Paris is a city full of interesting places to see. Museums with famous pieces of art, large green parks ideal for summer picnics, tiny streets with typical French bakeries.

Literally at each corner, there is something to explore.

Even if “mademoiselle” Paris is charming during the daylight, there is nothing like experiencing it during the night.

The appellation “city of lights” has not been chosen for Paris by coincidence.

So, what about making use of its evening atmosphere to make your stay more special? Here is a list of the best attractions that will manifest the Parisian night beauty in all its splendor.

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1. Parisian riverbanks

There is barely something more romantic than a small walk through Parisian riverbanks during the night.

While walking on the old pavement, you can enjoy spectacular view to all Parisian monuments, illuminated by lights.

Les berges de Seine

Les berges de Seine is a new Parisian project that has transformed an old waterfront of the left (south) bank of the Seine river.

The new area, starting at the Alma bridge, is a place to chill out, exercise as well to eat and drink.

It goes up to the Solférino bridge that connects the left bank with famous Tuilleries Gardens. During the night, Les berges de Seine waterfront offers a view to the golden-shining Eiffel Tower, the famous Louvre and Orsay Museums and the art nouveau building called Grand Palais.

Also, there are good restaurants and bars, where the night visitor can grab a drink while enjoying the reflection of lights in the Seine river.

Quai Saint-Bernard

Another popular waterfront is called Quai Saint-Bernard. It starts just behind the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral and is one of the more popular places for picnics.

During summer nights, Quai Saint-Bernard is full of young people having fun while enjoying the night view to the Island of Saint Louis – the oldest part of Paris. In addition, during the month of July, Quai Saint-Bernard hosts a special dance festival.

Each evening, three dance styles are presented in the rounded concrete area next to the river.

And, the participation is free.

So, what about an Argentinian tango class, entertaining Irish dance, or seductive salsa?

Grab a beer and dive into the night dance fever!

Bassin de la Villette

North of Paris, you can find a water canal with a small port that is called Bassin de la Villette.

Both of its waterfronts are popular meeting points for young, artistic people. They are playing music, singing, and drinking.

In addition, the port is full of cultural attractions –  a pair of artistic cinemas called MK2 offer a large scale of interesting movies to see.

You’ll numerous boats bars, anchoring each summer in the canal, watching various entertaining concerts and shows.

Paris Riverbank Tours at Night

  • Ghost and Mystery Walking Tour
    For a twist on the usual sightseeing experience, take a 3-hour after-dark private walking tour of Paris to admire its illuminated landmarks and monuments.
  • Mysteries and Legends Night Walking Tours
    This walking tour of Paris’ ghosts, mysteries and legends takes you on a journey through the hidden Paris – when the City of Light is finally dark. 

2. Night river cruises

An alternative to the night spent by enjoying riverfront attractions is to try some of the Parisian Cruise tours.

There are two main cruise lines, Bateaux Mouches and Les Vedettes du pont Neuf.

Both offer tours around the main monuments, accompanied by a detailed information.

Les bateaux Mouches

Les bateaux Mouches cruise line is located on the right (north) bank of Paris, at Port de la Conférence, a few minutes walk from the Alma-Marceau subway station (line 9).

The tour takes between 30 and 40 minutes and starts by reaching Notre-Dame Cathedral.

On the way, the Cruise passes through Louvre and Orsay Museums and rounds a fortress called Conciergerie, where the famous French queen Marie-Antoinette was detained.

Behind Notre-Dame, it would turn and take you to the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro palace.

The prices start at 13,50 Euros. Bateaux Mouches offer equally the option to dine in on board for 75 Euros.

Les vedettes du Pont Neuf

The cruise line Les vedettes du Pont Neuf is located in the heart of Paris, just below one of its oldest bridges called Pont Neuf (The New Bridge).

The tour follows almost the same itinerary as Bateaux Mouches offer and is accompanied by a guide speaking in French or in English.

With les vedettes du Pont Neuf, count with one hour on board.

The specialty of this cruise line is “Croisiére Champagne” –  a guided tour that connects the sightseeing with a French Champagne tasting.

The price starts at 14 Euros.

Paris Night River Cruise Tours

Dinner Cruise on Seine river

Enjoy stunning views from the Seine River in Paris and a 3-course dinner with Champagne during a 2-hour tour. 

New Years Eve Dinner Cruise

Come and board the iconic Bateaux Mouches to enjoy a special dinner cruise for New Year’s Eve followed by a live music party on the symbolic River Seine.

Champagne tasting on a Seine River Cruise

If sipping French champagne while cruising down the River Seine is your idea of heaven, this champagne-tasting cruise will be a highlight of your trip to Paris! 

Seine River Cruise Bateaux Parisiens Sightseeing Cruise with Dinner and Live Music

Combine a glamorous dinner in Paris with sights of the city’s must-see attractions on this evening sightseeing cruise down the River Seine. 

