Gorky Park, originally opened in 1928, is a large park area in the center of Moscow. It recently underwent major changes in order to make the park more updated and current. Many of the old amusement attractions have been taken down and were replaced by more modern activities such as dance lessons, yoga, and concerts. On any given day Gorky Park is full of Muscovites and tourists.

Gorky Park Photos


gorky park entrance

The Main Entrance of Gorky Park – Gorky Park was originally built as an attraction during the Soviet Union and this socialist aesthetic can be seen quite clearly at the main entrance. A huge, elaborate gate and a slightly dilapidated merry-go-round makes a perfect Soviet photo opportuntiy.

Ice Skating Gorky Park

Ice Skating at Gorky Park – Every year the main part of Gorky Park is turned into a giant ice rink. Because of Moscow’s long winters (and with the help of modern technology), the ice rink stays open for 5 full months. The area also offers open cafes and even warm restaurants for skaters to take a break in the middle of their activities.

gorky park observatory

Gorky Park’s Observatory – Gorky Park’s first astronomical pavilion was constructed in 1929. This building was part of a big astronomical complex but now stands alone. Today the Observatory is again open for visitors and equipped with a new dome and telescope.


Entrance is free. Below is a list of rentals available:

Rental Cost
Adult bike rent 1500 ruble safety deposit. 200 rubles for the first hour, 100 for each additional.
Child bike rent 1000 ruble safety deposit. 100 rubles for the first hour, 50 for each additional.
Paddle boat rent 500 ruble safety deposit. For two people, 200 per hour. For four people, 350 per hour.
Rollerblade rent 1000 ruble safety deposit. 200 rubles for the first hour, 100 for each additional.
Tennis court rental With coach: 1100 rubles per hour. Without, 700 rubles per hour.
Ping Pong table rent With coach, 600 rubles per hour. Without, 150 rubles per hour.
Football field rent 2000 rubles per hour.
Beach volleyball court rent 600 rubles per hour.
Badminton court rent 600 rubles per hour.
Beach soccer court rent 3000 rubles per hour.
Beach handball rent 1000 rubles per hour.

map of gorky park


The main entrance is located right next to the Krymsky bridge. It can be reached easily from the Park Kultury metro station. When you exit the station, go to your right, cross the bridge and you will see the park entrance gates on the right. The walk is about 5 minutes long.

Entrance to Gorky Park is also about 8 minutes from the Oktyabrskaya metro station. Turn left from the station and walk until you see the entrance gates on your left.


Officially titled “The Central Park of Rest and Culture in the name of M. Gorky”, Gorky Park was establed in 1928 to honor Maxim Gorky and provide Muscovites with a green place to walk in the city. The park stretches along the Moscow River and is full of attractions for both adults and children. After major neglect during the later years of the Soviet Union and post-USSR Russia, a huge renovation project was undertaken in 2011 to modernize the area. Today the park is much cleaner and filled with various activities.

Interesting Facts

Gorky Park may be most famous abroad because of the 1983 book/movie of the same title. In fact this movie wasn’t even shot in Moscow! Because of Cold War restrictions on foreigner’s ability to travel to Russia, “Gorky Park” was in fact filmed in Finland.

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