99 Best Liverpool Attractions Every Tourist Must See

Liverpool is a vibrant city on the Mersey river, home of the Beatles and an illustrious maritime history. With a rich culture and close-knit community, Liverpool is one of the most popular cities in England for nightlife, museums and arts. Anyone visiting Liverpool should know that it is a hub for creatives and misfits, but the people are some of the most welcoming and friendly chaps you will ever come across. With that in mind, delve into the heart of Liverpool with an openness to new experiences and adventures.

99 Most Popular Attractions in Liverpool

1. The Beatles Story

  • Located on the historic Albert Dock, The Beatles Story shares the journey of the world’s most legendary band, the Beatles, from their humble
  • Adult £15.95, Concession £12.00, Child (5-16) £7.00
  • +44 (0)151 709 1963
  • The Beatles Story, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • March 25th-October 31st: 9am-7pm; November 1st- March 24th: 10am-6pm; Last admission at 5pm; Closed December 25th and 26th
  • 4

2. Powerleague Liverpool

  • Ticket prices vary
  • +44 151 207 1122
  • Powerleague Liverpool, Whittle Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Times vary by game

3. Penny Lane Beatles Visitors Centre

  • Prices vary by attraction
  • +44 151 733 7245
  • Penny Lane Development Trust/Community Centre/Beatles visitor Centre, Penny Lane, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-4pm

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4. Liverpool Central Library

  • Free
  • +44 151 233 3069
  • Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Fri 9am-8pm,Sat 9am-5pm & Sun 10am-5pm
  • 3

5. Museum of Liverpool

  • Opened in 2011, the Museum of Liverpool is the newest national museum in England, possessing modern appeal with its abstract architecture and diverse exhibits.
  • Free
  • Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Daily 10am-5pm
  • 1

6. Western Approaches – Liverpool War Museum

  • Adult £6 Child £4
  • +44 151 227 2008
  • Western Approaches, Rumford Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Thu & Sat 10:30am-4:30pm
  • 2

7. Echo Arena Liverpool

  • Prices vary by show
  • +44 151 475 8888
  • Echo Arena, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Times vary by show

8. Concert Square

  • Free
  • Concert Street, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
  • Daily
  • 3

9. Crazytown

  • Child £1.95-£5.95
  • +44 151 525 5039
  • Crazy Town Aintree, Vesty Road, Bootle, United Kingdom
  • Weekdays 9.30am-6pm; Weekends 10am-6pm
  • 1

10. St. George’s Hall

  • Free
  • +44 151 707 2391
  • St George's Hall, Saint George's Place, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Sun-Sat 10am-5am
  • 1

11. Sefton Park Palm House

  • Free
  • +44 151 726 9304
  • Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Daily
  • 1

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12. Plaza Cinema

  • Adult £4.90-£5.90 Child £3.90-£4.90
  • +44 151 474 4076
  • Plaza Community Cinema, Crosby Road North, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Daily

13. Mendips – John Lennon Home

  • Adult £9.50-£23; Child £7.25
  • +44 870 900 0256
  • John Lennon's childhood house, 251 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Wed-Sun 10am-10pm

14. Liverpool Cathedral

  • Free
  • +44 151 709 6271
  • Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Sun-Sat 8am-6pm
  • 4

Tickets & Tours

15. Stanley Park

  • Free
  • Stanley Park Church, Walton Lane, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Daily
  • 1

What are the Must See Attractions in Liverpool?

Depending on your tastes, there are different parts of Liverpool that might appeal to you. On one hand, Liverpool is very artistic, with plenty of music venues and galleries of interest. On the other hand, the history of Liverpool is an important part of the city we know today, and for anyone who wants to delve further into the past, there is a lot to be gained from Liverpool’s museums.

Art Attractions

Any art lover must start out at the Tate Liverpool. The small gallery is in a beautiful location on the docks, and it is known for its thought-provoking and boundary-pushing artwork. Though modern art doesn’t translate well for everyone, the rotating exhibitions mean there is something of interest to any art lover. If you’re searching for something a little more traditional, head to the Walker Art Gallery, which is close to St George’s Hall. There, you can view an array of classic art from some of the best visionaries of recent years as well as from long ago.


