Are you looking for romantic things to do during your Shanghai vacation?

Shanghai is one of the most romantic destinations in China.

If you’re looking for a place to rekindle your love, Shanghai will not disappoint.

Take a romantic stroll hand-in-hand along the Bund, savor exquisite Chinese specialties at an intimate eatery or toast your partner to some fine wine.

These are just some of the ways to enjoy romance in this lively city.

Read on for 24 romantic things to do in Shanghai.

1. Shanghai Disneyland

Treat that special someone to a unique Disney experience at Shanghai Disneyland.

Enjoy a thrilling ride and watch live shows throughout the day.

You will both enjoy visiting attractions centered on popular Disney movies including Lion King, Tarzan and Frozen.

Couples can dine at the Aurora Restaurant for a unique formal dining experience.

Shanghai Disneyland is a huge theme park so we recommend spending at least 2 days exploring all the rides and attractions.

What’s romantic about Shanghai Disneyland?

  • Meet and take photos with your favorite Disney characters.
  • Savor a romantic dinner at one of the themed areas.
  • Explore the magical attractions hand-in-hand with your partner.
  • Watch the sparkling fireworks at night.

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2. Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

Enjoy a fun day out with the one you love at the Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park.

See and learn about dolphins, sharks, penguins, polar bears, beluga whales and aquarium fish.

Couples can go on the Steel Dolphin roller coaster which is one of the longest rapids rides in the world.

You will both also enjoy the Fire Falls spinning river rapids ride.

For an unforgettable experience, be sure to catch the polar circus show “Whale Competes with Dolphin.”

After all the thrills, refuel at the Rainforest Food Court with local Chinese food and drink.

Why is the Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park a great romantic option?

  • Stroll hand-in-hand as you check out the impressive displays of marine life.
  • Hold on to your partner as you enjoy a thrilling roller-coaster ride.
  • Attend the dreamlike night tours and overnight stay activities.

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3. Shanghai Tower & River Cruise with Dinner

Couples will enjoy a tour of Shanghai Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Standing at 632 meters high, the tower boasts some of the fastest elevators in the world.

The best time to go is at sunset when you can take in the panoramic skyline from the 118th floor observation deck.

Next, enjoy a romantic cruise on the Huangpu River.

After your lovely cruise, visit a popular restaurant on Nanjing Road to enjoy the famous Xinjiang cuisine.

Tantalize your taste buds with Dapanji chicken served with hand stretched noodles.

Why is the Shanghai Tower & River Cruise with Dinner romantic?

  • You can both soak up picturesque views over one of the world’s best skylines.
  • Savor a romantic dinner as you cruise along the Huangpu River.
  • It’s perfect for a surprise marriage proposal or special anniversary.

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4. Shanghai World Financial Center

See the city in the second tallest building in Shanghai.

The World Financial Center building rises to a dizzying 492 meters, and features 3 observatories, a mall and hotel.

Soak up 360 degree vistas of Shanghai from the 100th floor glass-bottomed observatory, with its panoramic windows and glass walkways.

Arrive just in time to catch the sunset.

Stay for the nighttime views when buildings alongside Huangpu River are illuminated after dark.

After an intimate time in Shanghai World Financial Center, take your partner to one of the many restaurants available between floor B2 and 3.

Why is the Shanghai World Financial Center a good romantic option?

  • Take in panoramic views of the Shanghai skyline.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the restaurants in the building.
  • Shop at the mall for a souvenir for your loved one.

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5. Jin Mao Tower Observation Deck & River Cruise

Enjoy sightseeing in Shanghai, with the city lit up for the night.

Begin with a cruise on Huangpu River, taking in views of illuminated buildings along the Bund.

You may then enjoy a sumptuous dinner on Nanjing Road.

Then visit Jin Mao Tower which reaches a dizzying 420.5 meters high.

Visit its Observation Deck for spectacular 360 degree panoramas of the Shanghai skyline.

Couples can also book an overnight stay at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel located in the tower for a night to remember.

What’s romantic about the Jin Mao Tower Observation Deck & River Cruise?

  • On the cruise, couples can take in the gorgeous sunset.
  • From Jin Mao Tower, you’ll both enjoy amazing views of the city skyline.
  • Spend a romantic night in at the tower hotel.

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6. Oriental Pearl Tower

Reaching a height of 468 meters, the Oriental Pearl Tower resembles a sequence of pearls which looks beautiful when illuminated after dark.

Its unique design and location by the Huangpu River make the tower a distinct city landmark.

Couples can visit the observation deck for the best views of Shanghai and Pudong.

The best time to go is at dusk when the sun is setting on the horizon.

You can take this opportunity in the city skyline to spend more intimate time together in company of stunning views.

Then, conclude your tour with dinner for two at the Oriental Pearl Revolving Restaurant.

