With so many amazing sights to see in London, a bus tour is definitely the best way to see as much as possible, especially if you’re limited for time.

With so many London bus tours to choose from, we’ve done the research to find the best one for you.

Perhaps you’re a classic hop on hop off sightseer?

Maybe you fancy something a bit luxurious like a dinner tour, or how about a ghost tour if you’re looking for a thrill.

Here are 11 of the best bus tours in London.

1. London Big Bus hop on hop off

Hop on the iconic open topped Double Decker bus for a tour of the most popular sights in London.

A choice of 4 routes means you can decide weather to explore Central London, museums, gallery, or shops including Harrods.

Choose a 1 -3 day pass and hop off at the attractions you most want to see, without missing out on the sights.

Buses depart every 10-20 minutes at all the popular attraction spots between 8:30am-6pm daily and has 4 different routes.

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2. London Golden Tours hop on hop off & Harry Potter

Discover the magic of Harry Potter on a Golden Bus Tour.

Warner Bros. Studios bring you the best of Harry Potter, where you can explore Harry’s wizarding world without missing out on the sights.

You can choose to visit Warner Bros. Studios in the morning or afternoon.

With a choice of over 60 stops on this hop on off tour included for the rest of the day, it’s a brilliant bus tour option for a fun family day out.

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3. Classic London Sightseeing Tour

When someone mentions London, the iconic sights that you immediately think of are probably the houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, and St Pauls Cathedral.

Explore them all on a classic sightseeing tour of London.

Enjoy soaking up London’s history as you wind your way through London’s streets by bus, enjoying views of the Thames and some of London’s most famous landmarks.

London Day Tour Including London Eye

See London’s cityscape from the infamous London Eye. Watch the ceremonial changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Stop off at Westminster Abby, and visit the Tower of London and St Pauls Cathedral in one amazing day.

London City Sightseeing Tour Including Tower of London and City of London

View St Pauls Cathedral and explore Central London. Visit the Tower of London. Enjoy a must do cruise on the River Thames to Westminster on this fabulous tour.

4. The Original Tour – Union Jack bus

Go all aboard on an iconic Union Jack emblazoned open topped Double Decker bus.

The Brits are proud of their union jack; combining the flags of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island in one.

Step onto the boldly painted bus for a brilliant sightseeing tour and choose the sights you wish to explore.

All tours include a Thames river cruise ticket and three optional walking tours.

London Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour and Tower of London Ticket

Drive past London’s famous sights of Westminster and St Pauls before stopping to visit the Tower of London. See the Crown Jewels and learn about lost princes and daring escapes. Enjoy a river cruise too.

London Combo: Hop-On Hop-Off Tour and London Eye Champagne Experience

Add some luxury to your hop on hop off tour of London’s main sights with a glass of champagne on the the London Eye. Absorb London’s atmosphere from up high, and on the Thames with the included cruise.

London Combo: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour and Shrek’s Adventure Admission Ticket

An excellent tour option for families with young kids. Visit Shrek world with Donkey as your guide where you join 10 fairy themed shows, without missing out on London’s sights.

5. Vintage London Bus Tour

You can’t enter a gift shop in London without seeing Double Decker red bus paraphernalia, so what better way to see London than in the real deal.

Going on a vintage bus tour of London means you truly are immersed in all of its history.

All tours include a cruise along the River Thames to give you a full London experience, as well as taking in your choice of sights.

Vintage London Bus Tour Including Thames Cruise with Optional London Eye

See the London Eye with optional excursion, Buckingham Palace, St Pauls and other iconic London Sights, before enjoying a Thames Cruise past the famous Globe Theater, Cleopatra’s Needle and London Bridge.

Buckingham Palace and Vintage Bus Tour of London

As well as London’s popular landmarks such as Trafalgar Square and the Shard, you can explore some of the luxurious state rooms of Buckingham Palace. Enjoy a special exhibition for the 70th birthday of the Prince of Wales.

London Vintage Bus Tour with Cream Tea at Harrods

Afternoon Tea is quintessentially British, and there is arguably no better place to enjoy it than at Harrods. It’s a fantastic ending to a brilliant sight seeing tour, bringing some relaxation to your day.

6. London Dinner Tour

How about dinner and a tour?

Enjoy a 3 hour bus tour and 6 course English and French cuisine.

What a novel way to spend your evening.

This luxurious tour is well worth it, especially with the buses glass roof, allowing you full views of the landmarks as you pass them.

As this is an evening tour you may get to see the sunset, or London landmarks all lit up at night depending on the time of year.