Bistro Style Seine River Dinner Cruise

For those tight on time, this 75-minute Seine River cruise is perfect. Discover Paris’ glittering waterfront sights in a relaxed, casual setting, and enjoy dinner with a view. 

Seine River Cruise Paris Illuminations and Dinner on the Champs Elysees

Spend a magical night out on the town in Paris. See Paris’ city lights by taking a Paris illuminations tour around the capital. 

Eiffel Tower Seine River Cruise and Moulin Rouge Show

Enjoy a memorable night out in Paris by combining a visit to the Eiffel Tower and Seine River cruise with a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge. 

3. Parisian views

For those dreaming of seeing Paris from a bird’s perspective, there are several observatories that will offer stunning panoramic views to the whole city.

Eiffel Tower

For the first-time visitors, Eiffel Tower is a must.

The stunning steel building is situated on the West side of Paris. It is accessible by the Bir-Hakeim subway station (line 6) or via the RER C (Champs de Mars – Tour Eiffel station).

It was designed and constructed by the architect Gustave Eiffel for the World Exposition of 1889, has three floors and is 300.24 meters tall.

The tower accommodates several restaurants, champagne bar, macaroon pastry shop and an observatory deck on the top.

The ticket price starts at 25 Euros for the 3rd floor access.

Montparnasse Tower

There is another observatory deck that you should not miss, called the Montparnasse Tower.

The 210 meters tall tower was constructed in 1973. For longtime, it was considered to be the tallest building in Paris.

It is located in the 15th Arrondissement (district) and is surrounded by many restaurants and bars with a great 60′ atmosphere.

From the top of Montparnasse tower, you can see places up to 40 km far away.

As well as the Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse offers to visitors a dinner in a fancy restaurant on the top.

In addition, it is only from Montparnasse that you can see the golden-shining Eiffel Tower in all its splendor. The tickets start at 15 Euros.

Night Activities with Views of Paris

VIP Eiffel Tower Gourmet Dinner

Skip the long lines at the Eiffel Tower and ascend right up to the newly spiffed up first floor for a gourmet dinner complete with breathtaking views of Paris.

Skip The Line Eiffel Tower Tour

Skip the notorious long lines at the Eiffel Tower and discover Paris’ most famous landmark with a local and passionate guide during this engaging 90-minute tour. 

Eiffel Tower Tour and Seine River Cruise Combo

Combine a sunset Seine River cruise with a skip-the-line night tour of the Eiffel Tower on an exciting Paris combo!

Priority to 01st and 02nd Floors Eiffel Tower Ticket

Make you day memorable and experience a Skip the Line Eiffel Tower Ticket up to 01st and 02nd Floor accompanied by a host. 

4. Night Museum Tours

What about a bit of art and history during the night? Several museums and galleries offer special night tours for late visitors.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is one of the biggest museums in the world, preserving important artefacts and pieces of art.

It protects treasures and mummies from the ancient Egypt, Greek statues as well as the famous Da Vinci’s painting called Mona Lisa.

The Louvre palace, built in 13th century, was longtime used as a siege of powerful French kings.

Escape the daily rush and explore Louvre on Wednesday or Friday night.

You will enjoy the collection under the cover of the nigh charm and the beautiful lightning of the building will make you feel like in a dream. Louvre accepts night visitors until 10:45 pm. The ticket price is 15 Euros for an adult.

Skip the line Louvre Entrance Ticket

The Louvre Museum, former Residence of the Kings of France is the place to discover while in Paris. 

Skip the lines and enjoy the day at your own pace at the Louvre.

Orsay Museum

Another important Museum, Musée d’Orsay, exposing paramount works of French fine art history, is just across the Seine river from the Louvre.

So, enjoy the walk over Pont des Arts bridge and reach the old train station built in 1900 for one of the famous World Expositions.  It is surprising that Orsay station was transformed in a gallery only in 1975.

Its main attraction is surely a collection of French impressionism paintings.

Starting with Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir, it comprises this whole avant-garde period of art. Night visit of the Orsay Museum is possible each Thursday, when the door closes at 9:45pm.

The price for one adult ticket is 16 Euros.

Musée d’Orsay Skip the Line Ticket

Gain skip-the-line admission to the Musée d’Orsay (Orsay Museum), renowned for its Impressionist masterpieces. 

5. Fancy Restaurants

You cannot leave Paris without getting an insight in the secrets of the rich French gastronomy.

French food is delicious and always fresh.

In addition, the service is professional and the atmosphere is unique. What about picking a place in a good restaurant after one of the Parisian night tours?

Bouillon Racine

Popular restaurant with a long tradition called Bouillon Racine is situated in the hearth of the student district called Quartier Latin.

You can get there from subway stations Saint-Michel (line 4) and Cluny-la Sorbonne (line 10), or through the RER B station Jardins de Luxembourg.

The interior of Bouillon Racine will enchant you by a stunning art nouveau decoration.

Shiny mirrors on the wall, light green walls, and golden ornamental decoration will make you feel like at the beginning of the century.

