28 Best Keswick Attractions Every Tourist Must See

It might be small and secluded, but Keswick is one of the most popular destinations in the Lake District. It isn’t uncommon to find it shrouded in cloud, but against a dramatic backdrop of tall hills, the town is one of the most beautiful in the north of England. If taking a stroll through the town and the greenery is out of the question, the quaint little museums in the area are worth a glance, as well as the Castlerigg stone circle if you fancy a taste of Keswick’s illustrious history.


28 Most Popular Attractions in Keswick

1. Mountain Warehouse Keswick

  • Prices vary
  • +44 17687 75305
  • Mountain Warehouse Keswick, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30Pm Sun 10:30am-4:30pm

2. Price Walker Antiques

  • Free
  • +44 17687 80300
  • Price Walker Ltd, Saint John's Street, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Daily

3. Viridian Gallery

  • Pricrs vary
  • +44 17687 71328
  • Viridian, Saint John's Street, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Daily 10am-5pm

4. The Loft Nightclub

  • Free
  • +44 17687 80834
  • The Loft Nightclub, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Daily

5. Lakes Bar & Bistro

  • Upon booking
  • +44 17687 74080
  • Lakes Bar & Bistro, Station Street, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Daily

6. The White Horse Inn and BunkHouse

  • Prices vary
  • +44 17687 79883
  • The White Horse Inn, Scales, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Daily

7. Thorntwaite Gallery Mews Cottages

  • Upon booking
  • +44 (0)17687 78248
  • Thornthwaite Gallery Mews Cottages, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Times vary

8. Newlands Adventure Centre

  • Prices vary by activity
  • +44 17687 78463
  • Newlands Adventure Centre, Stair, United Kingdom
  • Times vary

9. Crow Park

  • Free
  • Crow Park, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Opens daily

10. St John’s in the Vale

  • Upon booking
  • +44 17687 79714
  • St Johns-in-the-Vale, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Daily

11. Castlerigg Stone Circle

  • Free
  • Castlerigg Stone Circle, Castle Lane, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Opens daily
  • 1

12. Keswick Rugby Football Club

  • Upon inquiry
  • +44 17687 80186
  • Keswick Rugby Club, Crow Park Road, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Wed-Fri 7am-11pm Sat 12pm-11pm Sun 12pm-3pm

13. Keswick Museum and Art Gallery

  • Adult £4.25 Child £2.50
  • +44 17687 73263
  • Keswick Museum & Art Gallery, Station Road, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Daily 10am-4pm

14. Fitz Park

  • Vary by appointment
  • 017687 75658
  • Fitz Park Bowling Club, Keswick, United Kingdom
  • Times vary by Apr-Oct

15. Thornthwaite Galleries

  • Prices vary
  • +44 17687 78248
  • Thornthwaite Galleries, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

Top Attractions

The beautiful Derwentwater is one of the top of attractions that draw people to Keswick, with the Skiddaw Mountains that overlook the town. A Neolithic remnant, the 5000-year old Castlerigg Stone Circle is dramatic and picturesque in its setting. At the Whinlatter Forest Park, you will see more of the countryside that attracts visitors to the Lake District.

Kids & Family

Take the kids to the Puzzling Place for a day of fun. For a day of educational activities, the Honister Slate Mine will introduce them to the life of people who work in the last working slate mine in England, getting the chance to go down into the mine themselves. You can also walk the Infinity Bridge, swinging 2000 feet above the valley.

Shopping & Nightlife

Go shopping at the Mountain Warehouse for a wide range of clothes, shoes and sporting wear. Get clad for a great outdoor adventure in the photogenic country around Keswick. One of Keswick’s favourite places for a night out is The Theatre by the Lake. Have a great evening there!

Day Tours

A great day tour from Keswick is a trip to Scotland! Go and visit Carlisle Castle, a strong fortress that has a long working history and now hosts visitors in its stories of the past. Take a journey down Hadrian’s wall and stop off at one or more of the historic spots to admire the amazing workmanship of men long ago.


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