If theatre is more your medium of art then visiting the Everyman theatre is a must. With cheap and interesting plays being shown at all times, it is easy to stumble upon a new favourite playwright in this independent theatre.


Metropolitan Cathedral is a must-see for everyone interested in architecture. Known by the locals as ‘the Wigwam’, its unique design is best viewed at night when it is cast into light for the whole city to see. A number of other unique historic buildings are located at pier head.


For a more in-depth view of the city, the museums are a must-visit. From the International Slavery Museum to the Beatles Story, Liverpool offers an illustrious telling of its own history through fascinating exhibits all over the city. You can learn more about the music and culture, or search for information about the slave trade, the docks and even the infamous passing of the Titanic ship through Liverpool’s docks.


Sightseeing in Liverpool is often about looking closely at your surroundings. Search for the Royal Liver Building to see the sky-high Liver Birds sit atop the towers. Also keep your eyes peeled for Lambananas, a symbol of Liverpool’s art and classic good humour.


Where can you learn more about the Beatles in Liverpool?

For the full Beatles experience, begin at the Beatles Story museum. There are plenty of artefacts from the Liverpool-born boy’s lives, and you can learn more about their lives before and after they rose to global success. From there, take yourself over to Matthew Street where you can visit the Cavern Club, one of the venues where the Beatles first played in their hometown.

If you want to delve further into Beatles history, take a stroll to the Matthew Street Art Gallery, where some of Lennon’s artwork is on show. Then, you can visit the Eleanor Rigby statue on Stanley Street, the famous Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields – each are famous landmarks or people mentioned in Beatles songs. Hardcore fans might opt to stay at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel or visit 38 Kensington Road where the Beatles band were supposedly ‘born.’

Alternatively, if you prefer a guide, try one of these tour options:


What sporting events are worth seeing in Liverpool?

If you’re a football fan, you’ll be pleased to know that Liverpool is host to two of the best football teams in the Premier League. Everton FC and Liverpool FC will forever be bitter rivals, but they share a city and their love of the beautiful game. Visit Anfield or Goodison to watch a game, with tours available at each of the grounds too.

If horse racing is more your thing, then Aintree is just a short train ride away. Embark at Liverpool Central and travel to Aintree station to witness the Grand National in April. At any other time of year, it’s a relatively quiet city, but if you’re interested in the history of the event, it could be worth a peek if you’re passing by.


Is there an Attractions pass?

The attractions pass in Liverpool may be a little redundant if you plan to remain in the city. Most of the museums are free, and tours are often cheaper bought singularly. The Visit Liverpool pass does offer discounts at a range of restaurants, but you will find that there are plenty of places to eat at reasonable prices without the pass.


What Attractions can you visit in Liverpool at night?

The music and nightlife in Liverpool is an important part of its culture. Here are some of our recommendations for those interested in exploring Liverpool at night:

Live Music at Cavern Club

If you are interested in live music, then the Cavern Club is a vital visit. There are often independent bands playing on the stage that the Beatles once graced, and sometimes there are opportunities for the crowd to get up and have a go at being a part of it all.

Concert Square

For a typical night out, most people head to Concert Square. There’s a good mix of bars and clubs to keep you partying up all night. While hen parties tend to be magnetised to the likes of Popworld and Woody’s karaoke bars, students gravitate towards Level and Soho. For cocktails, Be At One is always a safe bet, or head down to the Albert Dock to enjoy a drink at Revolution on the waterfront.


If you’re looking for a unique bar to tell your friends about, Liverpool has a few hidden hubs that every tourist should be aware of. If you’re feeling daring, the underground absinthe bar on Seel Street attracts hundreds of customers a week. Blink and you’ll miss it, but “Some Place” is worth a visit for its strong, but luscious cocktails. There are plenty of hidden bars in Liverpool if you know where to look, but don’t spend too long hunting – there are plenty of non-secret bars at your disposal too!

Stanley Street

It is well known for its vibrant Gay Quarter, with the entirety of the Stanley Street area dedication to the LGBT experience. For a fun night full of colour, variety and drag queens (Superstar Boudoir in particular) it is the best place to aim for.


Which Attractions are a Day trip from Liverpool?

Liverpool is surrounded by beautiful British countryside. If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, head out to the Lake Districts or through to Chester and Wales.

