10 Things To Do in Prague at Night

In any major city, the fun doesn’t end just because the day does. For visitors young and old, Prague plays host to a number of fabulous evening attractions and activities. From clubs and bars, to peaceful river cruises, we have compiled a list of ten ways to wind down your day in Prague.

1/ Live Music

On any night of the week, you can find a plethora of live music in Prague. For jazz lovers, visit the Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt, next to Old Town Square. Located in a nearly 1,000-year-old underground tunnel, this intimate location gets you up close to the band. Table side service and dinner is also available. Live music is available nightly from 9pm until midnight. The historical Lucerna Music Bar opened its doors in 1909 and hosts musical artists from all genres. While they typically showcase more popular, international artists, you might sometimes find a local talent. Every Friday and Saturday, Lucerna also hosts an 80s and 90s video night. If you want to get a little outside of the city center, The Palac Akropolis—located in Zizkov—is a popular concert venue, theater, and restaurant. This large club offers nightly live music and theatre shows in their multiple venues. Grab a bite to eat in their restaurant before a show, and enjoy a full night.

2/ Czech National Theatre

Prague is home to a rich history of performing arts. The musical culture is apparent as you walk down the street and pass a violin duo entertaining an enthralled throng on a street corner or young artists performing their original piece for tourists in Old Town Square. You would be remiss to forego a classical performance in one of Prague’s many beautiful venues. The Czech National Theatre is the Czech Republic’s representative stage. It provides some of the best performances in drama, ballet, opera, and Laterna magika, Prague’s nonverbal theatre. With four historic venues–the National Theatre, The State Opera, The Estates Theatre, and The New Stage–each performance presents unique ambience as well as a program like none other. A night with the Czech National Theatre is a night to remember. For tickets, visit the Czech National Theatre website. You will need to book in advance to guarantee a seat.

3/ Municipal House

The Municipal House was built in 1912 and serves as a stunning example of Prague Art Nouveau. Its beautiful interior plays host to numerous events, exhibitions, performances, and lounges. Enjoy a thrilling orchestra in Smetana Hall. Dine in one of the Municipal House’s two restaurants: the French Restaurant, considered to be one of the most beautiful Art-Nouveau restaurants in the world, or the underground Pilsen Restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Czech cuisine to the melody of live accordion music. Grab a cocktail at the American Bar—the oldest bar in Prague and the second oldest bar in Europe.

4/ Pubs, Bars & Clubs

It is no secret that Prague holds some of the best clubs and bars in Europe. Simply walking through Old Town Square at night means running into a barrage of club promoters, willing you to come to their location. It is impossible to provide a comprehensive outline of all the Prague has to offer in terms of its nightlife, however here are some of Prague’s most bustling and well-regarded locations.

Hemingway Bar The Czech Republic is known for their absinthe, but finding a true taste in the tourist districts of Prague can be difficult. The Hemingway Bar provides some of the best absinthe in the Czech Republic served in the traditional way.
Karlovy Lazne Karlovy Lazne is the largest club in Central Europe. Boasting five stories, each with its own theme, Karlovy Lazne has a little something for everyone. The entrance fee is 200 CKZ.
Chapeau Rouge Chapeau Rouge supports four bars and three floors, each with its own live show or DJ. Because the floors descend underground, the club is not held to noise decrees, and music can, therefore, be played well into the morning. Each bar is subject to its own entrance fee.
Roxy One of Prague’s oldest and more popular bars, Roxy provides space for dancing, a chill room to sit and talk, and many events and parties throughout the year. There is always something happening at Roxy, any night of the week.

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5/ Night Tours

Prague is a new city at night. As the sun sets behind the tree-covered hills, the churches and castles are lit up to create a fairytale feel. The streets remain bustling with performers and picture-taking tourists are replaced with strolling couples, meandering the cobblestone streets. Prague at night is nothing short of magic, and provides the perfect backdrop for historical exploration.

prague-ghost-tour Ghost & Vampire Tours

Offered at various night time slots, Prague’s Ghost & Vampire Tours takes you through some of the most haunted places in the city. Learn about Prague’s darker history on these spooky trips.

prague-night-tour Prague Night Tour and River Vltava Dinner Cruise

Forego the tourist crowds and enjoy the sites of the city by way of the river. The tour includes a coach ride from Powder Tower to the river, live music on the boat, and an all-you-can-eat buffet. After dinner, make your way to the upper deck to watch the city go by under the night sky

prague-beer-evening Prague Beer Evening Walking Tour

Learn about the city’s history and culture while exploring some of Prague’s best beer and breweries. This four-hour tour will acquaint you with the city while experiencing Czech dining culture.

More Night Tours

6/ Pub Crawls

An excellent way to experience Prague nightlife without spending a lot of time wondering where to go is to join a pub crawl. Most crawls include some drinks, entrance into the bars and clubs, a knowledgable tour guide, and of course, a group of travelers also looking to have a good time. Here are some pub crawls that we recommend.

Pub Crawl with One Hour Unlimited Drinks

This crawl takes you to locations specially tailored to your group, ending at Karlovy Lazne where the party continues until the morning. VIP access is granted to all clubs visited, and as the title implies, unlimited drinks are included at the first bar you visit. Perfect for small groups looking to be shown around town.

