Do things that go bump in the night, getting goosebumps and having your hair stand on end get you all excited? Are you after paranormal activity or ghost tours?

Well, welcome to Melbourne, Australia’s most haunted city.

Melbourne gives the impression of being a thriving, twenty first century city which can rival any other capital city worldwide for its cultural attributes and commerce, but that is just on the surface.

Scratch away the layer of modernity and it soon becomes apparent there’s more to Melbourne than sunny skies, Kangaroos and cuddly Koalas.

Melbourne has another side to it which only comes to life after dark.

A hidden side which is inexorably tied to its historically rich and varied past.

Spooky stuff!

Any of theses top 9 scariest ghost tours in Melbourne listed here, will not only allow you to delve into the obscure past of Australia’s metropolis, but will give you a great fright night out.

Or is anything to do with phantoms just a tall story?

1. The Haunted Bookshop

Take a trepid step over the threshold of The Bookshop and into the world of the paranormal. 

In the Gothic surrounds of The Bookshop you’ll be able to quench your thirst for knowledge of the supernatural and discover first hand what it’s like to be a real ghost hunter from proprietor and professional spook searcher, Drew Stinton.

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2. Melbourne Ghost Tours

Choose from 3 different ghostly packages including Old Melbourne, Pentridge Prison, or Williamstown.

As darkness encroaches dive into back alleys and listen out for the echoes of ribaldry from a previous era as your guide recounts lurid histories of intoxicated seaman and ladies of the night.

Melbourne is infused with spiritual connections to its founding age when the city was known as Victoria.

It was a hard and lawless time rife with crime and infamous outlaws.

Some of who allegedly still stalk the city today, only in a more ethereal form, in the same location they are reputed to have once lost their lives.

It’s not just the streets of Melbourne that has the monopoly on being haunted.

There’s a plethora of presences in many of the city’s oldest buildings too.

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3. Old Melbourne Gaol Ghost Tour

The Old Melbourne Gaol has a violent history and there’s nothing better than furious souls seeking revenge to leave residual energy or at least, that’s what the experts say.

As you walk the deserted hallways of Melbourne’s former state prison listen out for the creepy clang of cell doors and the creaking of the Hangman’s Rope.

The Old Melbourne Gaol has held some of the most notorious and iconic criminals, including the Australian bushranger Ned Kelly.

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4. Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour

Some of the toughest criminals were locked up here at the Pentridge Prison including the menacing Chopper Reed.

With almost 50 corpse of long serving prisoners, you’ll be able to hear the silence and echoes of the past as your guide shares stories of the prison’s haunted history.

This 2 hour tour starts from the Pentridge Prison D Division.

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5. Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour

Just an hour away from Melbourne, explore Point Cook Homestead with a local guide.

The 25 acre property is drenched with a haunted history of paranormal activity including sightings of Thomas Chirnside’s ghostly figure, objects moving or disappearing, and stories of betrayal.

The tour runs on the third Saturday each month and runs for approximately 2 hours. 

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6. J Ward Lunatic Asylum Ghost Tour

Once an institution for housing the criminally insane, the J Ward Lunatic Asylum Ghost Tour is not for the fainthearted.

There’s a gallows and an old cemetery in the grounds where, if you dare to stand and listen, you may just hear the freakish footfall of old patients pacing the exercise yard while awaiting their fate still echoing off the moldy bricks.

Or will it be the rumble of stretcher wheels in the corridor which finally makes you run for the exit?

Just make sure you have your camera at the ready as the orbs will be bouncing off the walls.

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7. Kryal Castle Ghost Tour

Dungeons, without the dragons, are what you’ll be exploring on the Kryal Castle Ghost Tour.

A meandering labyrinth of dark tunnels will lead you down into the depths beneath the castle where you’ll discover the torture chamber and the skeleton of a wraith which lies waiting to be reunited with its soul.

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8. Halloween Tour of Melbourne Cemetery

Touring a huge cemetery in the dead of night on Halloween takes some nerves.

Guaranteed, if you go on the Halloween Tour Of Melbourne Cemetery, you won’t be alone.

There’s a lot of famous people buried in Melbourne’s General Cemetery and as a guide reveals the identity of those interred in the tombs, keep your eyes peeled.

That swirling mist around the base of a headstone might be something more unearthly than a wisp of Melbourne fog.

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9. Altona Homestead Ghost Tours

Located just 15 minutes from Melbourne, this homestead was originally owned by the Langhome family. 

With ongoing paranormal activity investigations, this 1.5 hour tour will give visitors insights into the disturbing history at this house.

Your guide will share stories of deaths and betrayal linked to the Altona Homestead.

Tour only runs on the first Saturday of each month so book early!

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