21 Best 5-Star Dubai Hotels for Honeymoon Couples

Looking for a honeymoon destination? The magical city of Dubai awaits! The City of Gold lives up to its nickname with its amazing skyline, impressive coastline, extraordinary shopping malls, delicious food, and incredible grandeur. What makes Dubai...

9 Best 5-Star Abu Dhabi Hotels with Private Pools

Thinking of the UAE as your next vacation spot? While most tourists rush to glitzy and glamorous Dubai, it's humble neighbour Abu Dhabi is just as amazing! Located about an hour and a half away from...

17 Best 5-Star Abu Dhabi Hotels with Beach Access

Heading to Abu Dhabi? The capital city of the UAE is an excellent holiday destination for couples and families alike. Despite it being a little more conservative than its neighbor Dubai, you can still enjoy culture-rich...

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