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7. Sightseeing London in the Evening

London is a different city by night.

The hustle and bustle remains, but the ancient architecture really gleams at night.

The newer buildings are lit up with glitz and glam.

Any tour at night is bound to be very atmospheric, and it would be a shame not to see beautiful buildings such as Westminster Abbey and St Pauls in their nightly glory.

London by Night Sightseeing Open Top Bus Tour with Live Commentary

A live guide means you can learn even more as your tour London in it’s night time glamour. Your guide will give you information and tell tales about the famous sights of London; feel free to ask questions along the way.

London Night Sightseeing Tour

The Royal Albert Hall, Harrods, and the London Eye are all part of this tour. You will venture down tower bridge, one of London’s most photographed nighttime places. Reflections in the river and cruise boats all lit up provide a fantastic atmosphere.

8. London Ghost Bus Tour

With centuries of history, and plenty of murders, robberies, plots and tragedies, there are countless ghost stories in London.

From the notorious Jack the Ripper to the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, there is certainly a dark past to Britain’s Capital.

Discover London’s dark side, and the locations they took place, while still enjoying London’s iconic landmarks such as St Pauls Cathedral.

London Ghost Tour by Vintage Bus

Ghouls and terror await you on this tour by vintage bus. Literally step back in time to the Whitehall mystery, a murder still unsolved and where the victim and killer were never identified.

Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes Tour of Haunted London

Hangings, beheading and murder are order of the night. Can you help solve the case of Jack the Ripper. One of the most famous serial killers, and one who got away with it. Put on your detective cap and see if you can solve cases along with Sherlock Holmes.

9. Movie Locations in London

It is no surprise that London has been used in many movies, with all of it’s history and iconic landmarks.

Therefore movie buffs will love a specific film tour.

Perhaps you already know a few locations from your favorite movie, perhaps you want to discover more and see London through a the eyes of a fictional hero.

Either way, a movie location bus tour of London will not disappoint as you get to see famous landmarks and lesser known amazing locations.

James Bond Bus Tour of London

Espionage, Vodka martinis and the suave suits of 007, Britain’s most famous spy, await you on the James Bond tour of London. Discover film locations, the MI6 building and locations important to Ian Fleming, James Bonds creator.

Harry Potter Film Location Bus Tour of London

Muggles will love this great family tour for Harry Potter fanatics. Discover the Leaky Cauldron Pub, doorway to Diagon Alley. Head to Platform 9 3/4 and visit no. 12 Grimmauld Place, home of the Black family.

Love Actually and Rom-Com London Tour

Rom-Coms set in London are so quintessentially British that this tour gives you an insight in the romantic culture of Londoners as well as locations of iconic films such as Notting Hill, love Actually and Bridget Jones.

10. London Christmas by Bus

Snow can’t be guaranteed, but an amazing festive experience can be.

Cold dark nights are lit up with Christmas lights, both on trees and in the streets.

Traditional German Christmas markets selling trinkets and gifts to bratwurst and mulled wine will warm both your body and spirit in the run up to one of the most celebrated days in the world.

Where better to celebrate than London?

A cosmopolitan capital awash with tradition and festivities old and new.

Christmas Day in London on a Vintage Bus

Enjoy the sights of London from a vintage bus. Step back into Christmas as you see the relatively tourist free sights. What better way to escape the crowds, and enjoy beautiful Christmas decorations and lights at every iconic landmark.

Christmas Lights Tour of London

See the world famous Christmas Lights of London. The best displays of oxford street, Regent Street and Knightsbridge are sure to make everyone excited for Christmas. What better way to get into the festive spirit.

11. London New Years Eve Bus Party

Party away in London on New Years Eve!

The customized party bus is a great way to see London while dancing to the onboard DJ.

Celebrate the New Year in a new unique way.

See the fireworks from a secret location to countdown the last seconds of the year, before continuing the party on into the night.

New Years Eve Bus Party and London Fireworks

Why Should you See London on a Bus Tour?

London is a huge city with plenty of iconic landmarks to visit.

The centuries of history mean there are countless tales to tell, and the cosmopolitan vibe means there is a huge mingling of cultures both old and new, and British with foreign influences.

You could spend a year going to a different part of London everyday and not see it all, so choosing a bus tour (or two) that are geared towards your own personal interest is the best way to see London.

The 11 best tours above are definitely a fantastic start to exploring one of Europe’s most amazing cities.

For all new cities, I go overboard on my itinerary, just to see every major attraction. Countries I've visited include New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Japan and Thailand. Mostly Asian countries. Next target - Europe!