Whichever direction you to choose to travel in, you’re bound to find beautiful walks and picturesque little villages that show off the British charm the country is best known for. Specifically, the areas of Portmeirion and Criccieth are delightful parts of Wales within ten minutes of each other. From Liverpool, driving to Criccieth takes just over two hours, and there you will discover a delightful coastline, great ice cream and plenty of walks to complete.

For a shorter drive, head up to Windemere in the Lake District, which is a great place to go walking. It takes just over an hour to drive, and from Windemere there are plenty of interesting villages to visit, including Ambleside – which is perfect for hiking and going on adventures – and Kendal, home of the Kendal mint cake.


What are the best Liverpool Attractions for couples?

Liverpool has plenty of romance factor if you know where to look. Depending on your style of date, you can find a whole bunch of hidden gems when exploring the city, but if you want to plan ahead, here are some of the highlights.

Artistic Dates

If you are interested in art and theatre, it’s well worth seeing a show during your trip to Liverpool. Catch a matinee show at the Empire – the largest and best of the theatres in Liverpool – and then head up to Bold Street for dinner or cross the road to the art galleries.

Food and Drink Dates

For romantic dining experiences, it’s best to head down to the Albert Dock. You can sit beside the water and enjoy high-end food and drink options. Revolution is perfect for a cocktail, and Smuggler’s Cove is renowned for its unique décor and delicious food. Alternatively, head to the rooftop gardens at OH ME OH MY to get great views of the city as well as perfect afternoon tea options.

Dates with a View

For newbies to the city, another great thing to do on a date is head up the Radio City Tower. From the top, you can see the entire city, looking down on the beautiful architecture and out over the Mersey. Alternatively, try out the Echo Wheel by the docks to see the city from another angle.


Are there any Shore Excursions for travellers on cruises?

The cruises tend to dock on the port opposite the Liver Building when passing through Liverpool. From here, many of the main attractions are accessible by foot, including the Albert Dock – where the Tate Gallery and plenty of shops are situated – as well as Liverpool One shopping and most museums.

Liverpool Shore Excursion

If you would like to have a more structured visit, there is a 5 hour tour available that takes you to the best parts of Liverpool. It has a strong focus on the Beatles side of the city, and it will take you to the Cavern Club where they once performed. It also visits some of the best filming locations in the city so that you can see the places where your favourite actors once stood to create movie magic.


What Liverpool attractions can you see on a budget?

Liverpool is great on a budget because even the attractions that aren’t free are cheap. However, if you want to do Liverpool without spending a penny, there are options for that as well.

Museum of Liverpool

To get a well-rounded view of Liverpool and its history, check out the Museum of Liverpool. With free entry on offer, there’s no excuse not to go in and take a look around. Situated on the Docks, this modern museum has it all – football memorabilia, city history and exhibits unique to Liverpool, displaying its charm and intrigue in one place.

Liverpool Cathedral

For those with an interest in religion or architecture, visit the Liverpool Cathedral. The fantastic building is often the host of events and functions, including graduation ceremonies for Liverpool students. The Cathedral also hosts beautiful artwork by the infamous Tracey Emin, a creator of controversial art and beauty.

St George’s Hall

Another free attraction is St George’s Hall. It is in the heart of Liverpool and features heavily in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as the British series Peaky Blinders. More importantly, it is known as one of the best buildings in Liverpool, and even on a worldwide scale. It often plays host to town events and conferences, and so it is a familiar place to any Liverpudlian.

Liverpool Central Library

Feeling bookish? Liverpool Central Library is free to everyone, offering the largest place to work and borrow books in the city. Its archives are bursting with incredible books, films, audio tapes and every other media you could ever want, and it mixes modern architecture with classic old library vibes.

Maritime Museum

Maritime history is a huge part of Liverpool’s dynamic, so if you’re interested in learning more, check out the Maritime Museum. It’s perfect for a rainy day, taking up a few hours of your time with fascinating and diverse exhibits.

Liverpool One

If you don’t mind splashing out a little more cash, there are opportunities for shopping in Liverpool One, as well as great shows on offer at all of the theatres. Having said this, there is plenty to do without spending anything at all as most museums in Liverpool offer free entry.


