0 Best Blackpool Attractions Every Tourist Must See

Blackpool is a seaside town in the north of England, famous for its tall standing tower, rollercoaster attractions and the Blackpool illuminations. It sometimes gets a reputation for being tacky, attracting hen parties and stag do’s all year around, but there is a classy side to Blackpool too, including the Tower Ballroom and the collection of well-established theatres and casinos. At heart, though, Blackpool is all about having fun, as all seaside towns should be.

0 Most Popular Attractions in Blackpool

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What are the Must See Attractions in Blackpool?

In Blackpool, it’s all about having a good time. There’s something for everyone, from shows and waterparks to casinos and museums. Depending on your preference, you will be attracted to different parts of the town, but there’s fun to be had wherever you look.

Blackpool Tower

Everyone who visits Blackpool naturally gravitates towards Blackpool Tower. It’s the centrepiece of the town, and you can see the entire town from the top. If dancing interests you, you might be aware that each year, Blackpool Tower hosts Strictly Come Dancing for a special themed episode just before Christmas. What you might not know is that the tower also has a regular circus, complete with a funny clown and a water show at the end of the performance. To visit the ballroom, there is a separate admissions cost, but it’s completely worth it if you love to dance the night away.

Madame Tussauds

No matter where you go, you can guarantee that Madame Tussauds will be a great day out. Observe the huge collection of wax figures, depicting all of your favourite musicians, actors and public figures. If you are visiting Blackpool for the showbiz side, then this place is definitely for you. Tickets can be purchased online prior to arrival to avoid the queues.

The Grand Theatre

If you want to see a show during your trip, The Grand Theatre is a must visit. With new shows in town all the time, all it takes is for you to decide when you want to go and see what the theatre has on offer!


If casinos are your kind of thing, you have come to the right place. Blackpool offers a range of gambling locations, including The Genting Club and the Grosvenor Casino. Get a bit dressed up – Blackpool loves glitz and glamour! – then head out for an evening of games and, hopefully, winning some cash!

Theme Parks

Blackpool is well known for its thrill factor, too! If you like to get an adrenaline rush once in a while, make your way over to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and ride some of the best rollercoasters in England. Try out the infamous Big One, set to have your heart beating a little faster. Alternatively, if it’s a rainy day, or you just fancy making a splash, visit Blackpool’s Sandcastle Waterpark, an indoor extravaganza. It has three main slides, as well as several pools, a Lazy River and plenty of fun activities that kids – and kids at heart! – will love.

Blackpool Zoo

Love animals? Then why not head out to Blackpool Zoo. With a large range of animals all kept in a safe and healthy environment, it is a perfect way to enjoy our planet’s wondrous animals. Attend daily talks with the zookeepers and discover all you need to know about the animals that surround us.


Which Attractions are a Day trip from Blackpool?

Martin Mere Wetland centre is a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife, just an hour’s drive from Blackpool. There is a café to enjoy lunch before walking around the ponds and feeding the ducks. It is a delightful day for anyone with children, but it’s also great for those who enjoy birdwatching, short walks in the countryside or just getting some fresh air.

Further along the coast, there are other seaside resorts to visit. Southport has a little less pizazz, but it does offer a fun old fashioned pier as well as good shopping opportunities. It is where Queen Victoria used to head for her holidays, so if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for anyone! Travel a little further to Formby and you will find the sand dunes and England’s best reserve of red squirrels. If you are hoping for a day out of the hustle and bustle, it’s a great place to visit.

Blackpool High Ropes Course is a few miles out of the main town and is a perfect place to kick back on a sunny day. Let the adventurer inside you out as you tackle the obstacles ahead of you. Maybe even add a little friendly competition and make it into a race! Fun for all the family is available here, so don’t hesitate to make a trip if you’re feeling up to some crazy antics.


What events are worth seeing in Blackpool?

All the best events in Blackpool also happen to be completely free! All you need is to bring yourself, a friend and a good attitude. Make sure to check when each event takes place to avoid disappointment.

