Warwick Attractions

Still a beautifully preserved site of medieval architecture, Warwick is full of charm and grace. The castle where the Earl of Warwick lived during the lengthy War of the Roses is still in excellent condition and can be visited by any tourist hungry for history. Delve deeper into the town’s past with the Warwickshire museum, or simply enjoy meandering through the streets of this delightful British town. It is also a lovely destination for anyone walking along the River Avon, and it is always buzzing with students from the prestigious university too, offering a well-rounded atmosphere to the place.


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Most Popular Attractions in Warwick

3. Charlecote Mill

  • Free
  • +44 1789 842072
  • Charlecote Mill, Charlecote Road, Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
  • 1

5. Warwick Racecourse

  • £10 per person
  • +44 1926 491553
  • Warwick Racecourse, Hampton Street, Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Times vary Jan-Dec
  • 1

7. Lord Leycester Hospital

  • Adult £8.50 Child £5
  • 44-1926-491-22
  • Lord Leycester Hospital Guildh, High Street, Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Tue-Sun 10am-5pm

8. Hill Close Gardens

  • Adult £4 Child £1
  • +44 1926 493339
  • Hill Close Gardens, Bread and Meat Close, Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Daily 11am-5pm
  • 1

13. The Mill Garden

  • Admission £2.50 Child: Free
  • +44 1926 492877
  • The Mill Garden, Mill Street, Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Daily 9am-6pm

14. Warwick Castle

  • Upon booking
  • +44 871 265 2000
  • Warwick Castle, Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Wed-Sun 10am-4pm
  • 1

15. Charlecote Park

  • Adult £7.27-£8 Child £3.63-£4
  • +44 1789 470277
  • Charlecote Road, Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Daily 10am-6pm

Top Attractions

Warwick Castle was founded by William the Conqueror and today is one of the best preserved medieval castles in England. It has been lived in constantly since early times and only recently ownership was passed from the Earls of Warwick to Tussards who have installed a number of wax figures in the Castle to heighten the visitor’s experience.

The town of Warwick suffered from a Great Fire in 1694, so any buildings that survived that fire are special attractions today. Examples are 10-14 Jury St, a 17th Century timber framed building and the house on the corner of Swan & New Streets, which was built in 1634. The Lord Leycester Hospital was built in 1571 by Robert Dudley, Lord Leicester, for soldiers wounded in service to Elizabeth I.

Kids & Shopping

The Hatton Country World is a multi-purpose destination, with an adventure world for the kids and a village for shopping as well. Antiques, a plant nursery and specialty shops are all here.

Day Tours

With so many historic buildings in the area, there are a number of great destinations for day trips. Warwick is also very central for outings into Shakepearean country at Stratford Upon Avon. Explore the Cotswolds, Leamington Spa, and Birmingham.


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