The Canton Tower stands just south of downtown’s center at 462 meters.

It symbolizes Guangzhou’s place in China’s modern age with its nightly show of colorful lights and awe-inspiring design.

If you find yourself in Guangzhou, make sure to take in spectacular 360 degree views of the city.

You could book individual admission tickets online.

However, for the best experience, book a guided tour or a packaged deal.

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What will you see at Canton Tower?

Incredible Views

See unique 360 degree views of the sprawling city of 13 million people.

You’ll also see vistas of Guangzhou’s newly developed downtown and boats along the beautiful Pearl River.

Spider Walk

Climb the outside of the tower between the 33rd and 66th floors, in a series of spiralling stairwells.

The stairs loop around the mid-section of the tower to give you a complete view of Guangzhou.

Marvel at the glow of the LED lights emanating from the beams around you, the architecture and city beyond.

Glass Skywalk

In the main observation area (107th Floor) get your picture taken on glass skywalk tucked away inside the tower edges.

Beware of unexpected shaky knees, and remember to smile.

Photos can be purchased as mugs, keychains, stickers, or framed down in the lobby entrance area on your way out.

Bubble Tram

At the top, board the tower’s glass “ferris wheel” on the 111thFloor.

This is a merry-go round contraption located at almost the very top of the tower featuring 16 glass bubble gondola-like compartments.

As the wheel slowly makes one rotation, you’ll get another perspective of Guangzhou’s city skyline

You can also see beneath your feet.

Not for those who possess a fear of heights!

Ride lasts approximately 20 minutes.

488 Lookout Deck

An open-air observation deck on the 112th floor is unique in such a tall tower.

However, Guangzhou goes above and beyond with an additional lookout deck on the spindle of the tower.

It is one short elevator ride above the observation deck.

Included with 488 lookout tickets are one photo per person with a view of the city behind.

The Mega Drop

This is one of the listed attractions at the top of the tower.

The ride seats eight people, facing outwards among the clouds with legs dangling.

Once seated, you will then experience a 30 meter fall in a few seconds.

This attraction will certainly get your heart beating!

Note: the drop is closed when weather conditions (rain, wind, thunder) are poor.


There are limited food vendors around the Canton Tower, so plan accordingly.

Snack machines are located outside the main entrance and in the lobby.

For the absolute experience at Canton Tower, try the buffet dinner located on the 106th floor.

You’ll be able to see the whole of Guangzhou as the restaurant rotates.

After dinner, enjoy a relaxing cruise ride along the Pearl River.

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Ticket Prices

Prices vary depending on selection of tickets.

Basic tower entry is 50RMB, more inclusive tickets (which are broken up into “Zones” as well as individual attraction listings) may cost up to 350RMB.

Note that entry to the Zones aren’t necessarily inclusive of all attractions.

For example, though Zone E allows access to Bubble Tram and Mega Drop, you will need a separate ticket to actually board the “rides”, which run around 130 RMB each.

Same goes for the 488 lookout.

Bundle ticket prices are offered, and individual tickets for all attractions may be purchased as well.

Zone Floor Ticket Price*
Zone A-C Ground – 32F 50 RMB
Zone D 33F-67F 100 RMB
Zone E 68F-107F 150 RMB

*Ticket prices subject to change


Best time to go

Go around dinner time on the weekdays for the fewest crowds.

Plus you’ll also be in for spectacular sunset views and a sparkly nighttime cityscape.

Try to avoid visiting during Chinese Holidays.

Hazy Skies

Guangzhou has it’s share of smoggy and hazy days.

Rather than planning out a visit weeks in advance, a trip to the tower is best decided the day before.

Weather forecasts and sky visibility are more predictable.

The Canton Tower website

The site is more informative than many other Chinese websites, although don’t be surprised to find pockets of missing information or oddly translated phrases.

Ticketing, though offered online, is not useful unless you know Chinese and can pay with a local debit card.

You can check our tour options in English to ensure you get what you pay for.

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In 2010, the Asia Games were held in Guangzhou and prompted unprecedented renovation throughout the city.

This resulted in improvements throughout the metro system, roadways, city landscaping, and the hot new downtown district – including the Canton Tower.

There was some debate on what to name the structure.

It was called the “Haixin” tower for a few months in honor of the district in which it resides.

However the city decided to officially call it the Canton Tower, after the historical Westernized name of the province. 

Up until recently, it was the tallest tower in Asia, when that title was trumped by the opening of Tokyo’s Skytree in 2011.

How to get to Canton Tower


Guangzhou’s metro system is world class, with plenty of English in addition to Chinese signage throughout the subway system.

Take Line 3 (Orange Line) to the Chigang Pagoda Station, where an underpass connects you to the Canton Tower.

Fares range depending on departure and arrival points, but if you are travelling within the city expect to spend 2-5 RMB per trip.

One-way tokens are available at vending stations in all metro stops, and weekly or monthly fare cards can be bought at the station kiosks.


Taxi cabs in Guangzhou are plentiful and cheap, and all cab drivers in the city know their way to the Canton Tower. 

Drivers will drop you off at the front entrance.

When you are ready to leave the tower, catch a cab in the same place you were dropped off.

Most likely you will find another group who has just arrived, allowing you to snag their cab.

Remember to have your next location or your hotel information card with you at all times, as most cab drivers in the city do not speak English.

Alternatively, you can join a tour and let an experienced guide show you the way.

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