Why is the Oriental Pearl Tower a great romantic option?

  • Go up with your partner to the observation deck to enjoy scenic views.
  • Marvel at the architecture of the Oriental Pearl Tower.
  • Savor a romantic dinner at the highest revolving restaurant in Asia.

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7. Romantic Cruise down Huangpu River

Romance flows with the Huangpu River as it navigates past the landmarks of Shanghai’s past and future.

The best time to cruise the river is at night when the buildings along the riverbanks are lit up.

Take your loved one on a cruise along the glittering waters of Huangpu River.

See the modern and historical incarnations of Shanghai bathed in light.

Witness the historic buildings along the Bund, while on the other side of the river, you’ll see modern architecture including the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Shanghai Tower.

Have your camera ready to capture intimate photos with the skyline in the background.

What’s romantic about a cruise down Huangpu River?

  • Gaze into your partner’s eyes as you set sail along the Huangpu River.
  • Architecture-loving couples can admire the colonial-era buildings and skyscrapers.
  • Enjoy intimate moments on a romantic dinner cruise.

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8. Bars in The Bund and Old French Concession

Party-loving couples will enjoy an evening tour showcasing Shanghai’s best nightlife spots.

Visit ambient bars and trendy clubs in the Bund and Old French Concession.

The atmosphere is eclectic, ranging from elegant wine pairings to raucous vodka shots.

At the Old French Concession, toast your partner with a glass of wine at The Refinery, Cobra Lily or Devil’s Share Bar.

On the Bund, stop by the stylish Vue Bar and sample its extensive range of premium beverages.

Conclude your evening at M1NT, a swanky nightclub famous for its shark tank and luxurious interiors.

Why is Bars in the Bund and Old French Concession romantic?

  • Share a romantic bottle of wine at an ambient lounge bar.
  • At Vue Bar, you can both enjoy spectacular aerial views of the Shanghai night skyline.
  • Savor a cozy dinner at M1NT’s high-end restaurant.

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9. Romantic Walk at Yuyuan Garden

Enjoy an anniversary celebration at one of the best preserved classical gardens in China.

Go on a romantic stroll amid the scenic beauty of Yuyuan Garden.

Take in its elegant layout, splendid pavilions, bridges, pools and pagodas.

Marvel at the numerous sculptures, calligraphies, carvings and paintings.

Shop for souvenirs or snack on dumplings at the shops, teahouses and restaurants of the Yuyuan Bazaar.

The best time to visit is during spring when the garden is in full bloom.

Why is a walk at Yuyuan Garden romantic?

  • Take your partner’s hand and wander the romantic gardens.
  • Soak up the scenic areas of the garden.
  • It’s a must for couples who love architecture, history and nature.

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10. China Art Museum

Be inspired by the masters of modern art in China on a tour of the China Art Museum.

Explore the vast permanent exhibits and learn how the stunning building was constructed.

Admire iconic artwork by famous Chinese painters such as Guan Liang, Lin Fengmian and Wu Guanzhong.

On your date, you can see the diverse collection of 21st century Chinese art at “Splendid China.”

Marvel at the Vermeer masterpieces on loan from international galleries and museums.

Art lovers will also enjoy the multimedia recreation of “Ascending the River at Qingming Festival.”

Why is the China Art Museum a great romantic option?

  • Pose for romantic photos against the backdrop of splendid artwork.
  • Be inspired and delighted by the genius of human creativity.
  • Art-loving couples will enjoy spending hours browsing the Museum’s collection.

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11. Shanghai Zotter Chocolate Factory

Indulge your inner child at the Zotter Chocolate Factory.

Watch a film on how chocolate is produced, starting from the growing of cacao.

You will see chocolate being made by staff through the factory’s large glass windows.

Go on a chocolate tasting tour to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sample everything from freshly roasted cocoa beans to delicious liquid nougat.

Play the “guess the aroma” game and taste the transformation of chocolate as the cocoa content increases.

What’s romantic about Shanghai Zotter Chocolate Factory?

  • Sip hot chocolate as you cozy up to your date.
  • Buy your loved one a souvenir box of chocolates.
  • Enjoy intimate moments as you both savor chocolate tastings.

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12. Zhujiajiao Water Town

Dubbed the “Venice of Shanghai”, Zhujiajiao is truly a sight for sore eyes.

The water town boasts picturesque canals and waterways, small alleys, traditional architecture and charming stone bridges.

The best preserved of Shanghai’s 4 ancient water towns, Zhujiajiao, can be explored on foot or boat.

Walk through the town stopping at highlights such as the Fangsheng Bridge and Khezi Gardens.

Take a romantic cruise through the town to discover 1,700 years of history.

Visit from Monday through Friday to avoid the weekend crowds.

Why is Zhujiajiao Water Town romantic?

