Palazzo Reale di Milano is a former royal palace and the seat of the government.

It is one of the most important cultural centers in Milan.

During the year, the Royal Palace hosts several events and exhibitions.

In the past, it has been a subject to many restorations due to the heavy bombings in 1943.

Today, you can admire the “four seasons” of the palazzo.

More specifically, they are the neoclassical era, the Napoleonic era, the Restoration and the Unification of Italy.

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What can you see at the Royal Palace of Milan

Exquisite Decor

The palace has always been a symbol of glory in Milan.

Even though much of its artistic decor has been lost or damaged during the years.

Fortunately, the Royal Palace has been completely restored.

Particularly the interior royal art and traditions of the palace.

As you walk in you’ll see the rich carpeted staircase and a collection of artworks in the high ceiling.

Hall of Caryatids

The Hall of Caryatids is one of the main attractions in the palace.

It served as a ballroom.

However, it was heavily damaged during bombings in 1943.

A couple of years later, restorations of the building began in the Hall of Caryatids.

This was completed in 2000, so you can now see the interior decor in the hall.

Exhibition Venue

In recent years, the Royal Palace has hosted a number of art exhibitions.

For example, they have displayed works from Claude Monet, Picasso and Kandinsky.

Every year, the palazzo exhibits more than 1,500 masterpieces from the worlds’ most famous museums.

Attractions Nearby

The Royal Palace of Milan management team also handles Rotonda di via Besana, Palazzo della Ragione and the Arengario.

Arengario is located on the right side of the Royal Palace and it houses another museum – Museo del Novecento.

It has one of the largest collections of art in Italy.

The museum also hosts temporary exhibits like those of Klein Fontana and Andy Warhol.

Palazzo della Ragione is also located nearby on Piazza Mercanti and it is famous for its exterior decor.

Also worth seeing is Museo del Duomo, located in Palazzo Reale.

The museum is centred on Milan’s striking cathedral, its history and art.

Duomo di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II are also located nearby.

If you’ve had enough of museums, dine at one of the nearby restaurants or grab a gelato and relax in the sun.

How to get to Royal Palace of Milan


Catch Red line MM1 and stop at Duomo.

Alternatively, catch yellow line MM3 and stop at Duomo.


Number 15 stops Piazza Fontana.

Or catch numbers 2, 3, 12, 14, 16, 24, 27 to stop at Duomo.


If you’re not comfortable with public transport, simply join an organized tour and a guide will take you straight to the Royal Palace of Milan.

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