The city of Perth is the thriving capital of the Western Australia state, which takes up a third of the entire country.

This city is an ideal tourist destination for adults.

It has world-class restaurants & cafes, fine wine culture, bustling street and art scene, and beaches where surfing await.

Prepare for a grand adventure by checking out this list of 19 fun things to do in Perth for adults.

1. Penguin Island

Spend a few hours or even a full day on this island just off the mainland.

It is approximately 45 minutes south of Perth and a 5-minute ferry ride from Shoalwater Bay.

You’ll see rangers feed the world’s smallest penguins.

Explore the island on foot for great coastal scenery and animal spotting.

On the other hand, visitors who are not as active can just relax on the beach.

But don’t miss the chance to explore the crystal clear water surrounding the island.

Go for a swim and head out snorkelling or scuba diving in the sheltered waters.

Visitors can also grab a bite to eat at Pengo’s Café before or after their ferry ride.

What can visitors do on Penguin Island?

  • Watch a Penguin Feeding – Rangers from the Parks & Wildlife Service present feedings three times each day at the Discovery Centre.
  • Explore the water – You can enjoy a swim in the stunning waters of Penguin Island. Bring your own equipment for snorkelling, scuba diving or even fishing.
  • Enjoy nature – Breathe the fresh ocean air and enjoy a stroll on the network of timber boardwalks. Take in views from the lookouts or explore the rock pools along the western edge of the island. There are plenty of opportunities to spot animals including whales and a variety of bird life.

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2. Wave Rock

This isn’t exactly in the heart of the city, but adults will be able to appreciate this magnificent work of nature, Wave Rock.

A four-hour drive east of Perth will take you to one of the most iconic landmarks found in Australia.

Located close to the town of Hyden, Wave Rock towers 15 metres high and stretches 110 metres in length.

The granite cliff looks just like a wave in the surf.

What are the best walking trails near Wave Rock?

  • Wave Rock Walk – Wander from the car park to Wave Rock and along its foot to the old quarry site. This easy walk is just 325 metres each way.
  • Hyden Rock Walk – Explore a little further past the quarry as this trail takes you up on top of the rock where you can choose from two loops, both ending back at the car park.
  • The Breakers Walk – Follow the Wave Rock Walk then see where the rock was blasted, making way to collect water for the Hyden Weir, and then on to the Breakers Picnic Area.
  • Hippo’s Yawn Loop – Explore the foot of the rock then branch off to Hippo’s Yawn.
  • Wave Rock Walk Circuit – A 3.6 kilometre, flat loop track with interpretive panels spread throughout.

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3. Rottnest Island

Off the coast of Perth, you’ll find Rottnest Island, perfect for a couple’s getaway.

There’s plenty to explore including stunning scenery and beaches.

Although, the main reason why everyone visits Rottnes Island are the cute quokkas.

Catch a short ferry ride from Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys and you’ll be able to spot one of these cute furry animals roaming the island!

Rottnest island is just 11 kilometres long and 4.5 kilometres wide so its perfect for exploring on foot or by bike.

There’s also a hop-on hop-off bus available.

What is there to do on Rottnest Island?

  • Hit the water – Surrounded by blue water, it’s no surprise there are plenty of water activities. Go swimming, snorkelling, boating, fishing or kayaking. The waters are home to corals further south than anywhere else in the world as well as a number of shipwrecks which are perfect for diving.
  • Walk and trails – Rottnest Island is home to a number of walking trails called the Wadjemup Bidi which take in scenic headlands, lakes and a number of other attractions. There are also free guided tours available from the Rottnest Island Volunteer Guides.
  • Fun and games – There’s mini golf, trampolines, movies and more activities found on Rottnest Island.

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4. Pinnacles Desert

You will be mesmerised by the many thousand limestone pillars and sandy natural beauty.

Some reach more than three metres tall, rising from a sandy desert landscape in the Nambung National Park.

