A traditional market town, Launceston has a historic feel with Georgian homes and narrow streets.

It’s a haven for travellers with its broad array of sights, attractions and shops while maintaining its traditional atmosphere.

There are plenty of romantic things to do in Launceston, but never enough time to enjoy them all.

But with a comprehensive tour package, you are guaranteed to make the most out of your visit to this quaint Tasmanian city.

Read on for 18 romantic things to do in Launceston.

1. Balloon Ride

Take to the skies on a memorable balloon ride over Launceston.

Watch the sun rise over the horizon as you admire the scenery with your loved one.

The natural landscapes will drift into view as your hot air balloon floats gently overhead.

Have your camera ready to capture an array of breathtaking sights.

At Liberty Balloon Flights, you are guaranteed a fun and safe time while enjoying the stunning vistas from the air.

Perfect as a gift for someone special, a balloon ride in Launceston is something you’ll treasure forever.

What can you expect on a romantic Balloon Ride in Launceston?

  • Balloon ride over Launceston.
  • Experienced guide.
  • Special intimate time in the sky.

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2. Leven River Cruise with Romantic Picnic

Enjoy a river cruise and romantic picnic along the Leven River.

The cruise blends the natural attractions of the region with a cultural twist.

Take a seat on your boat and relax while your captain steers you along.

Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the river sanctuary, as your captain provides commentary on the historical development of the region.

Cruise up stream to an exclusive historical site of an ancient forest.

Spot sea eagles, the endemic Tasmanian Azure Kingfisher and the platypus.

Savor a romantic picnic with your partner on the riverbank.

What can you expect on this romantic cruise?

  • Cruise on Leven River.
  • Intimate picnic lunch.
  • Beverages.

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3. Cruising to Cataract Gorge and Lunch

Ruggedly beautiful, Cataract Gorge combines dramatic landscapes with Victorian-era landscaping right on the city’s doorstep.

The reserve is nestled amid wild parklands and almost vertical cliffs that soar along the South Esk River as it meets Tamar River.

Go on an intimate cruise to the spectacular Cataract Gorge.

Soak up vistas of the sheer cliffs and cascades from your comfy boat seat with unobstructed views.

Enjoy the captain’s captivating narration on the history of the area.

Go on a romantic hike with your partner along the picturesque walking trails or spend some alone time on the chairlift to the hills.

Finally, refuel with a delicious lunch on the picnic grounds.

What can you expect on this romantic cruise?

  • Cruise to Cataract Gorge.
  • Live commentary.
  • Plenty of one on one time in nature.

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4. Cataract Gorge at Night

Cataract Gorge is a beautiful reserve of cliffs and bush land, situated right on the edge of Launceston city center.

Walking along the gorge during sunset is a popular pastime for locals and visitors alike.

At night, the gorge is well lit to ensure you enjoy great views.

The scenery is amazing and the paths are accessible for all fitness levels.

For a proper work out, head up over the hills for panoramic romantic views over Launceston and the city lights.

This surreal experience is ideal for couples who haven’t had their fill of Cataract Gorge by day.

What can you expect on this romantic tour?

  • Night walking tour.
  • Amazing photo opportunities.
  • Intimate time under the stars.

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5. Explore Cradle Mountain National Park

With its jagged peaks towering over three glacial lakes, Cradle Mountain is the centerpiece of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park.

Nestled amid an ancient rainforest, alpine heathland and lakes, Cradle Mountain is a hiker’s paradise.

Couples can enjoy short hikes with scenic views of the mountain and Dove Lake.

If you and your partner are up for it, you can also hike the Overland Track which will reward you with spectacular scenery.

You can also spot local wildlife such as wallabies, spotted-tailed quolls, Tasmanian devils and pademelons.

What can you expect at Cradle Mountain National Park?

  • Quiet walking trails in a beautiful natural setting.
  • Plenty of photo opportunities for couples.

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6. Bay of Fires Day Trip from Launceston

White beaches, stunning blue waters and bright orange rocks are what make the Bay of Fires one of the most romantic locations in Tasmania.

