Are you looking to enjoy a dynamic, spirited and vibrant nightlife?

Look no further, as Miami is just the right destination for you.

While the city has hundreds of attractions to keep you busy during the day- it is the nightlife that’ll keep you ‘truly’ hooked.

When you first step into Miami, you’d be bowled away by its stylish clubs, exotic cruises and spectacular skyline.

But the fun doesn’t just end here.

With infinite hotels, exclusive bars and picturesque beaches, this city will offer more than you can ever imagine.

So in case you’re visiting Miami for the first time, here’s a complete list of the best nighttime activities in the city.

1. Big Bus Miami Night Tour

Miami’s Big Bus Night Tour is perfect for anyone who’s visiting the city for the very first time.

This 90-minute ride will introduce you to the top spots of Miami after sundown.

Be a part of South Beach’s vibrant buzz as you discover the best landmarks of the city, as they’re beautifully illuminated after sunset.

What To Expect On The Big Bus Tour?

  • A Comprehensive Introduction to the city – Ideal for first timers, this tour will cover the leading parts of the city along the Downtown and South Beach.
  • Professional Tour Guide – It goes without mention that the tour comes with a professional guide, who doesn’t just answer your questions but also informs you of several fascinating facts about the city.
  • Customize your itinerary – The tour also offers you the flexibility to choose the kind of itinerary you want.

If you’re looking for a first-hand view of the city right after sundown, this is one of the best ways to go about it.

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2. Sunset Kayak And Paddleboard Adventure

If you love nature and everything that comes with it, you’d definitely love the sunset kayak and paddleboard adventure.

Glide through the oceans as you get an unmatched view of the deep blue seas on this relaxing 2 hour tour.

You’ll be on the water til the sun sets so you can get the city skyscapers lightup.

What can you expect on a PaddleBoard Sunset Glow Tour?

  • Night views of the city – There’ll be plenty of photo opportunities of the city landscape, so make sure you bring a water proof camera.
  • Inclusions – A guide will supply you with all the equipment needed to ensure an enjoyable night. This includes the paddle board or kayak, lifejacket and lights

Tours are available between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

So head out with your family and friends for a paddle boarding experience like never before.

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3. South Beach Segway Tour at Sunset

This is another great way to get an overview of Miami if you’re new to the city.

Your local guide will quickly show you how to ride a segway, in case you’re new to the vehicle.

Once everyone is comfortable, you’ll be lead to all the best highlights in the Miami including the famous Art Decor buildings, beaches, and notable parks.

As the sun goes down, Miami’s skyline will light up and surrounding bars will gradually get crowded.

Your guide will have a good idea of which bars and clubs are most popular if you’re interested after the Segway tour.

Make sure you have your camera ready, as there’ll be plenty of sunset photo opportunities.

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4. Miami Sunset Airplane Tour

Witness the beauty of Miami’s spectacular skyline with this sunset airplane tour.

The 60-minute plane ride is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a once-in-a-lifetime aerial experience.

What can you expect on Miami Skyline Tour?

  • See neon-lit Miami – Glide across the starry Briscane Bay and Miami’s neon-lit downtown, as your tour guide explains everything that you need to know about the trip. Throughout your sixty minute ride, you’ll get a bird’s eye glimpse of the brightly lit high rises, the city streets, the downtown and many other breathtakingly beautiful buildings.
  • Relax – Since the tour is carried out by experienced pilots, all you need to do is sit back, take a comfortable position, and relax.

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5. Ice Bar

Nestled in the heart of Collins Avenue, the Ice bar is an ultimate destination for anyone who loves fun, drinks and night-long entertainment.

What can you expect at the Ice Bar?

  • Warm clothing – Once you sign up for this tour, you’ll get a rare opportunity to experience winter in the closed doors of a hotel. The package includes a fur coat, gloves, socks, winter accessories and two sumptuous glasses of your favorite cocktails. So sip your drink and dance to your favorite songs as the talented artists come up with beautiful fire and ice shows, just for you.
  • Sculptures – As you step into the hotel, you’ll find globally acclaimed sculptor Joe Rimer, carving beautiful structures from 100,000 pounds of pure ice.
  • Fire lounge – To strike a perfect balance, there’s a fire lounge, where you can comfortably warm up after your icy revelries. So take a sip from your glass of mezcal or watch the spectacular fire and ice shows that are tailor-made for visitors like you.