Enjoy exploring on foot, in a car or just take in the views from the lookout.

There’s also the Discovery Centre where you can learn more about the landscape and region through displays.

What are the best ways to explore the Pinnacles Desert?

  • Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre – Not far from the Pinnacles Desert visitors will find the Discovery Centre with intriguing displays. It features videos, objects and soundscapes to explain the environment, culture and history of the region.
  • Pinnacles View Lookout – Located just behind the Discovery Centre, take in the vista of this natural landscape.
  • On foot – Take a gentle, 1.5-kilometre wander through the pinnacles on the Desert View trail from the car park of the Discovery Centre.
  • By car – An unsealed loop covering four kilometres will take you for a closer look without needing to walk.

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5. Perth Zoo

See animals from across the globe at the Perth.

The various zones throughout the zoo mimic a range of natural environments.

From the Asian Rainforest which is home to Sun Bears, Sumatran Tigers and gibbons.

Or the African Savannah where you’ll find zebras, giraffes, lions and rhinos.

Don’t forget the Australian native animals including kangaroos, koalas, quokkas, emus and crocodiles.

You can discover more with the free keeper talks during the day or book in a special Eye to Eye experience.

What are the most popular animals at Perth Zoo?

  • Asian Elephant – Located in the Asian Rainforest precinct, Perth Zoo’s resident female Asian Elephant is smaller than the African Elephants you may have seen at other zoos.
  • Giraffes – The tallest animal found on land across the earth, visitors will find the zoo’s giraffes in the African Savannah precinct.
  • Little Penguin – Witness the Little Penguins feed each day in their natural home which features a saltwater pool with a capacity of 50,000 litres and beach-themed areas.
  • Numbat – Feeding on a diet which consists solely of termites, the Numbats are native Western Australian animals and a prized exhibit at Perth Zoo.

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6. Swan Valley

A short 25-minute drive from Perth lies Swan Valley.

This is a fantastic place for adults to indulge in great wines, gourmet food, and jaw-dropping scenery.

The area is known for propelling the growing wine industry in the state.

It is home to many vineyards in Western Australia’s oldest wine region.

Feast on gourmet delicacies, stroll around the bustling markets or explore the art in galleries around the region.

Take a tour coach or go on a scenic car ride to explore the wineries and food outlets following the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail.

What are the best things to do in Swan Valley?

  • Wine Appreciation – explore Western Australia’s oldest vineyards. Get to sample the region’s finest wines, or head on to the cideries, distilleries, and boutique breweries to quench your thirst for other refreshments.
  • Culinary adventures – check out the roadside stalls for freshly-picked seasonal produce. Dine in world-class restaurants with options ranging from fine dining to laidback pubs. Alternatively, sample delicacies such as handmade chocolates, nougat, ice cream, and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Cycling and Walking – tour the valley by riding a bike or walking to enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking scenery.
  • Hop On Hop Off Adventure – This will take you around the top attractions in the valley. Stops include Sandalford, Feral Brewing, Maison Saint Honore, and Mondo Nougat & Chocolate.
  • Foodie Masterclasses – indulge the foodie in you by taking a class under the masterful guidance of a chef. Choose from activities such as winemaking, cheesemaking, barista training, macaron-making, or asparagus harvesting.

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7. Margaret River

A three-hour drive from Perth takes you to the Margaret River region.

The region is known worldwide for its premium wine, food and natural wonders.

Perfect for an exciting adventure for adults!

As you get into town, you will be welcomed with a charming park and forest.

This is a great place to have a relaxing stroll or enjoy a casual bike ride on one of the numerous cycling tracks.

A river crossing takes you to the heart of the town.

You will then see quaint streets lined with gourmet shops, cafés, galleries, and boutiques.

Explore the scenic coast and lounge around on the beach, go surfing, or enjoy a kayaking adventure on the river.

What are the best ways to enjoy Margaret River?

