0 Best Coventry Attractions Every Tourist Must See

Coventry was hugely devastated during World War II, but it has since risen from the ashes to become great once again. Now, the surviving medieval streets from pre-war time intermingle with modern buildings. Many travellers go to Coventry to see the remains of the medieval cathedral, blended into Coventry’s backdrop beside the new, modernized place of worship built to replace it. The appeal of Coventry will always be the juxtaposition of old and new, providing a hybrid town made great again by the wonders of new design and the nostalgia of the ruin left behind by war.


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0 Most Popular Attractions in Coventry

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Top Attractions

The top attraction in Coventry is the Transport Museum with displays of over 250 cars plus 120 motorbikes and 300 cycles, plus numerous other pieces.

A prominent landmark on the Coventry skyline was always the Coventry Cathedral until it was bombed during WWII. Since then it has been rebuilt and now is another popular destination for visitors. Lady Godiva came from Coventry and her statue is a famed part of the Coventry cityscape.

Kids & Family

Teach the kids some ancient history with a visit to Lunt Roman Fort, an archaeological site near Coventry which introduces the kids to what life in Britannia (Roman England) was like. Alternatively, a day out at the Sports and Leisure Centre will keep the kids entertained.

Shopping & Nightlife

Visit the history of the town by seeking out Spon Street, with its collection of old world buildings and commercial shops. Many timber-framed buildings still exist here. Coventry Market Shopping Centre is another place to browse for bargains. FarGo Village is an area to promote craft and culture and is worth a visit. How about a night out with the Wheatsheaf Players?

Day Tours

Coventry is close to Birmingham, and Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. London is barely an hour away, and is only 12 minutes (by train) from Leamington Spa, a gem of the Midlands. Closer to home, try a visit to Coventry Canal Basin, and go for a tour on a canal boat.


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