What public transport is available in Liverpool?

Trains – James Street and Liverpool Central offer easy transfers to nearby towns, reaching out towards Chester, Southport and Ormskirk. Lime Street station is also any easy place to find quick, easy transfers out of the city, including long-distance travel to London and other larger cities.

Bus – For inner city travel, your best bet is travelling by bus. It is both cheap and easy, though most parts of Liverpool are just as easy to access on foot. If you are staying further out of the centre, head to the Liverpool One bus station or to Queen’s Square to catch a bus into the outskirts of the city.

Bike – If you like the idea of exploring the city on a bike, there are places all over the city where you can hire one. City Bike has stations in easy to access parts of Liverpool, and rental begins at one pound an hour.

Ferry – For ferry travel across the Mersey, opt for the Mersey Ferry service. It is most commonly used by commuters, but if you want to cross to the other side of the water in style, it might be worth a return trip one day.


Is there a sightseeing bus or cruise?

If you like the idea of exploring the marina life further, voyage along the Mersey on the River Explorer Cruise and receive an in depth history of the city as you see the sights. However, if you haven’t quite found your sea legs, there is also a bus tour. The best option is to get a combination pack which includes both the river cruise and hop on hop off bus tour.


How far is Liverpool John Lennon Airport from Liverpool?

The airport is just over eight miles from the centre of Liverpool and is easily accessible in a number ways. From Lime Street Station, you can catch a cab or jump on a bus that will take you part of the way there, but it is definitely worth considering a private transfer. To ensure you will make it on time in comfort and with ease, book a Private Transfer from Liverpool to the airport or vice versa at a reasonable price.


When is the Best time to visit Liverpool?

Summer and winter are both very vibrant in Liverpool. In the year’s most extreme seasons, Chavasse Park in Liverpool One comes alive, offering fun fairs and plenty of stalls for all the family. Summer also boasts some of the best festivals in the north of England, including extravagant Pride events and a free music festival in Sefton Park. In winter, the Christmas markets bring some sparkle to the city, offering amazing food and gift shopping.


What happens in Liverpool on New Year’s Eve?

As always, the nightlife in Liverpool is buzzing on New Year’s Eve. Concert Square is the place to be if you’re going on a last-minute night out, though many of the best clubs require you to buy a ticket beforehand.

If you are booking in advance for the big day, there are plenty of places to obtain tickets. Events are held around the city from foam parties to live music events. Fireworks displays are often held at the waterside and can be viewed from any point on the Albert Dock.


What’s the Weather like in Liverpool?

In general, as with all British weather, Liverpool receives a mixed bag. In the winter, you can expect cold winds and plenty of rain. Between spring and summer, the weather improves a little, but it’s always advisable to be prepared for bad weather. Highs in the summer tend to reach around twenty degrees, but it’s not uncommon to be hit with cold winds.


Where are the Best Areas to Stay in Liverpool for Tourists?

For a Liverpool tourist, it is best to try and stay in the centre. If you are hoping to spend your time seeing the sights, there are plenty of hotels in town that are affordable as well as handy for train travel and exploring the city on foot.

Lime Street Station is the handiest place to travel from, so if you’re expecting to be leaving the city a few times, this area is the perfect base for your trip. In this area, there are a bunch of affordable hotels, including the Adelphi Hotel and a standard Holiday Inn across the road.

If you don’t mind a short walk to any of the stations, then there are plenty of other places dotted around town that are more convenient for Liverpool One shopping, visiting the Docks and getting a feel for the busy Liverpool atmosphere.

Staying on the docks can be a little pricy, but for a luxurious experience, try out Posh Pads Aparthotels. Alternatively, there are plenty of cheaper hotels around the city, from the standard Premier Inns to slightly more homely independent hotels.

Liverpool is renowned for having some great themed hotels. If you’re a huge Beatles fan, there’s no way you can miss out on the Hard Day’s Night hotel. Alternatively, the city has a bunch of Boatels on the Docks, including a themed Titanic hotel.

There are also themed hotels for both of Liverpool’s football clubs, which is great if you’re in town for a match. These hotels tend to be a little pricier, but it’s part of the fun experience that Liverpool has to offer.


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