0 Best Bath Attractions Every Tourist Must See

In the heart of Somerset is Bath, a town praised for its natural hot springs and incredible architecture. With Georgian buildings lining the streets and the calm waters of the River Avon, it’s full of the picturesque British charm that attracts millions of people to the United Kingdom each year. The Roman bath houses and hot springs give Bath a unique edge over other British towns, veering away from the ordinary contemporary vibe that most offer. Take a step into the past and explore the rich history of Bath.

0 Most Popular Attractions in Bath

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What are the must see attractions in Bath?

Bath has existed since Roman times, and remnants of that history are scattered throughout the city. Bath’s most popular attraction is its preserved Roman Baths. The first recorded use of the hot springs within the Bath dates to earlier than 800 BC. Aside from the hot spring itself, there are also several Roman artifacts on display.

Another popular attraction in Bath is the Bath Abbey, a gothic church dating back to the seventh century. Visitors can tour the massive Abbey and observe the impressive monuments and fan vaulting.

Other popular tourist attractions include Mumfords Vineyard, the Thermae Bath Spa, River cruises, and the Fashion Museum.


How to get to Stonehenge from Bath?

Stonehenge is less than an hour from Bath, and it is very easy to get there. If traveling by vehicle, it is less than an hour drive.

There are several stops of The Stonehenge Bus in Bath, which takes visitors to Stonehenge several times per day. You could also take a private guided tour and visit the Stonehenge, among other close attractions, such as castles or heritage sites.

Alternatively, travelers can take the train from Bath to Salisbury (approximately a 55 minute ride), and then take the Stonehenge Tour bus from the Salisbury train station to get to Stonehenge.


What are the best places to stay in Bath?

The center of Bath is only about one square mile, which makes it easy to find a hotel that is within walking distance of all the main attractions. The area around New Orchard Street is bursting with shopping, including SouthGate shopping mall, while the Union Street area runs between the Roman Baths, the Bath Abbey, and other popular shopping areas.

If you want to stay outside of the main city, you may have to rely more on public transportation, but could have a quieter and less expensive lodging. There are many hotels located on the northern side of the city, and on the south side of river, which are dotted with bed and breakfast houses for a quainter stay.


Where can you leave luggage in Bath for a day?

If you are in Bath for only one day, and are not with a tour company, there is a left luggage facility near Bath Spa train station, on Manvers Street.


What is the best way to travel around Bath?

Bath is a very walkable city, but for those who do not want to spend all their time on their feet, there is a hop on hop off bus tour available for visitors. Aside from walking and the bus, there are also taxis.


Which attractions can you see on a budget in Bath?

There are several free attractions, including Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, and Hedgemead Park. Though the Roman Baths are not free, they are a reasonable £16.50.


What is the weather like in Bath?

The warmest month in Bath is July, with a high of 22 Celsius, The coldest month is January, with a low of 3 degrees Celsius. January is also the rainiest month, with an average of 13 rain days, while the driest months are July and September, both with an average of 8 days of rain.


Are there any popular annual events?

Bath is a vibrant city with several annual events and festivals, dedicated to pursuits such as antiques, literature, comedy, and music. There are events nearly year round in Bath, and the more popular events include the Jane Austen Festival, bursting with elegance and literary culture, the Bath Festival, full of music and writing panels, and even a Comedy Festival, boasting several comedic celebrities. A full list of annual events can be found on Bath’s official site.

Events Month
Comedy Festival March/April
The Bath Festival May
Pub in the Park June
Bath Boules June
Bath IRON June
The Handmade Fair June
The longleat Food and Drink Festival June
Bike Bath July
Bath Carnival July
Sky Safari September
The Bath Cup September
Bath Christmas Markets November/December


What are some day trips from Bath?

There are many cities and attractions that can be accessed as part of a day trip from Bath. The Cotswolds, an idyllic English countryside with sprawling fields and villages can be seen, in part, in one day, though it would take at least two full days to really grasp the wonder and beauty of this area of England.

There are several cities near Bath as well, including Bristol, which boasts a lively art, food, shopping, and cultural experience. And, at only twenty minutes from Bath, Bristol is especially accessible for a single day trip. Another city is Glastonbury, known best for its music and myth. Bursting with stories of King Arthur, it is a must-see for fans of legend.

For fans of British television, Highclere Castle, home of Downtown Abbey fame, can be reached within a two-hour car ride from Bath, and can be toured daily.


What is there to do at night in Bath?

Though not a large city, Bath boasts an excellent selection of live music, bars, pubs, and clubs. In addition, there is nightly theatre, comedy clubs, and even a nighttime spa at Thermae Bath Spa. As with many of Britain’s medieval cities, the true treasure of Bath can be experienced by wandering the cobbled streets after dark.


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