Visiting Harrods isn’t anything like going to your local shopping centre. Europe’s largest department store offers a lot more than just items for sale in its 330 departments; items which can come as a cheap as £2 or cost more than £1 million. Harrods features an enormous food area, where visitors can select anything from sweets and pastries to seafood and meat that is literally cut off the bone in the store. Numerous rare and famous items can also be found inside Harrods including guitars used by famous rock stars, props from movies, and a memorial for Princes Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed. Harrods provides a true experience of English-style upmarket shopping and fine dining, along with some spectacular sights and items that can’t be found anywhere else.


  • Food Hall – The Harrods food hall can take almost an hour or more to get through. The hall contains items from every food group in inconceivable amounts. The food hall is made up of four rooms. One room contains chocolate, coffee, tea, and confectionery. The world-renowned Harrods tea can be found here, featuring all different flavors. Everything is set out in elaborate displays that make it difficult to walk past without stopping to stare and salivate. Candy, pastry, fruits and vegetables, general groceries, and more rare foods can be found spread out across two of the other rooms. The final room holds all the restaurants, where visitors can order fresh meat and seafood that is cooked right in front of them.
A small portion of the Harrods food hall

A small portion of the Harrods food hall


  • Furniture – Modern and antique furniture can be found on the third floor. Within a variety of rooms visitors can find items that can transform the inside of their home so extravagantly it will make the royal palace look like a cheap hostel. Unfortunately, these items come at a ridiculous price (some items are even as much as £1 million), but they are amazing to look at and dream about owning.
This billiard table is one of the items priced above £1 million

This billiard table is one of the items priced above £1 million


  • Clothing and Accessories – All of Harrods five floors, excluding the third, contain various clothing and accessory departments. These can range from affordable clothes to the expensive and rare designer pieces. Both men and women are catered for, but there are more stores featuring women fashion. The truly unique clothes from all over the world can be found on the first floor. These clothes may be beyond most people’s wallets, but they’re also pieces you’d have to travel around the globe to see elsewhere.
Dresses and other female clothing for sale

Dresses and other female clothing for sale


  • Pet Palace – Pet Palace epitomizes the amount of money and effort people are prepared to spend on their pets. At Pet Palace, owners can drop their pets off for pampering or pick them out items that will ensure they live a life of luxury similar to royalty.
Fashionable accessories for your pet

Fashionable accessories for your pet


  • Rare Items and Displays – A trip to Harrods would not be complete without seeing the various unique and rare items that are on display and for sale. The Egyptian Escalator is a beautifully decorated area of Harrods and contains both of the memorials created for Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed. One memorial even holds the lipstick-stained wine glass Diana used the night of her death and an engagement ring purchased by Dodi. Other rare items that can be found include guitars played by rock stars like the Beatles and props from famous movies like the James Bond franchise.
Memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed

Memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed



  • Personal Shopping – If you feel like spending quite a bit extra, you can organize to have a personal shopping assistant take you around Harrods and help you find that perfect item. Personal shopping is only available by appointment. Call +44 20 7893 8000 or email [email protected] for more information.
  • Getting Turned Away – Harrods originally had a strict dress code and the security could turn away people who they deemed unworthy of entering the store. These days the dress code no longer exists. However, security still have the right to disallow entry to whomever they want without giving a reason, so don’t do anything that might make the wrong people not like you or you could find yourself left out on the street.
  • Eating at Harrods – The food smells and looks incredible at Harrods and it tastes even better. However, you should be prepared to spend close to £40 for a meal if you want to eat at one of the restaurants. If you’d rather not spend that much, there are plenty of other options just outside of Harrods.
  • Events – Harrods often runs special events during the year including fashion shows, discounts, and its famous Christmas department. Check the “News and Events” section online to see if anything is being held during your visit.


