Located just east of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum is a massive stone amphitheater.

Commissioned by Emperor Vespasian as a gift to the Roman people, the Colosseum was the site for ancient games, gladiatorial battles and wild animal fights.

After 400 years of active use, the magnificent arena fell into neglect. Over time two thirds of it has been destroyed.

Nevertheless, the iconic Roman symbol remains a popular tourist destination with droves coming to visit each year.

For your next visit to the ancient monument, bypass the long ticket lines with a fast track pass.

Here’s a look at 11 of the top guided tours of the Colosseum with skip-the-line access.

1. Small-Group Ancient Rome and Colosseum Underground Tour

First time visitors can orient themselves on this great underground tour of Ancient Rome and the Colosseum.

Meet up with your guide at a designated place within central Rome.

Head over to some of the most iconic landmarks of ancient Rome.

Bypass the long queues with you skip-the-line ticket. 

Explore the Colosseum with its maze of subterranean chambers, learning about their macabre function.

After that, ascend to the level of the arena. This is where battles were fought between gladiators and fierce animals.

Step over the original flooring and peer between gaps.

Finally, marvel at other popular attractions including Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. Here you’re free to stay and continue to explore independently.

This small group tour is limited to guarantee plenty of time for questions.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Undergrounds chambers.
  • Arena.
  • First and second tiers.
  • Third tier and panoramic terrace if booking VIP tour.

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2. Private Colosseum Tour: Colosseum with Underground Chambers and Arena

Discover the most famous monument of Rome in style on this three hour skip-the-line private tour of the Colosseum.

On any given day, the iconic Colosseum attracts droves of visitors. But you can enhance your experience with a skip-the-line private tour. With your private guide, you can bypass the long queue at the entrance.

Tour sections of the Colosseum that are typically off-limits to the public, including its subterranean chambers and pits. Therefore this tour lets you see more than what most visitors do.

Stand in the arena as your guide narrates tales of the ancient gladiator contests. Listen to commentary on where the wild animals and gladiators would wait before the battles.

Finally, head over to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum close by for a more complete tour of Ancient Rome.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Blue Badge Private guide.
  • Underground chambers.
  • Entry to Palatine Hill.
  • Entry to Roman Forum.

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3. Skip the Line: Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour

Don’t waste a hard-earned vacation waiting in ticket lines in the scorching heat of Rome. Save up to two hours by pre-booking your skip-the-line tour of the Colosseum.

Kick start your tour close to Oppian Hill. From here you can enjoy panoramic views of the two thousand year old monument.

Upon arrival, you avoid the long lines with your fast track pass.

Once inside, your guide provides commentary. This makes for a more enriching experience than if you visited independently.

The guide will narrate stories of gladiator battles, bloody animal fights, and executions held before fifty thousand strong spectator crowds.

Upgrade your tour to include the arena floor and subterranean chambers of the Colosseum, sections not many visitors get to see.

Included is a walking tour covering Via Sacra and the sprawling Roman Forum, and then finally on to Palatine Hill.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Headsets to hear your guide.
  • Colosseum undergrounds, arena and upper tiers.
  • Entry to Palatine Hill.
  • Entry to Roman Forum.

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4. Small-Group Tour: Colosseum Underground

Many tourists visit the Colosseum, but few get to see its underground chambers.

Enjoy an insider’s look at one of the New Seven Wonders of the World on this sightseeing tour of Rome.

Meet up with your guide outside the monument at the booked time.

Descend into the subterranean chambers where wild animals and gladiators were held.

Above all, listen to commentary from your guide on the history of the site.

Embark on a whistle-stop tour of Rome. Highlights include the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Via Sacra.

After that, enjoy panoramic views from the Roman Forum.

Stroll down Via Sacra as you discover the history behind the Arch of Septimius Severus.

In addition, this small group tour is limited to twelve people to guarantee more personalized attention. This way, you’ll have plenty of time for questions.

Finally, your informative tour will conclude back at the front of the Colosseum.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Colosseum underground and arena.
  • Entry to Palentine Hill.
  • Entry to Roman Forum.
  • Pass by Arco di Costantino.

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5. Gladiator’s Arena and Colosseum Underground Tour

Immerse yourself in the history of Ancient Rome on this half-day tour of the Colosseum.

Rather than just a cursory overview of the key landmarks, you’ll get an insider’s scoop.

Meet with your guide at a designated spot in central Rome. From there, head over to the Colosseum, bypassing the queue with your skip-the-line pass.

In addition, listen to stories of the gladiators that once fought in the Colosseum.

Venture into its limited-access subterranean complex. This is a highlight that most visitors miss.

After that continue on with an informative tour of the ruins of the Roman Forum.

Follow the Via Sacra, once the busiest street of Ancient Rome. Here you’ll get to see the Arch of Constantine, the Arch of Septimius Severus and the House of the Vestal Virgins.

Finally, head over for a trek to Palatine Hill, the city’s oldest corner. This is where, according to myth, Romulus and Remus once lived.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Colosseum undergrounds and arena.
  • Entry to Palentine Hill.
  • Entry to Roman Forum.
  • Pass by Arco di Costantino, Septimius Severus Arch, Via Sacra, Tempio di Vesta and Basilica Aemilia.

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6. Colosseum Tour with Arena and Underground. Hotel Pick up and Drop off Included

Enjoy skip-the-line access of the most famous monument of Rome on this private Colosseum tour.

To begin, your private guide will pick you up for a morning or afternoon tour. Included is round-trip transportation from your centrally located hotel.

Having a private guide means you get to enjoy skip-the-line access.

Marvel at the massive amphitheater from the inside. Above all, imagine the battles that once took place here.