Blackpool Illuminations

It wouldn’t be a trip to Blackpool without viewing the Blackpool Illuminations. It is an annual event in this town, designed to light up the cold winter nights with beauty. The lights show stretches along the coast and stays on every night of the autumn months. If you opt to visit Blackpool at this time of year and you want to see the lights, the best way is if you have a car. Otherwise, take a stroll along the promenade – though it is difficult to see the whole lights show this way.

The World Fireworks Championship

Each year, the town also hosts The World Fireworks Championship, usually in September. Watch the skies light up with some of the most impressive fireworks the world has to offer and start your trip to Blackpool with a bang!

Blackpool Air Show

Blackpool has an Air Show every year where some of the most impressive planes show off their stuff. Observe the Red Arrows soaring through the skies, and take part in the activities lining the promenade. It’s suitable for all of the family, and a great day out on a sunny day!


Is there an Attractions pass?

There are 2 passes you could potentially purchase if you’re planning on visiting multiple attractions:

However, if you prefer to see individual attractions, you can check our low prices. You can find cheap theatre tickets, admission tickets to all of the museums and deals for visiting the Blackpool Tower.


What Attractions can you visit in Blackpool at night?

Blackpool is well known for having excellent nightlife. It’s like England’s answer to Las Vegas. Not many people would describe it as classy, but it is a magnet for hen parties and other party-goers. It also has a very active gay community, meaning that there are plenty of bars dedicated to drag and showbiz.

Blackpool locals swear by the Funny Girls experience. Visit this unique club for a night of burlesque, great food and all the drinks you could ever wish for. In fact, if cabaret seems appealing, Blackpool has run away with the theme. Try out Peek a Booze.

If you just feel like dancing, Flamingo is open seven days a week, offering themed nights with something to suit everyone’s taste. Be sure to check out the DJs for the week to decide when is the best time to go.

If you’re looking for some familiar-faced bars, there are several chains that you might recognize in Blackpool. Students will know Popworld and Walkabout anywhere, and they tend to be packed out with young people during term time. For a more classic pub-style experience, there is a Yates bar on the promenade to kick back with a quick beer before bed.

If you are interested in finding Blackpool’s best gay bars, then look no further. The Flying Handbag is one of Blackpool local’s favourites, hosting events from pub quizzes and karaoke to dance nights and drinks. It also gets a little raunchy with regular cabaret and stripper events, so there is a little something for everyone. Kaos is also a popular stop on the gay scene, offering great food as well as drag events and fun all week round. It is best known for the show tunes and flamboyance it has to offer, equaling a jolly good night for all.

Blackpool Entertainment

For a laugh a minute, check out Comedy Station. With new comedians in circulation all the time, this three-hour show is well worth the money for a good time and a chilled out evening. If showbiz is more your thing then Viva! will be right up your street. Doors open at six every night of the week, and your host, Leye D Jones, is set to have you dancing, laughing and singing along. Going to Blackpool and not seeing a cabaret show is like going to New York and opting out of going to Time’s Square! Make sure to book in advance to ensure a seat at the best cabaret in town.


What are the best Blackpool attractions for couples?

While Blackpool isn’t generally hailed for its romantic qualities, there are plenty of fun things to do if you are travelling with your partner. Depending on your interests, you will find something of interest in each of our sections.

Thrill-seekers Dates

Blackpool is a great place for adventurous couples. If you both love to be scared, head to Blackpool Pleasure beach and try out some of the rollercoasters. It is the perfect activity for a sunny day by the coast.

For the fun without the fear, the Sandcastle offers a slightly tamer, but still fun and thrilling experience. If it is raining and you don’t fancy the Pleasure Beach, this indoor experience is a better option – though prepare to get soaked in the largest indoor waterpark in the UK!

Food and Drink Dates

For foodies and party-goers, Blackpool is the perfect destination. With all of the cabaret bars on offer and the exciting places to eat, there is no shortage of venues to spend an evening. Whether you’re looking for fine dining – we recommend La Fontana for Italian food – or a themed restaurant – Wild West Diner close to the Tower is a must visit – there is something for everyone. Blackpool is also renowned for its fish and chips, so ensure you nip into a takeout for lunch one of the days that you are in town.

Explorer’s Dates

If you like to be a little adventurous and have fun with your partner, the Blackpool High Ropes course is a fun day out. Embark on a mission to conquer the course and get a little competitive with your significant other.