Pick a fresh cod with ratatouille or a delicious slow-cooked beef.

Then, end up your dinner with the most famous French pastry – the decadent layered dessert l’Opéra. One main dish will cost you around 20 Euros.


Cinema enthusiasts would surely love a tiny restaurant with a warm, familiar atmosphere called Polidor.

Polidor is just around the corner from Bouillon Racine.

It is here, where Woody Allen shot his movie called Midnight in Paris. Simple interior with wooden tables, red checker-ed tablecloths and dim lights give a perfect atmosphere of bohemian 20’.

Order a glass of wine and a pick a home-made dish from a large offer.

Delicious chicken breast with home-made potato purée is the right choice. The price is 22 Euros for the menu including entrée, main dish, and a dessert.

Book a Paris Dinner

French Cuisine near Notre Dame experience

Enter your chef home near Notre Dame and and enjoy a social dinner focused on regional recipes paired with French fine wine.

Michelin Star Bistro – Restaurant Benoit

Enjoy a dining experience in one of the last remaining authentic Parisian bistros around: Benoit.

French Gourmet Cuisine Dinner with Wine Pairing

Enjoy a 3-course dinner featuring contemporary French food and fine wine on an evening in Paris!

6. Entertaining Bars

If you are not hungry enough to eat, stick in some of Parisian bars for a drink or two.

Le Reflet

The first bar you should not miss is called Le Reflet.

It is hidden in a tiny street called rue Champollion, just next to the metro station Cluny-La Sorbonne (line 10).

Thanks to its central position within many artistic cinemas, Le Reflet is the paradise of cinephiles.

The walls are decorated with popular cinema posters, and students talking about films are omnipresent.

Cinema employees themselves come here and sit on bar stools enjoying their work break.

The background music supports the relaxed mood of the place – the oldies rule here. Le Reflet has a large variety of beers, delicious wines, and cool cocktails.

Le Rempart

Le Rempart, a homely-looking bar and bistro, is situated on 15 Rue Saint-Antoine near the famous Bastille Square.

It is an ideal place for an evening cocktail with a friend.

The delicious (and strong!) margarita is prepared by professional waiters.

They are equally specialists in wine, so you can be sure to get the best selection from grapes.

If you are lucky, you can meet there a large group of people on roller skates.

It is the staff of special Parisian roller tour that visits this restaurant regularly each Sunday night. Such a friendly atmosphere in a metropolitan city as Paris is unique!

Connolly’s Corner

A small Irish pub called Connolly’s Corner can be found at 12 rue Mirbel at the Censier-Daubenton subway station (line 7).

Grab a place at one of the small tables made from repurposed wooden barrels and get a pint of beer.

While drinking, have fun by examining the variety of ties that are hanging on the walls, which were leftby happy customers.

On Sunday nights, different groups play here live Irish music for free.

The musicians, always smiling, create a unique homely atmosphere filled with cheerfulness.

Paris Pub Crawls

Paris Aligre District Nightlife with a Local

Discover local Paris night life with a local, the first round is on him! 

Paris Bar Crawl

Join the biggest and best rated pub crawl in Paris you will meet up with a friendly bunch of local Parisians, students and backpackers – all ready to meet new people and have a awesome time. 

7. Shows

The city of lights does not offer only great restaurants, bars, and stunning views.

For centuries, Paris is the European epicenter of performing and visual arts. To try at least one show that the artistic scene offers is compulsory.

La Filmothéque du Quartier Latin

Next to cabarets, Paris is also a cradle of the cinema. It is here, where the “cinephile” movement was born during the 50’s.

The cinema called La Filmothèque du Quartier Latin, situated in the rue Champollion next to the subway station Cluny-La Sorbonne (line 10) has preserved its extraordinary atmosphere.

Old projection halls have intellectual charm and if you don’t experience at least one movie you’ll miss a big part of Parisian culture.

The program offers the best films throughout cinematic history and the price for the ticket is 9 Euros.

Moulin Rouge

The quintessence of bohemian culture is surely the district called Montmartre.

Its most famous cabaret, Moulin Rouge, is accessible by the subway station Pigalle (line 2).

An opulent end-of-century building with luxurious interior was founded in 1889 and has quickly become one of the most popular cabarets in France.

Many world-famous artists have performed here, including Frank Sinatra, Josephine Baker, or Edith Piaf.

Nowadays, Moulin Rouge offers entertaining shows full of dancing, singing and acrobatics. As Moulin Rouge is extremely popular, tickets must be reserved early.

Don’t miss your chance to see the world-renowned showgirls and French Cancan dancers strut their stuff on the Moulin Rouge’s historic stage.

You can also choose a dinner package or quick Paris tour before the show if you want to experience the works!

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This list presents only a few ideas of Parisian night charms, and we’re sure there are many other options.

On any given night, you could choose to go on a romantic night walk, a cabaret show, or a delicious dinner.

If you have more ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below!