After that explore the Colosseum’s subterranean level to its 3rd Tier, where you’ll enjoy one of the best panoramas of Rome.

In addition, listen to commentary about the lives of the gladiators, as well as naval battles.

See where prisoners, gladiators and wild animals waited to face their fate in the arena above.

Finally, head over to Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Ancient Rome. From here you’ll enjoy some of the best panoramas of the Roman Forum.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Hotel pickup and drop off.
  • Colosseum underground chambers and arena.
  • Entry to Roman Forum.
  • Pass by Piazza del Colosseo, Arco di Costantino, Via dei Fori Imperiali and Eyes of Rome.

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7. All in One Tour: Belvedere, Colosseum Underground, Ancient City

Discover several Ancient Rome landmarks with this combination half-day walking tour.

Priority access tickets guarantee skip-the-line entry of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Explore the recently opened Belvedere, or the 4th and 5th tiers of the Colosseum with your local guide.

After that, stop at the Arco di Costantino, the triumphal arch of Rome’s first Christian emperor.

Discover Curia Julia, the senate house of Ancient Rome. Pause at the Septimius Severus Arch, one of the world’s best preserved Roman Victory Arches.

At the Arco di Tito, you’ll get to see the victory arch that inspired the design of the Arc de Triomphe.

Finally, you’ll stop by Via Sacra, once the main street of Ancient Rome.

Other notable highlights will be stops at the Tempio di Vesta, Basilica Aemilia and Tempio di Antonino e Faustina.

This small group tour is limited to 12 people.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • All floors of the Colosseum including underground chambers.
  • Entry to Palentine Hill.
  • Entry to Roman Forum.
  • Short stops at Arco di Costantino, Curia Julia, Septimius Severus Arch, Arco di Tito, Via Sacra, Tempio di Vesta, Basilica Aemilia and  Tempio di Antonino e Faustina.

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8. Semi-Private Full Day Tour with Early Entrance Vatican and Colosseum Underground

The Vatican is massive and can be intimidating, especially to first time visitors.

The queues at the Colosseum entrance are long.

The Roman Forum can be a puzzle.

This is why you need this small group tour to get the most out of your trip.

Get up early and meet up with your guide.

Visit the Sistine Chapel before the opening of the Vatican Museums. You want to get a peek here before anyone else does.

Skip the lines at the Colosseum with a priority access pass.

In addition, learn more about the Ancient Roman Empire at its Forum.

After that, visit the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain.

Finally, walk up to the Palatine Hill, once home to the elite of Ancient Rome. Here you can marvel at more ruins.

This small group tour is limited to 6 people to guarantee a more personalized experience.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Colosseum undergrounds, arena and upper floors.
  • Entry to Sistine Chapel.
  • Entry to Vatican Museums.

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9. Colosseum by Night with Underground Access, Arena Floor & Roman Forum Tour

Discover the amphitheater and other sites of Ancient Rome on this two hour evening tour.

Kick start your nighttime tour at Piazza Venezia where you’ll meet up with your guide.

Set off on your leisurely tour, passing by Trajan’s Column on your way to Capitoline Hill.

Stop by Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century. Under the atmospheric cover of darkness, learn about the Roman Forum ruins seen from Piazza del Campidoglio.

After that, make your way down the hill as you pass the Forums of Augustus and Caesar, until you arrive at the Colosseum.

Gain entry into the Colosseum after the temperature has dropped and the daytime crowds have disappeared.

Finally, visit the subterranean chambers of the arena, which are off-limits to most of the public. Walk in the footsteps of the ancient gladiators.

This tour is limited to 25 people for an interactive experience.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Stop by Piazza Venezia and Colle Capitolino.
  • Colosseum underground and arena.
  • Roman Forum.

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10. Night Colosseum Tour: with Gladiators Underground and Arena

Discover the magnificent Colosseum by night away from the daytime crowds.

Take photos of the monument virtually empty on this special after hour’s tour.

Take a stroll down the Via dei Fori Imperiali and learn about Ancient Rome’s fascinating history.

At the Colosseum, listen to your guide narrate fascinating stories of famous gladiator battles and hunts of wild animals.

Descend into the underground chambers of the Colosseum, which is typically off limits to the public.

This is where the wild animals and gladiators once waited to ascend into the arena for battle.

After that walk around the exterior of the Colosseum, pausing at the Arch of Constantine.

Listen to your guide provide commentary on the Arch’s fascinating history and how its iconic style spawned numerous copycats.

Finally, head over to the Roman Forum where you’ll feast your eyes on the evocative ruins.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Stop at Via dei Fori Imperiali and Arco di Costantino.
  • Colosseum underground tour.
  • Pass by Roman Forum.

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11. Evening Underground Colosseum Tour with Prosecco

Discover the Colosseum without the daytime crowds, the scorching heat and the long queues with this evening tour.

Also enjoy a Prosecco Aperitivo, the Italian way of having a drink with snacks.

Before the tour starts, take beautiful photos of lights flickering from the illuminated Colosseum and the surroundings.

Held during the quieter evening hours, this small group tour includes skip-the-line entry into the ancient amphitheater.

This way you get to head straight inside, and not waste time standing in the queues.

Once you step inside the Colosseum, you’ll begin to feel the magnitude of where you are.

Here you’ll enjoy visits to its top tier, arena floor and subterranean chambers. This is where the gladiators once prepared for battle.

Hear your guide recreate the past with narrations of epic battles. Above all, listen as they bring to life the surrounding walls.

This tour is limited to 25 people to guarantee a small group experience.

What’s included on this Colosseum Tour?

  • Stop at Largo Gaetana Agnesi.
  • Colosseum underground, arena, first and second level.

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