Legoland Windsor is an amusement park dedicated to children and young fans of Lego. The park is situated in Windsor, Berkshire and it is considered one of the most attractive theme parks in the United Kingdom. Legoland offers a wide range of activities and highlights including rides, shows, Lego models and workshops. It has eleven themed areas: Adventure Land, The Beginning, Duplo Valley, Imagination Centre, Knight’s Kingdom, Land of the Vikings, Kingdom of the pharaohs, LEGO City, Miniland, Pirate Shores and Traffic.

Rides & Attractions

  • The Beginning – This area is immediately accessible as you enter the park. It includes the Hill Train (the only attraction remaining from Windsor Safari Park) that travels between The Beginning and Traffic. A big part of the entrance area is dedicated to and inspired from the six Star Wars movies and the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You can also find here a workshop and the Last Chance Marketplace, where you can purchase various Lego products and souvenirs.
  • Miniland – Miniland is a miniature world with various towns and cities from all over the globe. For the creation of this whole area, more than 40 million Lego bricks were used. Means of transportation, buildings, streets, bridges – everything is represented to the smallest detail. It also features numerous animated models that interact and offer a one of a kind show.

  • Duplo Valley – Duplo Valley is a water park heaven for small children. It was also known as Duplo Land, Duplo Gardens and Explore Land. The Splash Safari provides interactive water features and a menagerie with elephants, zebras and lions, all made of LEGO pieces, of course.
  • LEGO City – The main attraction in this area is definitely the action show The Pirates of the Skeleton Bay, which can be watched on Weekdays from 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and on Weekend from 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm. The area was previously known as My Town and besides the Pirates, it also features a train ride with the Orient Expedition, the narrow gauge railway, a hot balloon ride, the Fire Academy, the Traffic Games with remote-control trucks and other driving activities.

  • Adventure Land – In the Adventure Land Area, the main attraction is Atlantis Submarine Voyage by Sealife, which gives the visitors the opportunity to observe the wonders of the aquatic world. This area also features a climbing wall, a Dino Safari (that will take your kids in a jungle filled with dinosaurs) and the SQUID Surfer with its jet-ski pods.
  • Kingdom of Pharaohs – In this area, children can enter the world of ancient Egyptian tombs and find the hidden treasure by gaining points through completing various theme activities. Some of the rides included here are Desert Chase, Thunder Blazer and Aero Nomad.
  • Pirate Shores – The Jolly Rocker and Pirate Falls Treasure Quest are popular rides in the area so be prepared for long queues. For more relaxing experiences, stroll through Enchanted Forrest, or enjoy other activities like panning for gold.
  • Land of the Vikings – This Nordic-themed area has a number of rides based on viking ships including Longboat Invader, Spinning Spider and Viking’s River Splash. You can also try your luck exploring at exploring a hedged maze in Loki’s Labyrinth.
  • Knights Kingdom – Here, you can have fun in the famous Dragon Roller Coaster and enter the world of fairy tales: many princesses and knights wait to lead your way through the castle. Children can also enjoy the Knight’s Quest, a fast carousel ride in Legoland.
  • Imagination Centre – Kids can build their own legos, play video games and watch 4D movies in the Imagination Theatre. The rides Space Tower and Sky Rider are also found here, both with height restrictions.


1-Day Tickets

Adult (16+) £48.00
Child (3 – 15) £43.80
Senior £43.80

2-Day Tickets

Adult (16+) £69.60
Child (3 – 15) £60.00
Senior £60.00

Annual Pass (In Park Only) – From Monday to Friday

Adult and Child (3 – 5) £60.00

Groups 7+ Tickets – Can be purchased online

Adult (16+) £48.00
Child (3 – 15) £43.80
Senior £43.80

School Trips – with £18.50 for teachers BUT 1 Free Teacher Pass for any child needing assistance

March-May September-November June-July School Holidays
Pre-School £5.00 £7.25 £5.50 £20.00
Primary £6.00 £7.25 £9.25 £20.00
Secondary £6.00 £9.25 £12.25 £20.00
Post-16 £14.00 £14.00 £14.00 £20.00
  • They also offer Gold VIP Experiences and Gold Premium VIP Experiences, where you can benefit from various facilities. For information about the VIP Experiences contact [email protected].
  • Children under the age of 4 can visit for free.
  • If you book in advance, you can save: 10% (if you book 2 to 6 days in advance) or 25% (if you book 7+days in advance)
  • Guests with disabilities pay the full admission ticket.