With the cocktails, peppy ambiance and amazing live entertainment, the Ice bar will entertain you, way beyond your expectations.

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6. Open Bar at Señor Frog`s Miami

Looking for a big night out?

Then head to Señor Frog’s, one of the more popular meetup places in Miami.

During the day, it’s a great family restaurant, but at night, it turns into a party house where you can drink as much as you want.

With this pass, you’ll have 4 hours to drink to enjoy drinks like Absolute, Malibu, Jack Daniels and even mojitos.

Waitresses will also be giving out rounds of tequila to get you partying sooner.

For those who can handle their drinks, this colorful establishment is the place to be for a fun night out.

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7. Night Time Fishing Tour

Are you fond of fishing?

Are you looking to experience night-time fishing like never before?

If your answer is yes, the Biscayne Bay fishing tour is exactly what you need to try.

The tour begins from the Pelican harbor at 7pm, and thereafter you get to enjoy four long hours of a truly phenomenal fishing experience.

What can you expect on the Night Time Fishing Tour?

  • Learn Fishing From a Professional – On arrival, you’ll find a designated tour guide who will provide every relevant detail about fishing rods, casting, hooking bait and techniques to catch various fish. His guidelines work for both beginners and experienced fishing enthusiasts, so all you have to do is listen carefully and practise throughout the night.
  • Complementary goodies – As a part of the package, you’ll get to explore the uncharted dark blue waters of Briscayne Bay that homes thousands of fish like trouts, snappers, and mackerels. You can then use the fishing equipment (as provided in the package) and catch as many fish as you can.
  • Munch on your favorite snacks – The boat has ample space to carry your dinner and beverages. You can also munch on your favorite snacks while patiently waiting for the next fish to hook on.

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8. Dance Cruise

Ever wanted to dance into the night with water and beach views?

In case you did, this Miami Dance Cruise is just the right option for you.

This tour lets you spend 1 hour gliding through Biscayne Bay as a professional DJ rocks the boat with the latest hits.

What can you expect on a Pirate Party Cruise?

  • Great party music – Nestled in the corners of the Bayside Market Place, it is fun, energetic and teeming with like-minded people. The cruise departs at 9pm; and once on board, the DJ will crank up the music as you dance non-stop for the hour.
  • Alcoholic drinks – Sip your favorite drinks, dance to the tunes of the live music or simply savor the exquisite views of Miami’s extraordinary beaches.

With so many different things to offer on board, this tour is indeed one of the best ways to end your perfect day in the city.

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9. Sunset Cruise

This is an ideal option for couples looking for a romantic night out.

Although there are cruise options catered to groups as well.

A number of private yachts are available and the Miami scenery is especially spectacular at sunset.

You can dress to impress or wear casual clothing, whatever suits the occasion.

Experienced captains will ensure a relaxing night out for all guests.

For some cruises, beverages like beer and wine are included.

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10. Art Deco Walking Tour

Your night out in Miami would be absolutely incomplete if you don’t make some time for the Art Deco Museum tour.

Enter the world of early nineties, as your tour guide enlightens you with amazing insights from the lives of pioneers and heroes who brought forth artistic revolution in Miami.

Witness the transformation of a swampland to one of the swankiest cities in the world.

What can you expect on the Art Deco Walking Tour? 

  • Top architectural wonders – During both the VIP and the general tour, you’ll be taken to the top architectural wonders of Miami. From exclusive access to leading Art Deco Buildings, to valuable one-to-one conversation with your tour guide.
  • Customized private tours – While this trip usually covers South Beach along the 10th and 15th Streets, you can also customize it for private tours. Versace Mansion, The Carlyle Hotel, the 11th Street Diner are only a few among the very many leading locations covered by the tour. So if you’re in the mood to explore art and everything beyond it, hop in to this exclusive Art Deco Tour In Miami.

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11. Nightclubs In South Beach

Often touted as the party capital of the U.S,  Miami’s South Beach is truly a defining point of the city.

Every year, thousands of party goers crowd this beach for nightclubs, fun, parties and cheap booze.

And why wouldn’t they?

After all, it is only in South Beach that you’ll find top clubs with leading DJs, hosting parties, every single night of the week.

