So you’ve been pounding the streets of Brisbane during the day and have taken in all the interesting sights the fantastically cultural Australian city has to offer. What’s next?

Take a deep breath, relax and save some energy because when the sun goes down in Brisbane, that’s when the fun begins.

Brisbane really does come to life at night. On a scale of one to ten for nocturnal activities Brisbane rates in the upper echelon for quality and variety.

What is there to do? Too much is the answer to that question.

Read on to find out what makes the Brisbane nightlife so exciting and to decide what you can’t afford to miss.

1. Brisbane Segway Tour

Take a fun Segway Tour and ride the streets on two wheels.

You’ll get to see much more of Brisbane in a shorter space of time than if you were walking.

Once you’ve mastered your Segway, you’ll be off, whizzing round all the most popular attractions and burning some rubber as you go. Don’t forget your safety helmet!

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2. Australian Outback Spectacular

There’s nothing better than a dinner show when it tells the story of how a country became great.

Relive history with some dramatic, fun action at the Australian Outback Spectacular.

Cavalry charges, circus stunts and performing animals make this a legendary night out.

With a massive barbecue dinner and free beer throughout the show, you’ll be completely mind boggled by what you see and maybe even wish you’d been one of the original settlers.

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3. Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour

Take a tour through the older parts of town where spectres are reported to stalk.

On a Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour a professional guide will give you insight into the history of those who are said to still be at large when night falls.

Shiver in your boots as you’re regaled with the tale of the Mad Butcher of Queen Street then get ready to run in case the devil of Brisbane decides to put in an appearance.

Will you hear the wailing of the Brisbane Arcade’s resident phantom rattling through the rafters or will it be just the cries of a lost shopper bemoaning how much money they spent in the sales.

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4. Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour

Are the disturbed and violent inmates of the Boggo Road Gaol still there going about their daily routine albeit on a different ethereal level?

There’s only one way to find out.

Join in with a two hour exploration of the gaol on a Boggo Road Ghost Tour.

Sit in a dark cell to hear the stories of ghostly happenings then trace the steps of past prisoners around the exercise circle in the outer yard. Seriously spooky!

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5. Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant

Have some fiendishly ghoulish fun at the Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant.

It’s weirdly different.

Ride the in-house ghost train to your table, dine on a Gothic three course dinner and then be entertained by the stunning stage show.

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6. Mary Mae’s Riverside Feast

Located on the Brisbane Riverside, Mary Mae’s restaurant is ideal for sharing delicious food with friends and family.

After a long day of exploring Brisbane, get away from the busy citylife and unwind with a drink overlooking the water.

Choose from a selection of seafood, burgers, and cocktails.

After dinner, you can go for a stroll along the river.

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7. Brisbane River Dinner Cruise

As the lights of Brisbane illuminate the night skies, sail down the river on a majestic paddle boat for a River Dinner Cruise.

Eat your fill from an enormous buffet, watch live entertainment then relax on the open air upper deck as you sail through the city.

After dinner, you can enjoy the scenery along Brisbane River or hit the dance floor.

This cruise is ideal for romantic dates or even a family fun night out.

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8. Progressive Dinner Experience

If you’re a certified foodie then you’ll love the Progressive Dinner Experience.

It could possibly turn into the most extended meal you’ve ever eaten when you join a small, very select group on a five and a half hour dining tour of three of Brisbane’s best restaurants.

Savor your starter in one place and your main in another after being driven between them in a luxury Mercedes.

Dessert eaten at the Summit Restaurant on Mt Coot-tha really is the icing on the cake as the views of Brisbane will rival anything on your plate.

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9. Eat Street Markets

Shopping is guaranteed to boost anyone’s appetite, but you won’t go hungry at the Eat Street Market.

In this lively open air venue there’s over seventy stalls just waiting to serve you some delectable cuisine with worldwide origins.

Nibble on everything from Greek Yiros to spicy Mexican or Thai dishes as you wander around enjoying the colorful, vibrant atmosphere.

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10. Spirits of the Red Sand Theatre Show with Dinner

At the Spirits of the Red Sand Dinner Show, in a specially constructed Aboriginal village, you’ll be able to witness first hand how life was for the original inhabitants of Australia.

Experience some serious cultural treats as various traditional ceremonies are performed.

Then tuck into the massive buffet with choices of char-grilled beef, chicken, and fish along with fresh salads and delicious desserts.

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11. Glow Worm Eco-Adventure

There’s nothing more amazing than the quirks of Nature.

You’ll see some of them in all their wonder on the Glow Worm Eco-Adventure when you trek through dense rain forest to a cave which lights up of an evening with the luminescence of a million glow worms.

The evening concludes with a visit to the Springbrook Research Observatory to do a different type of star spotting in the glittering night skies.

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12. Brisbane River Guided Kayak Night Tour

Jump in a kayak on the Brisbane River and paddle along the South Bank at night.

This is an ideal location to relax and take in the Brisbane scenery.

In the distance, you’ll see the city skyscrapers and Brisbane Wheel light up the night sky.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to take a photo of the Story Bridge.

There’ll also be a nice break just outside a Jazz bar where you can enjoy the music from the river.

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13. 2-Day Moreton Island Tour

If being in Australia has brought out your adventurous spirit, this two day Moreton Island Tour with Nighttime Kayaking is something you shouldn’t miss.

Snorkel around the Tangalooma ship wrecks and try some exciting sand-boarding before floating over the sea, gigantic phosphorescent plankton-style, in an illuminated kayak.

Accommodation and meals are included as you go on this adventure to Moreton Island.

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14. Moreton Island 4WD Camping Tour

If you want to have a real outdoor experience then take this 4WD Camping Tour.

Drive from Brisbane in a 4WD to the stunning Moreton Island where you’ll pitch camp in true bushwhacker style.

Once the tents are up, it’s time to explore.

Find deserted beaches perfect for surfing or spot some endemic wildlife then when night falls enjoy the camaraderie of an Australian campfire.

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15. XXXX Brewery Beer & Tappas at Night

XXXX Brewery is one of the most iconic attractions in Brisbane

It’s best to experience this over a delicious tappas meal combined with the right choice of beer.

Take your friends, family or date to an enjoyable night at XXXX beer and try a variety of foods including Wagyu meatballs, char-grilled octopus or cooked pork belly.

You can make bookings up til 7:30pm.

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16. Warner Bros Movie World Fright Night

A Warner Bros Movie World Fright Nite is only for the truly courageous.

Thematic mazes will blow your brain cells and get your heart beating faster than it ever has before.

If you survive that then watch the spooky spectacular when an illusionist summons the horsemen of the apocalypse.

Still got a thirst for more?

Get locked in a panic room or take the hair raising ultimate Terror Tour. Don’t say you haven’t be warned.

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17. Brisbane Wheel

Take a sedate evening ride on the Brisbane Wheel to see the city in all its nighttime glory.

Time it right and you’ll be spinning slowly round as the sun goes down.

Pair that with a private gondola, a wine tasting experience included, for the perfect way to view the city and create a memorable evening.

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Have you had a fun, terrorific or adventurous experience in Brisbane?

We’d love to hear all about it. Post a comment below plus a photo if you have one and let us know what you got up to.

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