  • With a bike ride – explore the beautiful scenery on two wheels, which you can enjoy as part of a guided tour or on your own by renting from a local guide. At your own pace, glide through the forest, along the river, and on your way to visit wineries and cellars for fine wine tasting.
  • By walking – stretch your legs by going below ground to the caves and walk around the main street to try out some of the most renowned restaurants in the state. Browse around farmers markets to check out fresh local produce, organic meat, handcrafted souvenirs, chic clothing, furnishings, and handmade artisanal goodies such as cheeses, dips, and chocolates.
  • On the water – be a part of the world-famous Margaret River surf culture and experience some of the most coveted surf conditions in the world. Relax by the beach and let your worries fade away with the breathtaking views!

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8. Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park lets you explore the lives of over 200 animal species in their natural habitats.

Located inside Whiteman Park, Caversham is home to Western Australia’s most extensive private collection of native wildlife.

It is operated and owned by a family and gives a more intimate ambience as you get up close and personal with fascinating animal life.

What are the Most Fascinating Animals in Caversham Wildlife Park?

  • Kangaroos – see the friendly kangaroos within a spacious enclosure, where you can feed and interact with them in a peaceful environment.
  • Koalas – have your picture taken with a koala as it calmly sits on a tree, or wrapped in a keeper’s arms.
  • Penguins – watch the penguins swimming and being fed, and discover more information about these birds from their dedicated keepers.

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9. Yanchep National Park

Located just 50 minutes away from the Perth city center, Yanchep National Park is renowned for its caves.

Kangaroos and koalas also live within the area.

Learn more about the local Aboriginal culture and discover fascinating insights on their way of living. 

This national park is open all year round, offering a wide array of nature-based activities adults will love.

What are the most exciting experiences in Yanchep National Park?

  • Cave exploration – the park is home to numerous caves, including the Crystal Cave which can be explored on a guided tour, where you will learn more about the formation and geology of the cave structure.
  • Trees adventure – an outdoor adventure awaits as you zipline through and climb trees as part of a series of obstacle courses.
  • Koala Boardwalk – enjoy close-up views of the koalas through a 140-meter long Koala boardwalk and watch these cute animals in their natural habitat.
  • Aboriginal cultural experience – learn more about the Australian aboriginal culture through this public tour which explores the local Noongar way of life.

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10. Perth Bell Tower

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Western Australia, the Bell Tower is located just 5 minutes away from Perth CBD.

A set of 18 bells hang in a specially-built glass and copper bell tower in Barrack Square.

Dating back to the 14th century, the bell tower is one of the world’s largest musical instruments.

Head to the open-air observation deck on the 6th floor to enjoy sweeping views of the Swan River.

Or join an bell tower chiming experience where you can try your hand at bell ringing.

How to have a memorable Bell Tower Experience

  • Go to the observation deck – enjoy stunning views of the Swan River and the city from the 6th-floor observation deck of the bell tower.
  • Be a bell ringer – you can ring the bells by joining an interactive bell chiming experience tour.
  • Learn about the Bell Tower – go for the complete bell tower experience and learn about the history of ancient bell ringing, the tower, and the bells themselves.

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11. Swan River Wine Cruise

This river wine cruise is a perfect way for adults to unwind while enjoying the best views along with the finest wines.

You can choose from morning or afternoon wine and tea tastings before going on a winery tour in Sandalford.

Enjoy this romantic cruise which includes a 2-hour lunch and wine tastings before going back to the city center.

What experiences can you enjoy with the Swan River Wine Cruise?

  • Sandalford Winery – visit the Sandalford Estate and go on an exciting tour through the Sandalford winery, including a film presentation.
  • Fascinating commentary – during the cruise, you will learn about the history of the river and surrounding wetlands through informative commentary.
  • Wine tasting – sample 6 premium Sandalford wines in a memorable wine flight tasting, which includes a tasting booklet where you can record your tastings.