Whether it’s celebrities, VIPs, or the regular party lovers like you and me, South Beach has a place for us all.

What To Expect In South Beach?

  • Funky lounges and well-decked discos – The beach is lined with top hotels and almost all of them come with funky lounges, well-decked discos and the widest assortments of cocktails.
  • Plenty of nightclubs, pubs and bars – If you’re in the mood for party, head out to the top spots like LIV, Icon or Bodega.

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12. Pub Crawl

A perfect tour for avid party-goers, the Pub crawling trip covers three leading bars and nightclubs across the city.

So skip the line and enjoy five hours of complete entertainment with free live music and unlimited drinks just round the corner.

What To Expect from The Pub Crawling tour? 
  • Skip the lines – The tour begins from St. Frogs Miami Beach at 8:30pm and thereafter, you get to enjoy five hours of complete entertainment at the top nightclubs of the city. And the best part? Well, you get to skip the lines and enjoy a direct entry to the top spots.
  •  Unlimited food and drinks – Most of these bars offer unlimited food and drinks. So along with the free entry, you also get a couple of free drinks.

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13. Salsa, Bachata and More

If you’re fond of Latin music and dance, this Salsa and Bachata session is tailor-made for you.

Beginning from South Beach’s Iconic Ocean Drive, this tour offers a full night of partying where you get real-time Salsa and Bachata lessons for one whole hour.

In addition to the lessons, you also get cabaret style shows, a full bar with your favourite drinks and 50% discount on the drinks after 10:00 PM.

What To Expect During the Salsa Session?

  • Salsa Lessons and Cabaret Performances – Your journey will begin from the spectacular Mojito Room which is decked by peppy lighting, beautiful bronze trees, snuggly sofas and a full tropical bar. Master new moves as a professional trainer teaches you the nitty gritties of this latin dance. Once you’ve learned your new moves, you can try them with a group. In addition to the regular lessons, this tour also includes amazing cabaret performances of Samba, Conga, Bachata and more.
  • Professional Host – The entire tour itself is conducted by a friendly and professional host. Your host will make you feel comfortable and create the perfect ambience of a classic Miami Night club.
  • Lip smacking food and drinks – Your salsa dancing session also includes lip smacking meals and incredible cocktails. After 10:30pm, almost all the cocktails are available at a 50% discount. So drink til your heart’s content while the host conducts an incredible tour for you.

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14. Late Night Movies

Once the sun starts setting, Miami’s night crawlers meet at their favorite hubs.

But while some prefer dancing to the latest charts, there are many others who prefer the silent, isolated halls of a late night movie theater.

Yes, you’ve guessed right! Miami also comes with plenty of options for late night movie lovers.

What to expect in a Late Night Movie Tour?

  • Top Local Theaters – Miami has hundreds of movie halls and quite a few among them offer late night screenings. You can always catch up at Coral Gables Art Cinema for a Saturday night movie. In case you’re in the mood for classics, simply head to O Cinema at Miami Beach. Both these halls screen movies between 11:30am to 11:45pm.
  • Widest selection of movies – There are art films, new blockbusters, and classics. If you happen to visit a late night movie screening in Miami, you’ll surely be spoilt for choices.
  • Free wining and dining – What can be better than binging your favourite movie with free drinks and food? Well, that’s exactly what you get at the iPic Theatre of Miami beach. Here, you get complimentary wine and food with your favourite Hollywood blockbusters.

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15. Stroll Along The Coconut Grove

If the boho life is your kind of thing, Coconut Grove is a perfect spot for you.

One of the most historic destinations of Miami, Coconut Grove is an ideal place to relax, stroll around and meet new locals.

You can always sit back along the waterfront, tuning in to your favourite song and watching people walk by.

What can you expect in Coconut Grove? 

  • Young, party-loving crowd – Coconut Grove is a hub for young party goers. So once you’re done with some ‘me time’, head to the Coral Gables to connect with the young crowd of university goers. Since the University of Miami is located here, you’ll find many fun-loving locals in this spot.
  • Top bars – Coconut Grove also lines some of the leading bars of Miami. You can always end your trip with a drink at Monty’s, Barracuda or Lokal. Each of these spots have just the right kind of ambience to get your night going.

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Well, these were only few among the hundreds of night out options Miami comes with.

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