  • Lovers can go on a romantic boat cruise around the water town.
  • Stroll hand-in-hand along the winding lanes over picturesque stone bridges.
  • Couples that love architecture can admire the traditional homes.

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13. Explore Suzhou and Zhouzhuang Water Village

Go on a journey of exploration in Suzhou and Zhouzhuang Water Village.

On arrival, visit the historic center of Suzhou, a canal city renowned for silk production.

You can also enjoy a tour at one of its silk factories.

Next, head out to Zhouzhuang Water Village and soak up its charming architecture.

Take your partner on a cruise along the canals in a traditional gondola.

You can also explore the UNESCO-listed Master of Nets Garden, finishing your day with a delicious Chinese lunch.

What’s romantic about exploring Suzhou and Zhouzhuang Water Village?

  • Cruise with your partner along the winding canals of Zhouzhuang.
  • Buy your loved one a gift of silk at Suzhou.
  • Enjoy an exquisite Chinese lunch with your partner.

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14. Xitang Water Village & Dining Experience

Enjoy a romantic tour of Xitang Water Village at sunset.

Together with your partner, explore the winding streets and alleyways of this unique town.

Wander around some of the areas Tom Cruise visited while he filmed “Mission Impossible 3”.

You’ll also learn about the culture along China’s Yangtze River regions.

While you’re exploring, stop at a souvenir shop on West Street.

Then have a local meal at one of the top restaurants in town.

Why is the Xitang Water Village & Dining Experience a good romantic option?

  • Take a romantic stroll in the village when it’s illuminated after dark.
  • Buy your loved one a souvenir to remember your Shanghai visit.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner for two at a riverside restaurant.

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15. Private Photography Tour of Shanghai

Shanghai boasts vibrant neighborhoods, idyllic parks and historical monuments with great photo opportunities.

But it can be challenging to capture the magic of this city on camera.

That’s why you need a private photography tour that provides expert advice and will take you to all the best viewpoints.

Choose 3-4 fascinating options for your photography tour and capture the best memories with your partner.

Select the Traditional Garden and Temple tour and enjoy a visit to an ancient Chinese garden and temple.

Alternatively, opt for Seasonal Nature Beauty tour which will have you marvelling at the colorful autumn-winter foliage.

Why is a private photography tour of Shanghai romantic?

  • Pose for romantic photos against the backdrop of Shanghai scenery.
  • Stroll hand-in-hand admiring the colorful leaves of the season.
  • A private guide ensures that you enjoy a more intimate experience.

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16. Shanghai Sense 8 Dinner

Enjoy a wonderful Cantonese dinner in Shanghai at the Sense 8 Restaurant.

Book a private dining room for a romantic dining experience.

Sample Shanghai specialties such as the dim sum, shrimp dumplings and fried milk curd.

Soak up the ambience as you take in the décor which is reminiscent of imperial China.

The richly decorated interiors are certain to dazzle you both.

While enjoying a authentic Chinese meal, enjoy the serene background music for this romantic occasion.

What’s romantic about the Shanghai Sense 8 Dinner?

  • Foodie couples will love the authentic Chinese specialties.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner in a unique historic and modern decor setting.
  • The attentive service allows you to enjoy intimate moments.

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17. Lost Heaven Bund Restaurant & Bar Rouge

Keep up with Shanghai’s fast-evolving restaurant and bar scene.

You will both enjoy an elegant evening in the city with cocktails and music.

Admire the city nightscape on this romantic date, as you stroll hand-in-hand along the Bund.

First stop at the Lost Heaven Bund restaurant for a Yunnan-fusion dinner.

Afterwards, head over to Bar Rouge, Shanghai’s most popular bar.

From the open terrace you can take in panoramic vistas of the Shanghai skyline.

Why is the Lost Heaven Bund Restaurant & Bar Rouge romantic?

  • Go on a first date to experience Shanghai’s nightlife.
  • Savor a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant.
  • Toast your anniversary with cocktails at a trendy bar.

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18. Hot Pot Dining Experience with Hot Spring Bathing or River Cruise

Enjoy a memorable evening in Shanghai with a hot pot dinner, one of the most popular dishes in China.

First, visit the Gokurakuyu hot springs and access their indoor and outdoor pools, steam rooms and sauna.

Soak in the mineral-rich pools or simply relax in the lounge area.

Alternatively, go on an evening cruise along the Huangpu River and marvel at the sparkling skyline of Shanghai.

See the landmarks lit up from the water including the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai Tower and the Jinmao Tower.

Then, dig into your sumptuous hot pot dinner of meat, fish and vegetables.

What’s romantic about the Hot Pot Dining Experience package tour?

  • Enjoy a romantic cruise on Huangpu River or relax at the Gokurakuyu hot springs.
  • Savor a romantic hot pot dinner.
  • A private guide will ensure you enjoy a more intimate experience.