On this full-day small-group tour, visitors will enjoy all the highlights.

Share oysters with your partner at a local oyster farm.

Visit a lavender farm and stroll round hand in hand.

Couples can also soak up breathtaking vistas of the bay, Fingal Valley and Weldborough Pass.

A maximum of ten guests guarantees a more intimate experience.

What’s included on this romantic tour?

  • 9 hour tour.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off.
  • Live commentary.
  • Oyster tasting.
  • Lavender farm.

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7. Josef Chromy Wines Winery

Perhaps it’s the landscape or simply the Chardonnay, but there’s something romantic about Josef Chromy Winery.

Soak up panoramic vistas stretching out towards the vine-covered slopes and rolling hills.

Cozy up to your loved one near the log fire inside, and sample winery favorites such as the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Enjoy an array of culinary experiences, from basic samplings at the cellar door to tours that pair chocolate and wine.

For a complete experience, join a tour that highlights the winemaking process.

After that, you and your partner can savor a delicious meal paired with wine.

What can you expect at the Josef Chromy Winery?

  • Plenty of wine tasting.
  • romantic dinner.

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8. Tamar Valley Wine

Situated right on the doorstep of Launceston, the Tamar Valley Wine Route is a fertile lush area of pasture, orchards and vineyards.

The wine route goes through the valley and can be accessed by joining a tour from Launceston.

Notable wineries to visit include Clover Hill, Pipers Brook, Delamere, Ninth Island and Bass.

Make it a romantic wine tasting expedition with samplings of Chardonnay, Riesling and most notably, the Pinot Noir.

Another key highlight are the cellar door restaurants that pair an exquisite meal with fine wine.

What can you expect at Tamar Valley Wine?

  • Generous wine tastings.
  • Intimate town tours.

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9. Wineglass Bay Trip from Launceston

Discover Wineglass Bay on this full-day trip from Launceston.

The excursion will take in the Freycinet National Park, including Wineglass Bay, Honeymoon Bay and other top sites.

Enjoy scenic views of the attractions on brief nature walks in Freycinet National Park.

Soak up panoramic 360 degree panoramas at Cape Tourville Lighthouse.

You may also go on a romantic stroll along the white sands of Wineglass Bay.

Or savor fresh oysters at the Freycinet Marine Farm.

What’s included on this romantic tour?

  • 12 hour tour.
  • Oyster tasting.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off.
  • Expert guide.
  • Entry to National Park.
  • Transport by air-conditioned minivan.

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10. Hollybank Treetops Adventure

Explore the natural wonders of Launceston on a forest canopy tour.

Before your tour, you will both receive training and safety gear.

Journey across the treetops on a thrilling zipline course.

Zoom above the Piper River on one of Australia’s longest ziplines which measures 400 meters.

The tour is ideal for first time dates as it will take you to various platforms where you can soak up panoramic vistas.

After your tour, you will get digital photos of this memorable experience.

What’s included on this romantic tour?

  • 2-3 hour tour.
  • Expert guide.
  • Safety equipment and training.

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11. Penny Royal Adventure and Dining

Journey back in time to the dark and playful past of bushranger Matthew Brady on this Penny Royal adventure.

There’s a wide range of activities for you and partner to enjoy including ziplines and rock wall climbing.

Fun adventures include panning gold, fossicking gemstones and sailing the lagoon.

The scenic cliff walk will take you across a dozen rope bridges to soak up panoramic vistas of Launceston and the Tamar Valley.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy romantic chats.

After your adventure, you can both refuel at the restaurant with a mix of western and Asian dishes.

What’s included on this romantic tour?

  • 5 hour tour.
  • Local guide.
  • Lunch.
  • Live commentary.

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12. Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery & Planetarium

Queen Victoria Museum is a showcase of Tasmanian design and history.

From colonial to 21st century art, Australian design and craft to science, natural history and convict memorabilia, there’s plenty here to excite you and your partner.

The museum’s Planetarium is a popular favorite that explores the night sky, the origins of life and Pluto.

Here you can both enjoy technical wizardry, digital shows and a high-powered star projector.

