Top 10 Must Do Day Trips From Melbourne

Were you planning on taking a day trip away from Melbourne, but have got caught up in Melbourne’s coffee culture?

Are you happy to sit back, relax and watch the world go by while you sip on a latte when you should be out there exploring the beautiful state of Victoria?

As you stir sugar into your next frothy brew, have a browse through these ten must do day trips from Melbourne. You’ll soon discover there are more things around the state of Victoria that emit steam than the pipe on an espresso machine. So don’t miss out!

1. Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs & Wine Tasting

Change brewing for infusing when you steep yourself in the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. Slip into the warm waters of the thermal spa for an invigorating, natural treatment that will cleanse your body of all those city toxins. After a three hour immersion in your own private pool, you may well be as wrinkled as an Angus Park prune, but you’ll be more than ready for lunch and a spot of wine tasting.

The day doesn’t end there. After a fruit picking visit to Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, it’ll be time to get lost in the maze at the Enchanted Adventure Garden. So as not to leave you deprived of all temptation, the final stop on this day trip is at Peninsula Chocolates where you can indulge yourself in some hand crafted delights made by professional chocolatiers.

2. Puffing Billy Steam Train & Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

Wave goodbye to Melbourne as you head for the hills on the Puffing Billy and Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary day trip.  After a fun-filled bird feeding session at Grant’s Reserve, you’ll be treated to a proper Australian Billy tea, which may or may not cure you of your coffee addiction, before transferring to the Dandenong Range of foothills where your train awaits.

All aboard!

You’ll chug through lush rain forest and over a rickety bridge on the steam train Puffing Billy. While you dangle your legs from the window, see if you can spot a koala hiding in the trees.

If you don’t see one, not to worry as you’ll be visiting the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary next. There are plenty of Australia’s favourite marsupials there including wombats, wallabies, koalas, kangaroos and the odd bird or two, just ready and waiting to pose for a photo shoot.

Now you’ve got a taste of what Victoria is like outside of Melbourne, maybe it’s a good time to put your hiking boots on and hit the trail.

3. Great Otway National Park Hiking Tour

The Great Otway National Park Hiking Tour is a fantastic way to get a close up look at some of Victoria state’s stunning scenery. You’ll need to have a decent level of fitness as the hikes, although split into three short separate ones, are quite demanding. You’ll be guaranteed a good leg stretch on the Triplet Falls Walk. Think of it as an outdoor step class during which you’ll get to enjoy some amazing sights. Count them as you go up to see what total you get. Deep breath – four hundred and one, four hundred and two… Keep counting.

Here are a couple more tours to keep your fitness level up.

Wilson’s Promontory Hike

Forests, mountains and some stunning beaches are what you’ll find on this challenging hike through Wilson’s Prom.

Grampians Hiking Day

Be on top of the world hiking round The Grampians National Park then get a ride home in a vintage VW Kombi Van.

4. Yarra Valley Wine and Winery Tour

The Yarra Valley is a beautiful green belt of gently sloping hills which provide the perfect environment for vineyards. When you take the Yarra Valley Wine and Winery Tour, you’ll be amazed at just how far the vines spread. After visiting all four wineries, you’ll have harvested extensive knowledge of the Australian wine making industry and, after several tastings, be quite the connoisseur on the local Pinot Noir.

While the vineyards of the Yarra Valley are mass producers of good Australian plonk, they don’t have the monopoly on wine production in Victoria. Here are a couple more wine tour options.

Mornington Peninsula Winery Tour

Visit wineries, from ultra-modern to age old traditional, on this day long tour of the Mornington Peninsula.

  Yarra Valley Cider & Beer Tour

Get to grips with some of the best beers and ciders brewed in the Yarra Valley.

5. Sovereign Hill – A Touch of Gold

The Touch of Gold tour to Sovereign Hill will take you back you back in time to the day’s of Australia’s gold rush. In the style of a living museum, Sovereign Hill comes alive with theatrical street performances, live music and genuine mining tales from a costumed guide. There’s also an opportunity to go underground into a real mine and to pan for your own gold.

After you’ve sieved, sifted and sluiced, even if you didn’t find a nugget, your prospects will be looking good as we head on to the spa town of Daylesford for a respite from the mud. A stroll around Daylesford’s picturesque streets, even though they may not be paved with gold, will bring you back to reality as there’s some good coffee shops where you can get a caffeine fix and there’s some excellent art galleries too.

6. Great Ocean Road Trip

The vastness of Australia becomes apparent when you’re on the Great Ocean Road Trip. You’ll traverse miles and miles of rugged coastline, sight deserted beaches where surf crashes against the sand, spot the Twelve Apostle rock formation and discover where ships came to grief on a stretch of shore called Shipwreck Coast.

This geologist’s paradise offers some fantastic photo opportunities, but if you don’t want to do it on a guided tour, try one of these other options.

Great Ocean Road Trike Tour

See the best part of Australia on a Boom trike.

  Great Ocean Road Helicopter Tour

An amazing way to see the incredible coastline along the Great Ocean Road.

By road and air are not the only ways to see the sights of the Great Ocean Road. Here’s another, slightly different and definitely damper, one.

7. Great Ocean Road Learn To Surf Day

On the Great Ocean Road Learn To Surf day trip, you’ll get a unique view of the coast from the water, but only if you manage to take your eyes off the waves. After a few hours surfing lesson in Torquay, buy yourself some new equipment when you stop at a factory outlet then put it to good use on the natural water slides at Lorne.

8. Enchanted Adventure Garden

Try your hand at overcoming tree obstacles in the Enchanted Adventure Garden. A plethora of tree top activities await any budding Tarzan who’s ready to swing from the ziplines, tackle rope bridges or scramble over the web-like nets. If you’ve no head for heights there’s always the maze or tube slides to keep you occupied.

Has that left you feeling like a champion?

If it hasn’t, don’t worry, we’ve got a few champions on this next day trip from Melbourne, we’re sure you’ll love to meet.

9. Champion Racehorse Tour with Beer Tasting

On the Champion Racehorse Tour, you have the chance to meet some of Australia’s famous racehorses who now reside at the Living Legends retirement home. There’s too many to name here, but between them they’ve won just about every major Australian racing prize.

After some time at the horse sanctuary, you’ll be ready for some lunch and a taste of some of Australia’s finest brews at the Holgate Brewery.

10. Yarra Valley Sunrise Balloon Flight

A ride on the Yarra Valley Sunrise Balloon Flight will give you a completely new outlook on Melbourne and the state of Victoria. Float through azure skies as the rising sun illuminates the acres of vineyards below. This is a truly surreal experience which will leave you breathless.

When you do eventually come back down to earth, you’ll be just in time for morning coffee.

Have you had an amazing experience exploring places near Melbourne? Did you find a golden nugget at Souvenir Hill or meet a famous racehorse at the Living Legend retirement home for champions?

Drop us a line in the comments below because we’d love to hear all about it and see the photos too!

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