Prague Pub Crawl

This five-hour crawl includes four venues ending at Karlovy Lazne with free wine, beer, and vodka at the first. Each venue will also provide a free shot. The larger groups enable you to meet new people as you explore Prague’s night life.

More Pub Crawl Tours

7/ Petrin Tower

Fondly referred to as “Prague’s Eiffel Tower,” the 60m tall Petrin Tower sits on a hill to provide panoramic views of Prague. It is surrounded by a beautiful park with multiple attractions. After you take in the nighttime views, pick your way through the mirror maze. Or you can wander the gardens and grab a bite and a beer at the Brevnov Monastery, the oldest active monastery in the Czech Republic. As an active monastery, full access to the monastery is limited to the weekends. You can also visit the Štefánik Observatory and learn about astronomy as well as the observatory’s own observations and discoveries. Finally, learn some history at the famous Hunger Wall, built in 1361 during a time of famine to keep out the poor and starving and protect Prague’s citizens.

Petrin Tower Admission

Adults 120 CKZ
Children (aged 6-15 years)
Students (aged 16-26 years)
Seniors (aged 65+ years)
65 CZK
Children (aged 3-6 years)
25 CKZ

8/ Prague Zoo

On Friday and Saturday nights at 5:30pm and 6pm, the Prague Zoo opens its doors for special night tours. The 5:30 tours are specially catered towards kids with tour guides who are ready and equipped to create an experience the younger crowd will enjoy. Night tours allow a rare view into the nocturnal lives of the animals, when many become more active. The tours have a limited capacity in order to provide a more intimate experience for patrons. Because of this, evening tours must be booked in advance. To make a reservation, visit the Prague Zoo website.

Adults 250 CKZ
Children (aged 3-15 years) 160 CKZ

Book Tickets | Official site

9/ Beer Tasting at the Prague Beer Museum

Drink your way through the Czech Republic at the Prague Beer Museum, located in Old Town. The Prague Beer Museum offers 30 beers on tap from microbreweries all over the country. Sample flights come in groups of five or ten brews, and the knowledgeable staff is happy to assist with flight assembly. Dinner is also available.

10/ TV Tower

When observing Prague’s city skyline, one can’t help but notice the industrial TV tower looming over the red-roofed neighborhoods. Built in 1985-1992–in spite of its controversy–the tower brags three national accolades: The tallest building, the highest observatory, and the second ugliest building. At 93m, the observatory provides the best views of the city. Directly below the observatory is the Oblaca Bar and Restaurant where you can enjoy fine Czech dining or a cocktail while watching the sun set behind Prague’s historical monuments. For reservations, visit their website.

Observatory Only Admission

Adults 180 CKZ
Children (aged 3-14 years) 100 CKZ
Students (aged 14-26 years) 120 CKZ
Seniors (aged 60+ years) 120 CKZ
Disabled 70 CZK
Family (1-2 adults + 1-3 children) 420 CKZ

11/ Beer Garden (Bonus)

In the summer months, when the weather is warm, locals and tourists alike flock to the beer gardens to quench their thirst and enjoy good company after a long, warm day in the sun. Prague is home to three lovely beer gardens, each with its own unique charms.

Letna Enjoy some of the best views of the city from a picnic table. Surrounded by a park with playgrounds and walking paths, a visit to Letna beer garden is a relaxing way to end the day.
Location: Letenské sady 170 00 Praha 7
Riegrovy Sady The biggest beer garden in Prague, Riegrovy Sady offers a wider selection of beverages than other beer gardens as well as a large screen where sports matches are often played.
Location: Riegrovy sady 28 120 00 Praha 2
Hospůdka Na Hradbách Located inside the walls of Vysehrad, Hospidka Na Hradbach is a more popular location. It provides excellent food and an upbeat atmosphere, as well as younger crowds.
Location: V Pevnosti 16/2 128 00 Praha

Whether you want a cultured night at the opera or a wild night out in town, Prague will deliver. The city is filled with travelers and locals alike looking to have a good time. So, get out, meet new people, and explore the city at night to see all that it has to offer.


  1. alina
    Ukraine 26 Comments
     -  09 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Prague is one of the most luring cities of this planet. I want to come back again and again to this city! But I did not even think that trere is a stormy nightlife in Prague. Next time I want to try the Ghost & Vampire Tours and the Prague Night Tour and River Vltava Dinner Cruise.

  2. lhajro
    Bosnia and Herzegowina 50 Comments
     -  08 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Prague is such a cool place! It’s been on my travel list since forever, I hope I get the chance to go soon. Being a night kinda person, this list has so many cool things I want to do. I would love to go on a night tour and see the lit up towers! I wish I could go do all these things tomorrow.

  3. sundress 27 Comments
     -  04 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Such an informative list! I’ve been to Prague twice but I’ve never seen nor heard of the Petrin and TV tower. I will remember these the next time I visit the Czech Republic!

  4. zoryana.di
    zoryana.di 25 Comments
     -  03 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Even I already had a chance to visit Prague, I found some new ideas in this article. During my last visit here I stayed almost all the night at hotel room, and had some sightseeing at daytime. Now I feel a little bit disappointed, that I did used the chance to experience the Prague at night.

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