0 Best Canterbury Attractions Every Tourist Must See

Nestled in the south of England is Canterbury, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. It is famous mostly for its cathedrals, and it was once the last stop for pilgrims trying to complete their religious journey. Thousands of people would visit each year to show their devotion to God, but now it is more common for tourists to learn of the pilgrims instead of becoming one themselves. It is still a perfect picture of the past with medieval buildings and gorgeous gardens, but it is also a hot spot for students and tourists.


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0 Most Popular Attractions in Canterbury

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Top Attractions

Canterbury’s World Heritage site includes Canterbury (Christchurch) Cathedral and Precinct, St Martins Church and St Augustine’s Abbey. St Martins is the oldest church still in use in the English world. The Cathedral was founded in 597 AD and has been a site of pilgrimage for many of the years since. It was the site of the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170 and Geoffrey Chaucer’s book ‘The Canterbury Tales’ is based upon pilgrims visiting Becket’s shrine. Canterbury s also one of five ‘Magna Carta’ towns in England, with many historic ruins and buildings including the City Walls.

Kids & Family

Educate your kids about the history of the city in a fun way by visiting the Canterbury Roman Museum, or the Canterbury Heritage Museum. They will enjoy a trip to the Canterbury Labyrinth for an amazing time! Another outing the kids may really think is fun is a Ghost Tour, exploring the streets with an eye to spooks!

Shopping & Nightlife

With a long history, the Buttermarket is a great place to shop in Canterbury. Whitefriars is the biggest shopping centre in the area and sure to have everything you desire. As the home to 40,000 students, Canterbury has a very active nightlife, with bars, pubs, dancehalls and whatever you desire.

Day Tours

For a great day out, start with a Historic River Tour, combining the scenes of the River Stour. You could drive to Dover to see the White Cliffs or the Dover Castle. Rochester, with links to Charles Dickens, is nearby as are both Hever Castle (Anne Boleyn’s home) and Leeds Castle. Greenwich is also very handy for day trips.


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