Since Blackpool doesn’t offer much in the way of countryside and wildlife, head out to Blackpool Zoo to see the animals instead. It is great for romantic strolls and the animals are happy to see you in rain or shine!


What Blackpool attractions can you see on a Budget?

Blackpool on a budget is easy because everything is so cheap! There is plenty to do on the Promenade that doesn’t cost a penny. However, if you want to make your purse stretch a little further, it’s best to prioritise doing some things that might cost a little more, but add to the best Blackpool experience.

You can’t miss out on going to the Tower for anything! From the famous ballroom and circus, to standing on a piece of glass right at the top, there’s plenty to do inside. Fortunately, this attraction is completely free, giving you no excuse to miss out on the heart of the town.

If you have spare time left over and just a few pennies left to line your purse, Blackpool Zoo is a reasonable price for a full day’s activity. You can spend hours wandering around, and it will cost you less than twenty pounds each. You can also be happy in the knowledge that your money goes to supporting the animals you enjoy visiting so much!


How far is Blackpool from the airport?

If you are travelling from overseas, it is likely you will arrive via Manchester Airport (bit over 1 hour drive) or Liverpool John Lennon Airport (1 hour 11 mins drive). Both are easily accessible via trains into the city, or transfers can be arranged to get you to your hotel directly.


What public transport is available in Blackpool?

Blackpool has a regular bus service on offer to get you around the town. Travel with Blackpool Transport, Catch 22 Bus and Stagecoach throughout the day, and if you are heading out towards Lytham or Fleetwood for the day, this is the cheapest form of travel that you can embark on.

Train services also head out of Blackpool on a regular basis. If you are looking to travel further on your day trips – for example, to Liverpool or Manchester – a train is more efficient than bus travel.

There is also a tram service available in Blackpool. It can be used to travel out of the town or to get around Blackpool itself.


When is the Best time to visit Blackpool?

Winter (December to February) is without a doubt the best time to visit Blackpool. The town is set to get you in the mood for Christmas with the Blackpool Illuminations, and it is the perfect destination for your work do or New Year’s Eve plans. It’s a city that never sleeps, and for the fun side of Blackpool, you might want to leave your own sleep for the day. Exploring the city at night is one of the highlights, and in winter, they’re longer than usual…

However, summer is a great time to visit anywhere on the coast. In the sun, many of the activities are easier to enjoy. You can also experience donkey rides on the beach, candyfloss and Blackpool rock on the promenade and every other seaside activity. There’s no guarantee of sunshine, but if you catch a lucky day, it is well worth the wait.


What’s the Weather like in Blackpool?

As with all of England, Blackpool experiences mild temperatures in the spring and summer. Occasionally, you will experience rare heights of thirty degrees celsius in the summer, but often, the temperature is simply pleasant. Blackpool can be cold in the winter, and there is usually a lot of rain to accompany it, but it is rare for it to snow heavily. Mostly, you can expect year round drizzle and – if you are lucky – mild, windy conditions.


What happens in Blackpool on New Year’s Eve?

Blackpool hosts a year-round opportunity to party, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. Each year, there are events at all the best clubs in town, but one of the biggest and best parties is hosted at the Winter Gardens.

For a more casual experience, head to watch the fireworks. Blackpool is famous for its fireworks displays and you can view them from anywhere on the Promenade when midnight hits, though it can get busy for the event so it is best to arrive early.


Where are the Best Areas to Stay in Blackpool for Tourists?

There are some very inexpensive hotels in the centre of town, such as the Parisienne and the Delamere. They are within walking distance of the best attractions in town, and they don’t break the bank when you stay there. The best general areas for hotels are situated near the Central Promenade with varying prices depending on the size of your party and how much luxury you’re looking for.

There are also plenty of opportunities for shopping if you stay close to Blackpool North railway station, which is close enough to walk to the North Pier and the Blackpool Tower.

If you are staying in this central area, you will be just a short walk from Blackpool North, providing easy access to airports and other cities. Everything in the area is around fifteen minutes walk away, allowing you to casually stroll through town and see some of the sights at your leisure.


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