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12. Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)

The Aquarium of Western Australia, also called “AQWA”, is situated in one of the most scenic spots in Perth – Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Prepare for underwater adventures as you learn about the marine life of Western Australia.

See lush coral reefs from the Far North and Southern Ocean’s frigid waters.

Gaze at some of the most fascinating sea creatures such as stingrays and giant sea turtles.

The Aquarium also features activities for adults only, such as plunging into a shark tank and a behind the scenes experience.

What are the best attractions at AQWA?

  • Coral reefs – see one of the largest living coral reef exhibits in the world and marvel at the different fish and spectacular colors.
  • Underwater tunnel – go through an underwater tunnel inside an aquarium that holds 3 million litres of water, which comes directly from the Indian Ocean.
  • Shipwreck Coast – discover the mysteries surrounding shipwrecks as you go through the underwater tunnel by a conveyor belt.
  • Danger Zone – learn more about the most dangerous creatures under the sea in this unique exhibit.

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13. Fremantle History

A mere 25 minutes away from Perth lies Fremantle, a major Australian port city where the first Swan River colonists settled in 1829.

This is where you will learn about the founding of Western Australia.

It is a great opportunity for adults, especially first-time visitors, to explore the city on a walking tour.

The tour is led by a friendly guide who will keep you engaged with a lively and fact-filled narrative.

What are best spots included in the Fremantle History Walking Tour?

  • Fremantle Round House Stop – this tour includes a short stop at the first building ever built in Western Australia, where you will be given a short, guided tour.
  • Bathers Beach – feel the rich history of the site where the first settlers set foot in Western Australia.
  • Ball & Chain – a locally-owned restaurant where you will be regaled with stories about British bushrangers and the escape of Irish prisoners.
  • Fremantle Prison – learn about the engrossing history of the convicts who started arriving in Western Australia beginning in 1850, in this prison which is also a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site.

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14. Explore Perth Arcades & Laneways

Discover the city from a different perspective as you go off the usual tourist route with this unique walking tour.

The city’s original development plan involved a semi-regular grid pattern.

Three major streets positioned parallel to the Swan River and three streets on a north to south layout.

Adults will have more appreciation of the city as the tour takes you through arcades and laneways.

Discover the beauty of the city without the usual tourist attractions and delve deeper into lesser-known streets of Perth.

What can you expect from this Walking Tour?

  • Discover the small bar scene – a thriving small bar scene is just waiting to be discovered in the city, hidden in smaller laneways and arcades away from the usual tourist routes.
  • Street art – be amazed at the riveting street art culture in Perth, which you will see up close and personal in vibrant splashes of color in smaller streets and laneways.
  • History lesson – no boring lessons here! Your guide will present the heritage and cultural information about the city in an engaging manner, so you’ll absorb the information in a more fun way.
  • Visit to modern city developments – the tour will go through the Central Business District, as well as renowned landmarks such as Yagan Square, the Bell Tower, and Elizabeth Quay.

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15. Perth Beaches Helicopter Tour

Explore the beaches in and around Perth from a different perspective – from way up high, onboard a helicopter!

Go on a scenic helicopter ride which lasts 30 minutes.

It will give you a unique bird’s eye view of the beautiful surf beaches that this region is well known for.

You have the option to choose a morning or afternoon departure, which both provide breathtaking views.

Glide above the city of Fremantle and discover the beauty of the beaches in Western Australia from up above in this unforgettable helicopter tour.

What sites can be seen on this Helicopter Ride?

  • Fremantle – fly to this historic city where the first Swan River colonists settled in the 1800s.
  • Observation City – the helicopter will travel along the coast to give you a peek at Scarborough and the 24-level hotel development, Observation City.
  • Surf beaches – gaze at the breathtaking beauty of Western Australia’s south beaches from above as the helicopter glides through these areas.
  • Swan River – the helicopter tour will follow the route of the historic Swan River through the sheltered basin surrounding Perth.