  • Dress accordingly – Even though this should be common knowledge, in this context, it needs to be emphasized more. Because it’s going to be a dynamic day full of different activities, you don’t want to be wearing uncomfortable shoes or inappropriate clothes. Before choosing your outfit, remember that you will get wet (though many waterproof ponchos will be available on the spot).
  • Smile to the Ride Camera – Automated cameras are set at various points on rides to capture fun moments, but it is your decision if you want to buy the souvenir photo or not.
  • Eating in Legoland – There are five restaurants and multiple stands throughout the park where you can find a snack. You can also bring your own food and enjoy a picnic in a special open air area called Picnic Grove.
  • Special Children Care – Children will be given a badge with the name and phone number of their parents or adult taking care of them. If they get lost, one of the numerous staff members throughout the Resort will immediately find them and contact the guardians.
  • Don’t forget about height restrictions – While most attractions require a minimum 0.9m height, there are also many that require a minimum height of 1m: Pirate Falls, The Dragon, Jolly Rocker and Vikings’ River Splash. Also, children under 1.3m height should be accompanied by an adult for most of the rides.
  • QBot Queuing system – Use this system to skip the line for rides and various attractions. Using this small electronic device, you can virtually “book” your place in a queue. The Q-Bot will cost extra, but it’s certainly worth it if you plan on experiencing everything in one day. More information on how it works and prices can be found on the official site.


Legoland Windsor Tickets & Transport
This will save you the hassle of researching the best transportation method. Admission tickets include pickup from selected hotels.
  • Bus – You can take the Green Line Bus (London 702 and 701) from London Victoria and stop outside Legoland Windsor. There is also the Legoland Shuttle service that runs from the Central Windsor straight to Legoland. For this, take buses 200 or 191 from the Theatre Royal or Windsor Parish Church stations. They run every half an hour.
  • Train – You can choose between two railway stations in Windsor: London’s Waterloo Station (terminates at Windsor Riverside Station) and London’s Paddington Station (terminates at Windsor Central). Even though with the Paddington train you will need to change the train at Slough, this route is faster (just half and hour) and it is preferred by most tourists. Unlike the other London transport passes, the London Pass Travelcard can be used to travel to Windsor.
  • Car – If you plan to travel to Legoland Windsor by car, you will need to use one of the following routes: M4 (Junction 6) – from the North, M3 (Junction 3) – from the South, M25 (Junction 13) – from London. A £4 parking ticket can be purchased from the Ticket Booth or Guest Services.
  • From Airports – You can get to Legoland Windsor from London Heathrow Airport via the M4 route (a 12-mile distance) or from Gatwick Airport via the M25 route (a 45-mile distance).


Legoland Windsor was opened in March 1996, being the second Legoland in the whole world. The theme park is situated on the same spot where The Royal Windsor Safari Park used to be since 1969. When Safari Park encountered financial difficulties and, as a consequence, went into receivership, the Lego Group decided to use the new available space for their purposes. In the short period of time between 1992 and 1996, everything was prepared for the grand opening of the new and exciting amusement park. Only in the first season, almost 1.5 million people visited the area. In 1999, Legoland Windsor Resort was voted by Group Leisure Magazine as Uk’s Number One Family Attraction.

Interesting Facts

  • More than 1.5 million Lego bricks were used to create the Star Wars Model Display situated at the entrance area.
  • The smallest Lego models are the pigeons from Miniland Area (only five Lego bricks each).

5 Reviews

  1. rosie
    rosie 21 Comments
     -  25 Aug 2018

    Fun for everyone

    Excellent theme park! There are lots of rides and interesting Lego attractions so there’s plenty to do. A wonderful day out for adults and children alike, and certainly one of my favourite UK theme parks as a child and an adult.

  2. Elisa
    Elisa 23 Comments
     -  02 Mar 2018


    Ordinary Legolend. Not the biggest and rich amusement park. However, it is nice to be there, especially not in the high season. We were there in May and the people were not at all many. Children like it.
    Be sure to take water with you – it’s expensive there. Food, too, left much to be desired, especially for children who are not used to eating hamburgers and sausages.

  3. Avatar
    Nemanja Popović 39 Comments
     -  28 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Legoland was a great experience for me and my friends. It reminded us of our childhoods and our endless adventures with lego toys. It has lots of themed areas and its worth the time and money you will spend. Great fun!

  4. Uswa Shamail
    Uswa Shamail 9 Comments
     -  16 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Going to legoland has been one of my most memorable experiences. Its best if you hang there with friends and family and just the amount of things you can do in a day if absolutely mind moggling. the place has been built with such attention to detail and so much effort. my personal favourite was the miniland where you totally feel like a giant but you could see even small things like streetlamps and what not. great experience

  5. Avatar
    alexg 10 Comments
     -  02 Mar 2017


    Excellent theme park, great rides and an awesome experience for all the family. There was so much to do in the park and so much to see. It’s a really good day out for families with small children. I’ve got lots of great memories of this place!

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