars, and bustling dance halls. 

Enjoy the open-air samba jams at night, which are held under the Roman-style Arcos de Lapa aqueduct. 

Don’t miss the activities around the Escadaria Selaron, which is an iconic stairway accented with a hand-painted tile mosaic. 

All entrance fees are included in this 4-hour pub crawl.

What makes this night pub crawl in Rio unforgettable?

  • Skip the long lines and head straight inside some of the most popular bars and clubs in Lapa.
  • Learn how to dance the samba in some of the most exciting dance halls and samba venues.
  • Enjoy the drinking games and get drink discounts in some places.

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18. Pub Crawl in Ipanema

Discover what makes the neighborhood of Ipanema so fascinating with this evening pub tour. 

While the area is well-known for its namesake beach, the thriving nightlife is also a crowd-drawer. 

The streets are also lined with fine-dining restaurants and high-end boutiques. 

There are also bars dedicated to playing bossa nova. 

Skip the line and enjoy the hottest bars and pubs in the Ipanema area, with all entrance fees included in the package. 

This 5-hour evening pub crawl is limited to 8 participants for a more personalized experience. 

What are the highlights of this evening pub crawl in Ipanema?

  • Enjoy a free Brazilian snack (pastel) in a popular local joint.
  • Get special drink discounts and deals.
  • Exprience VIP treatment plus double caipirinhas (an open bar) in one of the hottest clubs in Rio.

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19. Gay Bar Tour

Discover the fascinating Rio de Janeiro gay scene with this exciting nightlife tour. 

The city’s gay nightlife is one of world’s most dynamic ones. 

This scene and all its entertainment possibilities attracts countless tourists from all over the world. 

Have an unforgettable night out as you check out some of the best gay bars in Rio.

You will have the chance to explore Rio’s southern zone which is home to numerous bars and clubs. 

This is an immersive experience into the colorful gay scene in Rio. 

What makes this a remarkable nighttime experience in Rio?

  • Skip the line as you enter some of the best gay bars in the city. 
  • A professional guide will show you the southern zone’s best clubs and gay bars.
  • Experience the world-famous colorful gay scene in Rio with this 4-hour evening tour.

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20. Carnivals at Sambadrome

Go on an evening tour to see the parade area for the Rio Carnival, the Sambodrome. 

This 3,000-foot stretch of road is designed for a parade area that can accommodate 90,000 people. 

The Sambadrome is also used by samba schools as they competitively parade every year during the Rio Carnival. 

These samba schools parade through the center of the venue with music, floats, and dancing. 

When not used for the Canival, the venue occasionally hosts music concerts the rest of the year. 

On the other hand, the Sambodrome is a quiet but fascinating place if it is not hosting any event. 

What are the best ways see the Sambodrome at night?

  • Join the Samba Parade, complete with a show-stopping costume, in a small group evening tour.
  • Watch the dazzling spectacle of the Carnival from the stadium seats. 
  • Alternatively, check out the museum when it stands empty of crowds and feel its importance in Brazil’s culture. 

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Rio de Janeiro’s nightlife is one of the most fascinating scenes you will ever encounter.

You will get to discover the wonderful Brazilian culture once the sun sets on this dynamic city.

Explore the nightlife scene with an open mind, and you might find yourself craving for more of the carnival-like atmosphere.

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