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  1. Avatar
    brendalsh 32 Comments
     -  15 Aug 2018

    fun for party goers

    It is a great place to go to for partying. However, there are many drunk people by night and foreigners flock the streets. Because of the partying and drinking nature, it might get a little rowdy. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed myself when I was in Khao San Road.

  2. tinathanabalan
    tinathanabalan 37 Comments
     -  13 Aug 2018

    Backpacker Central

    Basically a street of bars that are dedicated for the backpackers on a budget. It is definitely a good night out though! You can get buckets of alcohol for around 300 Thai baht and there is street vendors selling food and many “fun” stuff to try like scorpions, grasshoppers, etc.

  3. Marian Lacko 25 Comments
     -  19 Jul 2018

    The centre of backpacking

    Lots of cheap hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants. Quiet during the day, gets lively in the evening and becomes party central of Bangkok. If you are looking for party, shopping and eating, this is your destination. It is also a base of travel, coaches and mini-vans leave daily for all major tourist destinations in Thailand.

  4. Andreja
    Andreja 32 Comments
     -  08 Mar 2018

    Fantastic attraction

    This road is just one of the places you need to visit while in Bangkok. It is loud, smelly, busting with traffic and sellers, …but this is Thailand. You can eat, drink, shop or get a message here. Possibly you can get something more also. Be careful while choosing the bar to spend your night. This place has many tourists all day round, but Bangkok streets can be rough. Take care of your belongings, I had a bad experience and “lost” $20 here. Whatever you buy, the price they tell you is at least doubled the real price that they are able to sell for. So be smart while buying souvenirs.

  5. EvelynKate
    EvelynKate 26 Comments
     -  07 Mar 2018

    It was good

    Khao San Road is a popular tourist spot so getting there wouldn’t be an issue as drivers would know how to get there. It’s the mode of transport that tourist should be cautious of. Tuk Tuk drivers are known to offer an outrages price for a short trip to Khao San Road. Unless you’re an expert in haggling and know roughly the supposed price of the fare, I would suggest you stick to meter rides or call Grab. When arrived at the destination, keep in mind that all these shop owners have already mark-up their price knowing that it’s a tourist spot. Try to make Khao San Road a sight-seeing place rather than a shopping destination and you won’t regret later on.

  6. Leanne Emily
    Leanne Emily
    United Kingdom 24 Comments
     -  04 Mar 2018

    It was good

    Khoa San Road is definitely an experience! It is a part of Thailand you have to see but perhaps one where you spend limited time!
    We stayed at D&D Hotel which has a lovely rooftop pool but is extremely pricey, look around and you can find cheaper deals off of the main strip.
    The food markets are great, however you do have to be careful (I was quite ill after eating Pad Thai!) You can get around on Tuk Tuks, but also be careful with them, the drivers try to overcharge you and can be quite wreckless!

  7. Rachelgerard
    Rachelgerard 27 Comments
     -  15 Jan 2018


    Visiting Khao San Road is just one of those right of passage things you have to do while you’re in Bangkok. Yes, it’s crowded and smelly and the music is blasting from the overpriced bars at night, but it’s worth going to see even if just for the bragging rights. The first time I went to Khao San road it was stimulation overload but every time a friend comes to visit me I’m obligated to take them for the experience and I don’t mind it anymore. Khao San is harmless and fun and you should consider eating a scorpion (also for the bragging rights) while there, I just wouldn’t recommend buying any souvenirs, food, or clothing here because it will be ridiculously expensive– but definitely go check it out!

  8. bailey
    United States 47 Comments
     -  05 Jan 2018


    You have to know what you are getting yourself into in order to enjoy Khao San Road. Its touristy. Its crowded. The food is overpriced and its loud. It does however, have some excellent people watching and is basically the backpacking capital of the world. I recommend going here once for a couple drinks just to experience it all.

  9. zeifel
    Indonesia 26 Comments
     -  18 Dec 2017

    It was good

    Simply too crowded. Personally, I prefer shopping at Chatuchak, but I agree that it is a joy to see a myriad of colours in the Khao San, although the actual shopping experience itself could be quite intense. The vendors know that 90% of the potential customers are tourists so they tend to jack up the prices. I suggest to bargain hard, starting with at least 50% of the asking price. If you really like the item, pretend to walk away. The vendor might just relent and sell the item at your bargained price.