  • London Underground – The London Underground provides one of the cheapest and easiest means of transportation to Harrods. There are stations all around London, so you’ll rarely find it inconvenient to find a station near you. To reach Harrods, catch the Piccadilly Line to Knightsbridge Station. Exit the station at the Brompton Road exit. Tickets aren’t expensive, but your best option is to buy an Oyster Card: a convenient swipe card that stores credit and gives a generous discount on all tickets. Click here for a map of all the Underground stations.
  • HopOn HopOff Bus – The Hop-on Hop-off Bus provides reliable and easy transport for anyone wanting to see numerous attractions during their visit to London. Purchasing a 24-hour ticket for $42 enables the holder to catch the bus as many times as they wish during a 24-hour period. The bus visits all the popular attractions in London. For Harrods, catch the blue route and disembark at the Harrods stop.
  • Bus – Catch bus line 9, 10, 14, 19, 22, 52, 74, 137, 414, 452, or C1.


In 1851, after a string of successful business ventures, Charles Harrod took over a small store on the site of the current Harrods department store. A few years later, Harrod’s son was left in charge with only two staff. He steadily built the business up over the next 29 years. By 1880, Harrods had a staff of 100 people and the department store consisted of numerous adjoined buildings.

Harrods’ progress was cut short by a devastating fire that burned the shop’s buildings to the ground in 1883. After another 22 years, the present Harrods building was completed. During this time, Harrods still functioned as a retail supplier.

In 1985, Harrods was purchased by the Fayed brothers for £615 million, and in 2010 it was sold for £1.5 billion. It continues to serve as an upmarket department store, with more than 5000 staff from over 50 different countries.

Interesting Facts

  • Harrods debuted England’s first escalator in 1898.
  • Since 1989, Harrods has turned away a soldier in uniform, a woman with a Mohican haircut, a 95kg woman, and a sporting team for wearing tracksuits. They were deemed unworthy of entering the store. This discrimination has recently ceased.
  • About 300,000 customers visit Harrods on a peak day.
  • The Harrods motto is: All Things for All People, Everywhere.

18 Reviews

  1. rosie
    rosie 21 Comments
     -  25 Aug 2018

    Luxury in London

    Visiting Harrods is a great way to spend a few hours in London. The decor is extravagant and luxurious and there are always interesting products on sale. Whilst the store is aimed towards more expensive items, it is possible to find reasonably priced gifts and it is located in a lovely part of London. Visit if you have the chance!

  2. tinathanabalan
    tinathanabalan 33 Comments
     -  14 Aug 2018

    Sight to see

    This place is definitely something you should visit even if you have no intention of buying anything. It is pretty pricey though even for a coffee. The food hall is incredible, spent most of my time there trying and buying different traditional foods.

  3. Elena.madalina17195
    Elena.madalina17195 23 Comments
     -  14 Jul 2018

    Very good

    Even if you planned a low budget holiday you cant miss Harrods. Yes, the prices are quite high but the overall experience is definitely worth it. I recommend the food court as it has a great selection of dishes that can satisy even the most pretentious tastes.

  4. Jillibeankc6
    Jillibeankc6 45 Comments
     -  02 May 2018

    Fun But Tiring

    Harrods was very large. As it claims, it is full of luxurious items- we saw a set of ten pencils for over 20 Pounds. It was fun for a little while to walk through, and we enjoyed a pastry in the food hall. However, you can only look at expensive things you’ll never afford for so long. We left soon after and were happy to get to the space and peace of the park nearby.

  5. Tracey Best
    Tracey Best
    Australia 23 Comments
     -  24 Apr 2018

    Lovely building with iconic green umbrellas

    I always love going past or in Harrods. I don’t particularly buy anything apart from chocolate and/or nuts. The memorial for Diana and Dodi is lovely too. It’s on the bottom floor. There are a lot of shops on the high end of the price scale but it’s wonderful to visit. The popular place to buy amongst us tourists is the choc/cheese (food) area. I love the green arches of Harrods all around the building and it looks beautiful at night when it lights up. Knightsbridge is the closest tube station and plenty of buses that drop you off there.

  6. cointoss
    cointoss 22 Comments
     -  05 Mar 2018

    It was good

    Great big historical building. It is usually packed so the shopping experience is not great. Most of the things are top end luxury goods. The food court is great though, provided some of the best food from around the world. Unfortunately, the service is sometimes quite snobbish.

