13 Things To Do In Denver With The Kids

If you’re in Denver and the younger members of the family are driving you mad, running round like little animals and you haven’t got a clue what to do with them, don’t blow your lid. We’ll help restore your peace of mind with these thirteen amazing activities.

Denver, Colorado, is all about wide open spaces, mountains, forests and pure fresh air. It has a natural beauty which compares more then favorably with anywhere else in the world. So, if you can catch the kids, get them strapped in the back of the car, turn the radio on to drown out the noise, head for the great outdoors and show them what wild is really all about.

1.Rocky Mountain National Park

At the Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll be able to take them on a sightseeing adventure and let them imagine they are pioneers of old exploring this stunning area for the first time and discovering all the natural marvels it has to offer and while they’re at it, they’ll shed some of that excess energy too.

If you packed a picnic, wash out a bowl and get them panning for gold. They may not find any, but the thrill of searching will keep them occupied for hours.

If they’ve still got energy to spare after a morning foraging for precious metal there’s always the drive up to Lookout Point to consider. Steep and winding, it’ll keep them quiet as you climb higher and higher. If you’ve read up on your history before you left, you’ll be able to regale them with tales of the Ute Indians who used it as an observation point.

As you’ve now got them interested in a little history, you’ll be able to persuade them a museum visit is a great idea.

2. Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum

The name Buffalo Bill has a kind of mystical magic about it and an enduring connection to the past which even the youngest can appreciate. They would have seen films where actors play the characterized part of the nineteenth century showman and his involvement in the Wild West. They may also have heard of the legendary Indian chief Sitting Bull.

At the Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum, you can introduce them to, if not the real thing, then at least some fantastic relics of those great and iconic men.

After they’ve had their fill of riding bucking broncos, lassoing, scouting missions, living in a tepee and learning about fantastical stories of the old West, why not take them to where the tooth fairy gets her money from?

3. Denver Mint

It’s good to show the kids that money doesn’t grow on trees or that it didn’t appear in your pocket by some magician’s slight of hand. At the Denver Mint, they’ll see just what happened during the gold rush and how the nuggets are eventually turned into gold bars and coins.

Now you’ve got them interested in the melting of metals and they’re clamoring to have a go themselves, although a spot of alchemy might not be on the agenda, there is somewhere you can take them where they can experiment and discover science for themselves.

4. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

One way of keeping kids quiet and occupied is to appease their inquisitive and naturally curious minds. At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, they’ll be able to have a full, hands on experience of discovering how conducting an experiment works and how to analyse the results.

You’ll never know, you might find you have a bright spark or a budding Thomas Edison on your hands!

At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science there’s a lot more to do than scientific investigations, but if they’re really into interactive experiences, they’ll love this next activity.

5. History Colorado Center

The History Colorado Center is a hands on museum which will have the kids imaginations working overtime. With everything from virtual rodeo round ups to live storytelling they’ll be completely captivated learning about the past in a new and innovative way.

After all those technological devices they may well be just a little over excited. A sojourn to a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere could be just what they need.

6. Denver Botanical Gardens

In the Denver Botanical Gardens they’ll have time to breath. Inhaling all the scents of the various flowers should have a therapeutic effect and calm them down a bit. If you’re there between the months of September and October let them loose in the corn maze and see how long it takes them to find their way out.

If they filled their pockets with corn while they were in the maze, we’ve got just the place you can take them where it can be put to good use.

7. Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is full of exotic animals just waiting to enthrall visitors. The kids will love the gorillas, the elephants, lions and the small mammals too.

If you’re planning on doing several different things over the course of a few days, you’ll want to get a super value for money Mile High Culture Pass and save yourself loads on multiple entrance fees.

Mile High Culture Pass

With 3 or 5 day options for massive savings on multiple entrance fees.

After feeding time at the zoo and all those other energetic, interactive activities it’ll probably be time to feed your own little animals and coming up next is the perfect place to do it.

