Guidelines for Attraction Listing

OverseasAttractions lists permanent attractions that are available to visit year-round. This information helps us better represent attractions on the website and share it with our travellers.

What do we look for?

Content must be completely unique and not copied from other websites. Ideally, we would like to see attraction overviews structured with the appropriate subheadings to make it easier for our visitors to read. Typically, most attractions will need more than 700 words to thoroughly cover all the details. Here’s a suggested format you can follow:

Attraction Overview

Please include as many of the following details as possible:

  • Opening times (include any days when the attraction isn’t open such as Christmas or New Year’s Day.)
  • Approximate duration for visit
  • Entry fees (basic fees for adults, children and pensioners/concessions. Detailed packages and other fees can be include in main body)
  • Address
  • Type of attraction
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Social media pages
  • Official Website


Briefly explain in 3-5 sentences what the attraction is. This should be a direct description of what the attraction highlights are.


Include at least 3 or more highlights of the attraction. Highlights should be features that visitors can access, which add to their overall experience. This can include specific rooms or exhibits, themed visits, special workshops, featured events, or anything that makes your attraction stand out compared to other similar attractions. Each highlight should be accompanied by 100-200 words of description. Add an apropriate image following the description of the “highlight”.


Include more thorough information on the prices associated with the attraction. This may include elements such as: audio-guides, group visits, guided tours, or paid sections. If you have any special deals or discounts (e.g. group discounts or free entry on certain days), you can also list them here.


List any tips or issues people might need to consider when visiting the attraction (approximately 50-100 words for each tip). For example: Do visitors need to wear closed-in shoes? When is the best time of year to visit? Will there be a need for physical activity while visiting? This section helps people research your attraction and learn crucial information that will make their visit simple and enjoyable.


List the different modes of transport that can be used to access the attraction. This may include public buses, the hop-on-hop-off bus, trains, cars, walking, taxis, bicycles, and ferries. Assume that travellers are already in the city where the attraction is, so they don’t need to know about international or interstate transport. Under each mode of transport, include a brief description that informs readers how they can use the transport to reach the attraction (e.g. what number bus they need to catch, what streets they need to walk down, or which train station they need to disembark at).


Include a section on the history of the attraction if applicable. This can include details such as the date the attraction opened and other prominent moments.

Interesting Facts

If there are any interesting or notable facts about the attraction, you can list them here. Interesting facts might include: total amount of visitors per year, length of time the attraction has been running etc.


Including images is a great way of giving readers instant access to your attraction through visuals. You can include as many images as necessary. They must be:

  • In jpg format
  • Less than 400KB in size
  • Saved under a descriptive name (e.g. melbourne-zoo.jpg, not image01.jpg)

This helps us better understand where the image should be placed in your attraction listing.


If you have any high definition videos of the attraction, you can include them here. You can either email them in a compressed file or send a YouTube link.


Here are a few examples of what other writers have contributed:

Next Step?

You can sign up, become part of our community and start sharing your expertise on attractions. If you have more questions, please contact echo [at] overseasattractions [dot] com. If approved, we will edit your article accordingly and notify you once it has been published. Note that if the attraction is already listed or does not meet the guidelines described, we may delete the drafted article without notification.


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