Moscow Attractions

Moscow is an amazing place to visit. Everything is made on a huge and glorious scale. You’ll see beautiful architecture as well as huge shopping centres and enormous parks.

Top Attractions

The top attraction in Moscow is Red Square. Named ‘Krasnyi’ which originally meant beautiful, only in modern Russian does the word come to mean ‘Red’. At one end of Red Square is the beautiful eye-catching domes of St Basil’s Cathedral. The GUM Department store, the State Historical Museum and Lenin’s Mausoleum lying in front of The Kremlin Walls form the other sides.


A number of Europe’s largest Malls are in Moscow. The GUM Department Store may not be as big as some, but it has status and location. The best and most beautiful market is Izmailovo, especially if you are after art or Babushka dolls.

Kids & Family

VDNKh Park is a great place to take the kids. Adjacent to the entry is the Cosmonauts Museum which is just full of interesting exhibits. The Park also has a large Aquarium, called the Moskvarium, and in the winter, there is an Ice Rink. A giant Ferris wheel and an amusement park are there for family fun.

Moscow Metro

The Metro in Moscow is worth spending some time exploring. There are 44 stations that have been declared cultural heritage standard. A few of the stations to watch out for are Park Kultury, Prospekt Mira, Taganskaya and Kievskaya.

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Most Popular Attractions in Moscow

1. Gorky Park

    Gorky Park, originally opened in 1928, is a large park area in the center of Moscow. It recently underwent major changes in order to make the park more...

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3. Moscow Zoo

    The Moscow Zoo now serves as one of the premiere zoos in the world and, despite major financial issues in the past, is an interesting and educational center....

4. Izmailovo Market

  • Marked by the colorful Kremlin at its entrance, Izmailovo Market (also known as the Vernisazh Market) is perfect for buying souvenirs for friends back...

5. Tsaritsyno Park

    Tsaritsyno Park is a large park in the south of Moscow. The area is most famous for its estate which was constructed as a summer home for Empress Catherine...

7. Moscow Planetarium

  • The recently reopened Moscow Planetarium was originally opened in 1929 as an education center for the Soviet Union’s first cosmonauts. Having been...

8. Bolshoi Theater

    Following a lengthy six year, $700 million reconstruction project, the Bolshoi Theater has finally been reopened to the public. The building’s facade...

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9. Sparrow Hills

    Sparrow Hills is a famous Moscow park located on one of the so called “Seven hills of Moscow”. The two main attractions of Sparrow Hills are...

10. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

    Considered the premiere art gallery in all of Russia, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts houses work by some of the most well-known artists in the world....

11. Red Square

  • Located in the very heart of Moscow’s center, Red Square offers a mix of free attractions as well as guided tours of various museums. Red Square...

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12. Roerich Museum

    The Roerich Museum at the International Centre of the Roerichs in Moscow celebrates the life and accomplishments of Nicholas Roerich and his family. Roerich...

18. Moscow Museum of Modern Art

    The Moscow Museum of Modern Art was opened in December of 1999 and was the first statue museum in Russia that focuses on contemporary art (20th and 21st...

20. Izmailovo Estate

    Once a royal estate located outside Moscow city limits, Izmailovo Estate was incorporated into the city in the 20th century and now provides a small oasis...

21. The Moscow Kremlin

  • The Moscow Kremlin, initially built in the 14th century, is a large, red-walled fortress in the very center of Moscow. The Kremlin’s walls house...

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