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19. Authentic Local Food Tour in Central Shanghai

Enjoy an authentic taste of Shanghai on a local food tour.

Head down the famous Yunnan Road, making stops at multiple restaurants that are popular with locals.

Foodie couples will love this delicious cultural introduction to the city.

Savor classic Chinese specialties including soup dumplings, parched chicken, steamed buns and scallion oil noodles.

Wash it all down with sweet cups of black and green tea.

Then conclude your tour with a late night special session where you can taste desserts and craft beers.

Why is the Authentic Local Food Tour in Central Shanghai a good romantic option?

  • Food loving couples can enjoy a romantic meal on this tour.
  • Take turns to feed each other tasty Shanghai specialties.
  • Experience how the locals eat with your partner.

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20. Dumpling Cooking Class

No visit to Shanghai would be complete without learning how to make delicious dumplings.

But first, begin your tour with a romantic stroll down the Old French Concession, a charming colonial era site.

Your foodie guide will lead you to the best spot for xiaolongbao, Shanghai’s signature dumplings.

Sample up to 8 dumpling styles including jiaozi, which is popular in northern China, hun tun and guotie.

After that, a chef will teach you how to prepare Cantonese shrimp dumplings.

You can then enjoy feasting on your own delicious creations.

Why is the Dumpling Cooking Class a great romantic option?

  • Have fun with your partner learning to make classic Chinese dumplings.
  • Afterwards, you can both stuff yourselves on your delicious creations.
  • The class takes a maximum of ten guests for a more intimate experience.

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21. Shanghai Luxury Bar Crawl

Wondering where to hang out tonight?

Discover Shanghai’s best luxury spots on a bar crawl.

With your partner by your side, get the inside scoop on the city’s nightlife.

Experience what this vibrant city has to offer at a fancy bar.

You will visit bars in 5-star and luxury boutique hotels including the Flair Rooftop at the Ritz Carlton and the Music Room at the Park Hyatt.

Enjoy a romantic night out with great wine and picturesque views.

What’s romantic about the Shanghai Luxury Bar Crawl?

  • It’s perfect for first dates when you’re just getting to know each other.
  • Have a romantic chat as you sip on fine wine at a trendy bar.
  • Soak up panoramic views of the city nightscape.

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22. Shanghai Circus World Show

Immerse yourselves in a cultural extravaganza at the Shanghai Circus World.

Watch a fascinating blend of Chinese history, dazzling martial arts displays and fantastic special effects.

Your date will be mesmerized by the elaborate costumes and entertaining live music!

Marvel at the amazing skills of the performers and the creative choreography.

This unique spectacle will take you through China’s evolution from humble beginnings to the global superpower it is today.

As the performance unravels, witness the cultural significance of commodities such as the porcelain jar, to modern-day achievements like the Maglev Train.

Why is the Shanghai Circus World Show romantic?

  • Be mesmerized along with your partner by a unique show.
  • History loving couples will enjoy learning about ancient Chinese culture.
  • Enjoy a showcase of China’s modern-day achievements.

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23. Chinese Acrobats Show

Enjoy an evening of extravagant Chinese acrobatics in Shanghai organized by the Shanghai Acrobatics School & Troupe.

A tradition that dates back to the Qin Dynasty, Chinese acrobatic shows involve dangerous stunts, comedy, theatre, magic and Chinese acrobatic arts.

At the Chinese Acrobatics Show, you can witness a modern performance complete with special effects.

Follow a love story that’s narrated through dazzling acrobatic choreography.

The spectacular performances are bound to leave you and your partner enthralled.

Why is the Chinese Acrobats Show a good romantic option?

  • Watch a love story unfold through mesmerizing acrobatics.
  • Learn about the history of China as you follow the performances.
  • After the show, savor a romantic dumpling dinner at a restaurant nearby.

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24. Shanghai Bus Tour Hop-on Hop-off

Traveling between Shanghai’s attractions on your own can be a daunting task.

This is due to a confusing bus system and the long gaps between metro stops.

Take the hassle out of navigation with a hop-on hop-off bus tour that includes access to popular attractions.

Choose from 5 different packages all ideal for first-time visitors to Shanghai.

Enjoy the 360 degree views from the open-top deck as you travel.

Get off at the highlights that interest you and explore with your partner at a leisurely pace.

What’s romantic about the Shanghai Bus Tour Hop-on Hop-off?

  • Because it’s just the two of you, it makes for a more intimate experience.
  • No itinerary to follow so you can both explore the attractions at your own pace.
  • Enjoy a romantic chat on the bus in between stops.

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Romance is in the air all over Shanghai.

You just need to know where to find it.

Begin by trying out one of our romantic tours in Shanghai.

Your loved one will forever thank you for it.

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