  7. katyamart
    Russian Federation 23 Comments
     -  30 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Beautiful store! Its one of the most famous and luxury stores in the world! It is really super expensive but so charming. When I visited it during Christmas holidays I could find some cute stuff for presents in the food area such as Christmas collection tea, cookies, chocolates in amazing cover – everything looked so lovely, the atmosphere of a holiday was everywhere! Always love to come here when I visit London.

  8. NicoleH
    Canada 52 Comments
     -  15 Oct 2017


    Harrod’s is one of the most over the top department stores anywhere in the world. The items for sale can be quite extravagant and the prices reflect that! We wanted to get a small snack but the prices were just too high. Makes for a nice stop as you’re walking around the city if you want to see some unique items.

  9. dzammit
    Canada 54 Comments
     -  03 Aug 2017


    What a spectacular building!! Its a really nice, posh department store. We spent some time watching a personal shopper pick out some outrageously priced items for a customer and we spent some time looking for the memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayad. The memorial is at the foot of an escalator which seems odd but it is touching and personal.

  10. miahe
    miahe 14 Comments
     -  28 Jul 2017


    Harrods is a must see in London I think. I always hang out in the Harry Potter section. It’s especially beautiful in christmas time and I love to buy little gifts there for my family at home. I still have a Harrods Teddybear I bought a few years ago.

  11. lilytravel
    Morocco 9 Comments
     -  18 Jul 2017

    It was good

    A beautiful building, where most of the known and expensive brands are located. beautiful things to see and a lovely open restaurant in the middle. everything looks great but mostly unaffordable. it remains a place that you may want to see if you have spare time. But I would recommend going for something more worthy.

  12. Uswa Shamail
    Uswa Shamail 9 Comments
     -  15 Jul 2017

    Needs improvement

    While Harrods is obviously worth a visit if youre in England from abroad, it only made me squirm with deprivation. i was travelling on a tight budget and there was nothing i could buy, nothing that i could eat – all the products are really costly and while the food is amazingg, it could cost you upto 50 pounds per meal! i suggest spending like 15 minutes only examining and appreciating the interior if youre on a budget.

  13. Sara
    Sara 26 Comments
     -  06 Jun 2017

    It was good

    Concentrating most luxury in London town, Harrods has anything you want to buy.
    Conveniently located close to a subway station, you cannot miss the chance to visit the infamous shopping mall.
    Goods sold here can be very expensive, up to a few million pounds. That is probabily why they have created a sort of souvenir brand. That is for less rich people, they can buy bags, wallets, shirts with the logo.
    I went there a couple times and always found some Anti-fur manifestations right outside the main door

  14. thewizardoflozz
    thewizardoflozz 10 Comments
     -  17 May 2017


    There’s something for everyone here, Harrods is extremely expensive but if you want a brief look in to luxury of those rich and famous, here’s your place! They sometimes hold events in store, but be prepared to dress to impress if you go in here!

  15. Avatar
    lowkey 9 Comments
     -  10 May 2017

    It was good

    Big store with a lot of expensive items. I bought a shopper bag for my mother as a gift that costs £20. The only part of Harrods that attracted me was the food hall. Chocolate and pastries are my guilty pleasures and Harrods sells all kinds! I give three stars for the food hall alone

  16. Avatar
    Sarah 10 Comments
     -  23 Apr 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I had the pleasure of going to Harrods. There is plenty of things to buy here. I absolutely love the food market! They have the best Creme Brulee in town!

  17. ajamoppical
    ajamoppical 9 Comments
     -  14 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    While the prices of items in Harrods are expensive, but it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy yourself in luxury sometimes. Just browsing through this extensive malls can be therapeutic, but definitely get something inexpensive and usable like Harrods totebags, relatively cheap but I can use it all the time!

  18. ChristineIv
    ChristineIv 11 Comments
     -  25 Feb 2017

    It was good

    Sassy, posh space for spending. Depending on where are you coming from, it might look to you as you are entering one of those old communist “univermag” shops. But more expensive, a lot more expensive. Prepare at least £20 for two cups of coffee and a sweetie. Nice (and cheap) gift from Harrods could be a metal box with English tea.

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