0 Best Salisbury Attractions Every Tourist Must See

Salisbury is a hidden gem, and also the host of the tallest church spire in England. In relation, Salisbury maintains its medieval charm with classic designs from every era spanning from the Tudors to the Victorians. Still, it also has a lot of modern appeal with new nightlife and restaurants cropping up all of the time. Other than impressive cathedrals and manor houses, Salisbury is best known for hosting one of four remaining copies of the Magna Carta, a political document dating all the way back to 1215.


0 Most Popular Attractions in Salisbury

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Top Attractions

There is an Iron age fort, Salisbury’s first Cathedral, built in 1092, and ruins of a Royal castle, dating from 1070 all together at Old Sarum. This is the original site of the city, which was moved with the building of the new Salisbury Cathedral in 1220. This Cathedral has the highest spire in all of England and an original of the Magna Carta is lodged there. Another Iron Age fort is at the Figsbury Ring, which may also have some Neolithic ruins as well.

Kids & Family

Take the kids to the Salisbury Museum for an interactive look at the world, and stories about the past. The kids will also love a trip to Boscombe Down Aviation Collection to see lots of planes, old and new. Education and fun, all together.

Shopping & Nightlife

The Charter Market is a popular event in Salisbury, and regular shopping is offered at The Cross Keys with a wide range of shops. For an interesting night out, see what is on offer at the Salisbury Arts Centre.

Day Tours

Salisbury is the nearest city to Stonehenge, the most sophisticated Megolithic stone monument in the world of stone circles. While you are in Stone Circle country, take a drive up to Avebury and see the largest stone Circle in the world, a circle that goes right around the town.


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