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  1. tinathanabalan
    tinathanabalan 37 Comments
     -  13 Aug 2018

    Best mall by far

    I love this mall. First of all it is huge. Second, the concept is really cool. Each floor is themed by country. I think I spent most of my time going to each floor’s bathroom taking mirror selfies because they were so cool. The stores are really cool as well, very hipster vibes and not a lot of chain shops which is really cool.

  2. Avatar
    liisumm 21 Comments
     -  18 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This mall is HUGE! I visited two times during my 3-day-stay in Bangkok. First time I walked there, it was a 45-minute walk from where I was located. The second time I took the Skytrain, which was much faster of course.
    I like the interior design of this mall, found it quite original. It is sort of a travel experience, all within the walls of one building. When I rode the escalator between the floors, I felt like I was traveling to a different destination. Very cool experience.
    You can easily spend several hours there. I had dinner there once as I wasn’t done exploring yet and got hungry. There are many restaurants to choose from.
    I did some shopping there too, but I would actually advise against that. I guess it depends a little bit where you are from, but I got some things from Victoria’s Secret (don’t have it in Estonia, so when I get the chance to shop there, I will) and H&M. Everything I got from there was cheaper elsewhere (not in Thailand).
    I’d recommend a visit even if no plans to shop or eat, it’s a sight worth seeing in its own right.

  3. Avatar
    Daniela Ramos
    Mexico 24 Comments
     -  16 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I love this mall for the cheap food it offers! From delicious ice cream to Western food, delicious hamburgers and pizza. I never really did shopping here, as it was more on the high-end side, but I did always come during those times where I missed Western Food and wanted to skip the local food for a night or two. You can get here easily from the BTS station.

  4. CherieJulie
    Australia 74 Comments
     -  13 Sep 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This is my favorite place in this area of Bangkok. Access it from Asoke BTS and walk over the bridge to enter the mall. There is an amazing cheap budget food court but the food it is some of the best. The coconut ice cream is also really yum. There are so many restaurants here to choose from and a movie cinema on the top level. The downstairs basement level is a grocery store and bakery as well as phone outlets. The mall is so clean and well cared for with security it is also very tourist friendly. There is a different city theme on each floor.

  5. TwoWeeksAYear
    United States 13 Comments
     -  05 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This was our favorite mall in Bangkok. The bottom floor was filled with different food vendors, including a giant supermarket. Our favorite shop was Tob Corn, where you could buy popcorn in a variety of flavors (e.g., green curry, tom yum, and satay). There are many normal international stores, as well as an entire floor of small boutiques that sell a wide variety of cute, unique items. The air conditioning here was excellent on a hot day.

  6. Avatar
    Trang 15 Comments
     -  18 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Adorable theme with many countries’ significant architectures . It takes entire evening going through all the floors. The food court offers many good reasonable choices. It’s fun to go shopping here with group of friends or family.

  7. Javierj
    Javierj 29 Comments
     -  01 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I love this mall. It’s a theme one, so each level represents a different country/destination. You can go to Paris, Rome, London (where even the security guards will be dressed as UK Royal Guards), Caribbean, Japan, Turkey, San Francisco with an amazing golden gate bridge. The best part is the Turkish level where you can walk through very well represented bazaars.

  8. steph2017
    steph2017 10 Comments
     -  20 May 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This is one of my favourite malls in terms of its interior design and architecture. It feels like you are in an actual terminal at the airport. Each floor is listed with different countries or cities. My friend and I spent quite some hours there. Recommended!

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