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16. Perth Lunch Cruise & Sightseeing Tram

Go for a scenic tour around the city with a slower-paced lunch cruise and tram tour.

Enjoy a more leisurely way of discovering the beauty of Perth as you cruise on the Swan River.

A perfect way for adults to unwind after all the hectic adventure schedules.

This cruise and tram tour combination is an ideal way for first-time visitors to learn more about the city.

A tram tour will take you around the historic port of Fremantle, where the first colonists settled in Western Australia.

What are the highlights of the Cruise and Tram Tour?

  • Boat cruise – travel by boat on a cruise down the Swan River where you will see the picturesque sights of Perth from the water.
  • Tram tour – after the cruise, you will join a tram tour which will take you through Fremantle where you can delve deeper into the history of Western Australia.
  • Buffet lunch – feast on a sumptuous lunch buffet before heading back to Perth.

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17. Perth Hop on Hop off Bus

Enjoy the convenience of exploring the city when you join this unforgettable hop on hop off bus tour.

Ride on a double-decker bus on your way to explore some of the most popular attractions in Perth.

This fully narrated tour will give you a better appreciation of Perth.

Several departures are available throughout the day, perfect for adults who want a more flexible manner of exploring the city.

What are the Attractions Included in this Tour?

  • Perth Town Hall – gaze at the Victorian Gothic design of this town hall, which is the only city town hall in Australia built by convicts.
  • Shopping malls – spend the day doing some serious retail therapy at the malls located on Hay and Murray streets.
  • Cultural appreciation – discover the rich cultural heritage of Western Australia. Stop in renowned attractions such as the Museum of Western Australia, the Art Gallery, Perth Cultural Centre, and the Heath Ledger Theatre.
  • Kings Park – this park is home to a magnificent botanical garden, walking trails, picnic areas, and spectacular views of the Swan River and city skyline.

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18. Coffee, Culture & Art in Perth

What better way to start your day exploring the city than with coffee, tea, culture and art?

Adults will truly enjoy this informative yet lighthearted way of discovering the city’s historical and contemporary details.

A guide will provide an orientation of the city and offer inside tips on how to go around the city.

This small group tour ensures that more personalized service is provided to everyone.

What are the best parts of this tour?

  • Complimentary tea or coffee – greet the day with complimentary coffee or tea with your guide in a local café, which is located in a beautifully restored historical building off the busy tourist route.
  • Art appreciation – this tour includes a visit to a fine art gallery and hidden arts, with your guide providing engaging anecdotes along the way.
  • State Buildings – this complex used to house the Treasury and Parliament, General Post Office, and Land Titles Office. These newly-refurbished buildings are now home to a hotel as well as a wide array of food & beverage establishments.
  • Sue Lewis Chocolatier – sample the finest chocolate treats from a chef with more than 20 years of experience in the London restaurant scene.

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19. Perth East Foreshore & City Segway Tour

Enjoy your Perth exploration in a whole new way, by riding a Segway.

A friendly professional guide will point out the city’s hidden treasures and show you the hidden gems in the city.

This is a great chance for adults who want to explore the magnificence of Perth from a different perspective.

Choose from several scheduled departures throughout the day.

The adventure starts with a detailed orientation on how to safely and efficiently ride a Segway.

What attractions will you see on this Segway Tour?

  • Swan River – glide through the Swan River’s eastern foreshore, where native birds made a home in the urban wetland on the outskirts of the city center.
  • Claisebrook Cove – discover this tiny picturesque inlet which features elegant homes, cafes, and bars. They resemble the scenery found in charming European villages.
  • Heritage buildings – en route back to the city, you will pass by historic buildings including the Government House, Perth Mint, and the Supreme Court Gardens.

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The combination of nature’s pure beauty and a thriving urban scene makes Perth a truly remarkable tourist destination.

Depending on your mood for the day, you can choose to commune with nature or engage in more socialization in the bustling city center’s offerings.

There is something for every adult to enjoy in Perth.

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