What can you expect at Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery?

  • Tour of Queen Victoria Museum
  • Art Gallery collection.
  • Planetarium exhibits.

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13. Platypus House

See and learn about the rare Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas at the Platypus House.

You and your partner can enjoy a guided tour designed to raise awareness about these Australian animals.

Unique to Australia, Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas are not found anywhere else in the world.

On your tour you can watch the egg-laying mammals eat and play.

Perfect for casual dates, this tour kicks off at the platypus ponds, and continues at the echidna garden.

Afterwards, watch a short film on platypuses in a small theatre.

What can you expect at Platypus House?

  • 5 hour tour.
  • See the Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas.
  • Theatre show.

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14. Seahorse World

Located in the north of Tasmania, Seahorse World is the first commercial seahorse farm in the world.

Seahorse World’s breeding program is designed to conserve seahorses by reducing the numbers removed from the wild.

This includes a tour of the aquarium dedicated to the education, breeding and conservation of the seahorse.

On this romantic tour, you will both get the inside scoop on a working seahorse farm.

There are also other colorful marine animals to see here such as stingrays, sharks, giant cuttlefish and spider crabs.

What can you expect at Seahorse World?

  • 1 hour tour.
  • See seahorses and other marine life.

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15. Woolmers Estate

Journey back in time at Woolmers Estate.

The site is an early 1800’s pioneer farm that was continuously occupied by the Archer family descendants for over 175 years.

An array of historical buildings remain on the estate, including a bakehouse, blacksmith’s shop and stables.

In addition, there’s the Archer Family collection which includes everything from furniture and art, to cars and photographs.

The National Rose Garden is also located here and is ideal for taking a romantic walk.

The Garden has over 5,000 roses including the earliest China and European roses, along with 21st century roses.

What can you expect at Woolmers Estate?

  • Guided house tours.
  • Archer Family collection.
  • National Rose Garden tour.

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16. National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania boasts one of the best collections of historic vehicles, classic cars and motorcycles in the country.

Showcasing over a century of automobile designs, the museum’s star attraction are the vintage cars.

Feast your eyes on classic Rolls-Royce, Jaguars, Bentleys and Mercedes.

Super cars are another attraction with the streamlined Ford and the Holden Monaro.

A tour of the car museum provides a snapshot of urban history and is bound to intrigue you and your partner!

What can you expect at National Automobile Museum of Tasmania?

  • Vintage cars and motorcycles.
  • Super cars.

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17. Brickendon Historic Farm and Convict Village

Explore the Brickendon Historic Farm and Convict Village which has been owned by the same family since 1824.

There are over twenty buildings to explore including the Dutch barns, Gothic chapel and blacksmith’s shop.

Take a romantic stroll through the garden which has roses, ornamental fruit and century old trees.

Still a working farm, Brickendon continues to grow crops and rear animals.

You can also spend a night with your partner at the farm’s colonial style cottages.

The cottages offer pleasant views of the farm.

What can you expect at Brickendon Historic Farm and Convict Village?

  • Farm tour.
  • Garden walks.
  • See a historic working farm.

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18. Tasmania Sightseeing Pass

Get the most out of your time in Tasmania and enjoy big savings with the Tasmania Sightseeing Pass.

This convenient pass affords you free entry to your choice of top attractions, from river cruises to penguin shows, hang gliding to historic homestead tours.

The three day pass enables you to access a set number of curated sights over a period of three months from when you first activate it.

This is perfect for couples staying longer in Launceston and want to maximize their romantic trip in Tasmania.

What can you expect from this Pass?

  • Free entry to Tasmanian attractions.
  • Free guide with information and maps.
  • Big savings, discounts and special offers.
  • Just show your card and enter for free, no cash required.

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Launceston is the perfect place for romance.

You just need to know where to find it.

Sporty couples on a first date can engage the zipline courses or do some rock climbing.

While history buffs celebrating an anniversary will find their niche at the museums and art galleries that abound.

Whatever you heart desires, you are bound to find it in Launceston.

So go ahead, book a tour today and make it a Launceston vacation to remember.