21 Best Scarborough Attractions Every Tourist Must See

In this creative hub by the sea, old and new mix together in an independent and unique blend. Scarborough is all about renovation using old places of interest as a place for growth and change. Over the years, the town has seen the transformation of the town museum into a space for artists, among other reinvention projects. Now, the town is abuzz with life and originality, though they have still preserved the castle and various churches to cling on to the past throughout their modern revolt.


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21 Most Popular Attractions in Scarborough

1. Tracy Savage Fine Art Gallery

  • Free
  • +44 1723 378516
  • Tracy Savage, 18 St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough, England YO11 2ES, United Kingdom
  • Times vary

2. Dean and Manor Rd Cemetery Secret Garden

  • Accepts donation
  • Dean Road Cemetery, Dean Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Daily

3. Rotunda Museum

  • Adult £3 Child: Free
  • +44 1723 384511
  • The Rotunda Museum, Vernon Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Tue-Sun 10am-5pm

4. Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary

  • Upon booking
  • +44 1723 373414
  • Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

5. Scarborough Cricket Club

  • Adult £16 Child £10
  • +44 1723 365625
  • Scarborough Cricket Club, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Times vary by game

6. Mecca Bingo

  • Free
  • +44 1723 365708
  • Mecca Bingo, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 1XS, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Sat 11am-10:30pm Sun 12pm-10:30pm

7. Stepney Hill Farm

  • Upon booking
  • 01723 373443
  • Stepney Hill Farm, Stepney Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Sat 7am-5:30pm Sun 10am-3pm

8. Playdale Farm Park (Cayton)

  • Adult £6.75 Child £6.50
  • +44 1723 586351
  • Playdale Farm Park, Cayton, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Daily 10am-5pm

9. The Spa Scarborough

  • Upon inquiry
  • +44 1723 821888
  • The Spa Cliff Lift, Scarborough, England YO11 2HD, United Kingdom
  • Times vary by show

10. Scarborough Art Gallery

  • Adult £3 Child: Free
  • +44 1723 374753
  • Scarborough Art Gallery, The Crescent, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Tue-Sun 10am-5pm

11. Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre

  • Accepts donation
  • +44 1723 369361
  • Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre, Eastborough, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Wed-Sun 11am-4pm

12. YMCA Theatre

  • Upon booking
  • +44 1723 374227
  • YMCA Theatre, Saint Thomas Street, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Fri 10am-10pm Sat 9am-5pm

13. Alpamare Scarborough

  • Adult £19 Child £15
  • 441723861431
  • Alpamare UK, Burniston Road, Scarborough YO12 6PH, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Sat 10am-10pm Sun 10am-9pm

14. Scarborough Castle

  • Adult £5.90-£6.50 Child £3.50-£3.90
  • +44 1723 372451
  • Scarborough Castle, Castle Road, Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • Daily 10am-6pm
  • 1

15. St Mary’s Church, Scarborough

  • Free
  • +44 1723 500541
  • St Marys Church, Castle Road, Scarborough YO11 1TH, UK
  • Times vary

Top Attractions

As a seaside town, Scarborough still offers one of the most traditional of English holiday attractions, Donkey Rides. See the Hee Haw Donkey Crew at South Bay Beach. The 12th-century Scarborough Castle is also an exciting place to visit, having the ruins of a Roman signal station. Views of both sides of Scarborough are impressive from this amazing Castle. Also see the SeaLife Sanctuary, which has 13 zones to explore, offering a 1000 different marine animals and lots of learning experiences.

Kids & Family

The Scarborough Fair Collection is a museum of showground rides, vintage machines, motors and vehicles and fairground paraphernalia that will entertain kids of all ages. It also has carousels, merry-go-rounds, and mechanical horses of all types for them to enjoy. The Peasholm Park offers, among the gardens and parklands, a miniature naval battle, Naval Warfare, that kids will be delighted with. There are also paddle-boats dressed up like dragons just for fun.


In the centre of Scarborough is the Brunswick Shopping Centre, but for an adventure go underground. In the Scarborough Vaults, haunted and the subject of many tales, the Vaults are now full of artisans and craftsmen in the Vault Markets. These are found below the St Helens Square indoor market.

Day Tours

Take a trip up to Whitby and visit the Old Coastguard Station, a day out that will be fun for the whole family. Robin Hood Bay is close to Whitby and fossils are regularly found there. Or take a day out at and go trekking with the Pesky Husky through the North York Moors, in specially built vehicles and a husky dog team.


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