8. Hard Rock Cafe, Denver

The Hard Rock Cafe in Denver is an amazing restaurant and museum with an up to date atmosphere which, after all the activities linked to the past, the young ones will relish as much as the sauce on their ginormous burger. It’ll keep them munching for ages while their eyes won’t stray from the fascinating collection of music memorabilia which adorns the walls and just about every square inch of this homage to rock and pop.

If they’re up for some more fresh air, after your meal at the Hard Rock is over, you can show them the wonderful park dedicated to the music and memory of Colorado’s own country music legend John Denver and maybe conduct a singalong with some of his lyrics which are engraved on the rocks.

As you sing your own family version of Rocky Mountain High and depending on the time of the year, you may decide it’s time to hit the slippery slopes.

9. Winter Park Ski Resort

Skiing is a fantastic sport, but takes time to learn and so you may want to book your children a course of lessons at the Winter Park Ski Resort. Not only will it give them an interest in a healthy sporting activity, it’ll get them out from under your feet for several weeks and so is well worth the investment. While they’re doing their thing on the nursery slopes you’ll be able to sharpen your skills at the slalom.

If the time of the year is lacking that one vital ingredient for skiing, snow, the Winter Park Ski Resort is still worth visiting as they have a massive range of summertime activities. From Mini Golf, to Climbing Walls, a Human Maze and a fantastic Alpine Slide, there’s a lot to do there and it’s all mega fun, in fact, it’ll keep the kids busy all day.

Sometimes rather than a physical activity, it’s great to get the grey cells working and try to solve a mystery.

The plot thickens…

10. Nightingale Puzzle Room

The Nightingale Puzzle Room is an hour’s worth of hectic amusement where you search for clues to solve the mystery of the themed room you’re in. So if your kids think they’re great at general knowledge trivia and better than Sherlock Holmes at deducing, put them to the test and find out if they can cope with the stress of solving the puzzles before the time runs out.

And if you think their answers are a bit fishy, then we got just the ideal place to take them next.

11. Downtown Aquarium Denver

At the Downtown Aquarium in Denver there are multiple displays of everything aquatic which will introduce the young ones to life underwater. There really is just about everything and that includes mermaids!

They’ll love watching the sharks being fed by the keepers in scuba diving gear. Maybe decide to try a snorkelling adventure and swim with the fish themselves or why not give them an insight into what it’s like to work there and let them spend the day behind the scenes learning what it takes to be a marine biologist.

They’ll love it!

If being a marine biologist for the day piques your kids interest, you might want to start thinking of the future as you never know what they may be when they grow up.

12. Denver Firefighters Museum

Why not take the kids to the Denver Firefighters Museum and give them an idea for another possible career. As well as being able to see all the artefacts and equipment, they’ll get the chance to don a uniform, slide down a fireman’s pole and even manhandle a hose like the real guys do before they climb atop the engine and ring the fire bell.

But what if your young one has even higher aspirations? Where can you take them for inspiration?

13. Coors Field

Whatever your kids like to do and whatever career they have in the future, whether they’re a fireman, a biologist, an astronaut or even a sports player, they’ll be amazed at the magnitude of the Coors Field. The is the home stadium of the Colorado Rockies baseball team and you could even consider taking them on a behind the scenes tour before the big game.

With these ten great things to do in Denver, whichever you decide to do, you’re sure be a massive hit with the kids. Have you got other ideas for a Denver trip with kids? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


  1. Angelo S
    Angelo S
    Indonesia 27 Comments
     -  30 Nov 2017

    A nice article. I didn’t know that there are these much interesting attractions to go to in Denver. I think the first recommendation is my favorite. Going on a nature trek is fun for both that adults and the kids. I’m not sure the kids will enjoy the museum that much though. All in all, a good list of places to go to with the Kids!

  2. ericwicaksono
    ericwicaksono 25 Comments
     -  25 Nov 2017

    Denver is one of the most beautiful metropolitan in the United States. I went there with my family one summer and I instantly fell in love with the city. The combination of skyline and mountain range is gorgeous. My family and I are big sports family, so we went to every single stadium (basketball/hockey, football, and baseball). If you like winter, it’s a perfect spot for you because of the ski lodges around the city. If you don’t like winter, visit when it’s warm outside!

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