10 Fun Things to do in LA at Night

Hold on and fasten your safety belt because you’re about to go on a roller-coaster ride through America’s most movie obsessed city!

We’re not pulling any stunts on this one.

LA or Los Angeles, to give it its full name, is one of the most exciting cities in the US. It’s so star-studded it practically glitters. But once you’ve done the typical visits to movie studios hoping to catch a glimpse of your favorite actor on set rather than on the silver screen, is there anything else to do in LA at night?

You bet!

Being in LA may leave you a little star struck, but you’ll still have time on your hands to do more than picking up fluff from a red carpet. By the way, keep hold of that fluff it might have fallen from Johnny Depp’s pocket.

We’ve put together some of the best fun things to do at night in LA which will have your head spinning faster than a possessed child’s in the Exorcist.

Start the night as you mean to go on – by spending like a super star.

There’s one thing everyone who comes to LA has to see, but it’s the way you see it that counts. After all, the Hollywood sign has been there for almost a century and in close up, is more than a bit dilapidated, so maybe its best to skip the mountain hike and see the sign in style.

1. Los Angeles Deluxe Champagne Airplane Tour

Fly in a private charter on a Deluxe Champagne Airplane Tour over the amazing landscape of LA as it lights up for the night. Sip on champagne as the sun goes down behind the mountain carrying the symbolic lettering which was once just advertising real estate but has now become iconic throughout the film world for cinematic excellence. And don’t worry, even though the pilot may have seen Sully, he won’t be practising any emergency landings.

Book Tour

We said we weren’t pulling any stunts on this one, but you can do.

2. iFly Skydive Experience

If you’ve ever fancied yourself to be a stuntman or wanted to act in a James Bond movie. Well, now’s your chance. Kit up, hit the wind tunnel and treat yourself to an amazing, low altitude, skydive experience. If you can handle the terminal velocity, you’ll be queuing up outside the film studios for movie extra parts in no time.

Book iFly

Our sixth sense tells us it’s time to bring you back down to earth. It won’t be exactly be an Armageddon, but at our next spot, you might well be fighting for elbow space.

3. Hollywood Walk of Fame

We’ll forgive you if you feel the need to dance up and down Hollywood Boulevard as you spot name after famous name imprinted in the star encrusted pavement which is Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

You’ll be crowing for hours about just how many names you recognize while wearing holes in your jeans as you crawl along the sidewalk taking close-up photos of them all.

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If you’re anything of a mathematician, you’ll soon equate that LA has more diversion per square kilometer than a gladiator’s arena. Most of it in shopping malls.

4. Shopping

Fighting to stay on top of the fashion battle in LA? The Beverly Center has over one hundred unique stores where you’ll be able to rummage through the retail racks stacked with top designer brands until you stagger out like a true champion under the colossal weight of your purchases.

If you had a devil of a job finding the right Prada outfit to suit in the Beverly Center, strut your stuff, Zoolander-style of course, down to these other amazing outlets.

Citadel Outlet

Shop until you drop in this stronghold of LA fashion retail.

The Grove

Ride the streetcar of desire as you drool over the clothes in the store windows of The Grove.

Little Tokyo

Do some historic shopping in LA’s oldest commercial zone.

5. Theme Parks

The amazing Six Flags Magic Mountain Roller Coaster Park is full of  jaw-dropping, stomach churning thrills which will make you scream louder than any horror comedy ever did.

If the rides at the Six Flags Mountain Park were just too epic for you, try something a little more slow motion and not quite so goofy.

Disneyland Los Angeles

Join your film and cartoon heroes in the fairy tale setting of Disneyland.


Build your own or admire everyone else’s. Lots of fun to be had in Legoland.

6. Fun Museums

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum

Not exactly Alice’s Wonderland, but The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum does get curiouser and curiouser the further you go inside. Squirm at the collection of exhibitions in the Odditorium from shrunken heads to the world’s tallest man – weird is not the word for it.

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Los Angeles has seen some strange things over the years – on the streets, in theaters or recorded for posterity on everything from 8mm film reels to up to date digital. If you’re a film buff, you won’t want to miss this next fun LA activity at night.

Hollywood Museum

A night in the museum might not see the exhibits coming to life, but the vast collection of props and memorabilia in the Hollywood Museum is a wonderful homage to LA’s cinematic culture. See the set which was Hannibal’s cell in Silence of the Lambs or Dorothy’s sparkling red shoes from the Wizard of Oz. The list is endless and you’re bound to find something from the movie genre which excites you.

You might not bump into any famous faces there, but if you still want to get close to some stars and film them too, try these places as a sequel and you could end up editing your own silent movie.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Effigies of all your favorite stars and a great chamber of horrors too

Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood

Get up close to the iconic stars of the silver screen

Go Los Angeles Card

If you’re planning on doing several attractions – check out this great discount card to save yourself loads of cash. With the Go Card save over half the entrance price on twenty six attractions in LA

7. Broadway Theater District

The Broadway Theater District is the nucleus of LA’s performing arts scene. Stroll through old Broadway and you’ll never know who you might see running for the stage doors.

And here are a couple more options for the seriously stagestruck.

TCL Chinese Theater

Join the queue at the cinema all the stars go to. Enjoy an exclusive 30 minute tour of the TCL Chinese Theater.

El Capitan Theater

Dedicated to everything Disney.

8.Wine Tasting at Vampire Vineyards

Hollywood’s fascination with Count Dracula has spanned almost a century. The first vampire movie was made in 1931 and the corpuscle crazy creatures have been cinema-goers favorites ever since. At a Wine Tasting at Vampire Vineyards, there’s no blood sucking, just some decent red to get your fangs into and an atmosphere Gothic enough to make your hair stand on end. So make a note in your diary and don’t miss out on this one.

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9. Los Angeles Dinner Cruise

A magnum of champagne on a luxury cruise accompanied with a delicious four course dinner, we think, makes a Los Angeles Dinner Cruise the only way to end the day.

You can board at either Marina Del Rey or Newport Beach, and then take in the LA night views on the decks or dance away to live music. This fun 3 hour cruise is perfect for a romantic night out.

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10. Los Angeles Night Tour

If you’re short on time, there’s an easy way to see all the major attractions and landmarks at night in LA. Go on a 4 hour evening tour with a local guide!

You’ll see the revitalized Downtown LA and famous places like the Staples Center and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Along the way, your guide will point out some of the most expensive mansions in the city.

Book Night Tour

Here’s hoping you have a great time doing some of these fun things in LA. If you see someone famous don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments section below.

And that’s a wrap!


  1. Angelo S
    Angelo S
    Indonesia 27 Comments
     -  30 Nov 2017


    I lived in LA for 2 years and I enjoyed it. The city has a lot of different and fun things to do. I’ll have to disagree on the Hollywood walk of fame one though. I don’t think its fun to be there at night as the area gets a little bit sketchy. I’ve never tried the Los Angeles Deluxe tour. Im guessing the price is very expensive. One thing that I think this article should include is the price list.

  2. ericwicaksono
    ericwicaksono 25 Comments
     -  25 Nov 2017


    Los Angeles is an interesting city. On one side, it is a big city with A LOT of things to see and do. But on the other side, the city is crowded and a little bit dirty. Hollywood boulevard at night is pretty fun. The museums, restaurants, and other attractions. But there are also people who’ll go up in your space trying to ask for money.

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