  10. Jillibeankc6
    Jillibeankc6 69 Comments
     -  04 Dec 2017

    Needs improvement

    My friends and I didn’t spend long here! The hotel desk clerk recommended it as a fun, loud place to get good cheap souvenirs. We liked the souvenirs, but I wish we hadn’t gone in the evening. Everyone was drinking and it is so loud! None of the three of us drink, and it seemed like that’s what everyone was doing. Plus, people try to sell you things the entire time you are there, no matter what you are doing. I think it would be great for a party person or a really outgoing person, but we felt overwhelmed pretty quick. We were happy to go walk around a different part of town afterwards.

  11. amcki
    United States 23 Comments
     -  02 Dec 2017

    It was good

    Khao San Road is the backpacker hub of Bangkok for a reason – cheap accommodations, a lively party scene, and plenty of shopping. It can be a great place to wander around and meet fellow travelers. However, once you walk around a few times, you’ve pretty much seen it all, and walking vendors constantly harass you, even when sitting down to eat. Overall, it’s definitely worth a stop, but don’t spend your whole trip there.

  12. Avatar
    Sushant Kanumuri 22 Comments
     -  19 Nov 2017


    The best stop to bunk and roam around for backpackers. There will be hundreds of travellers from all over the world hanging out, turning the whole area into a line of party clubs and bars with economic alcohol. The market is exhaustive, and one can find cheap exotic souvenirs to take back home. It is a little tourist-y but has the best parties in town.

  13. Avatar
    Daniela Ramos
    Mexico 24 Comments
     -  16 Nov 2017


    Quite touristy but the place you want to be in if you are backpacking. Here is where most hostels and clubs are as well as cheap street food and a myriad of souvenirs. Most backpackers stay and/or come here for the nightlife, which never disappoints.

  14. Ellie
    Ellie 39 Comments
     -  03 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Very busy, touristy road but lots of fun. Perfect for buying knock-off merchandise or gifs for family and friends. After sundown, you can party the night away at one of the roads many bars.

  15. Jen11
    Germany 60 Comments
     -  03 Oct 2017

    Needs improvement

    This place is insane and only good for two reasons: Partying and buying cheap clothes. It is very busy and not a nice place, if you are into relaxed and quiet places. If you like to drink and to party this is the place to go in Bangkok.

  16. CherieJulie
    Australia 74 Comments
     -  13 Sep 2017


    Khao San Road has a lot to offer. My personal review is that it is good fun for tourists but it isn’t all that Bangkok has for shopping so check out what else is around in the way of markets. This area is good to go for local food, drinks, live music, bars, backpacker hostels and shopping. Many tuktuks and motobikes in the area charge large amounts for tourists so make sure you check the average local price. There are also places to go for tattoo & piercings as well as thai massage. There are book stalls, clothing stalls, shoes stalls & more!

  17. EleanorH
    United Kingdom 43 Comments
     -  19 Jul 2017

    It was good

    Khan San Road is super famous as a wild party street in Bangkok city center, but we were kind of disappointed. I don’t know what we were expecting but we found it pretty sedate, just a fairly standard street of bars and restaurants. We had a couple of good nights out here, the street food is great (get mango sticky rice, you won’t be sorry) and the alcohol is cheap. It’s not real Thailand, just a lot of drunk westerners and guys touting ping pong show tickets. But it’s fun, depends what you’re looking for.

  18. TwoWeeksAYear
    United States 13 Comments
     -  05 Jul 2017

    It was good

    This place has a lot of hype built up from the movie “The Beach,” but really it’s not that special. Basically it’s a long road full of hostels and Western tourists. If you’re looking to meet other travelers and get drunk, it’s an awesome, non-stop party, but if you’re looking for an authentic Thai experience, you won’t get it here. During the day, Khao San Road is pretty sleepy, and the only things to do are eat or look at the street vendors selling elephant pants and tee shirts. At night there are a ton of food carts where you can get delicious food (pad thai!) for cheap. One annoying thing to note is that Khao San Road is not near any of the subway lines, so you’re best off taking a taxi here.

  19. Sanhita Basu
    Sanhita Basu 14 Comments
     -  30 Jun 2017


    I stayed in a hotel which was right in the middle of Khao San Road, The road is mainly for backpackers or for people who like to stay on a budget. There are lots of bars and restaurants on Khao San Road and this place really comes alive after 7 pm. Needless to say the whole place is designed for tourists and since drinks are pretty cheap here, it attracts a lot of people who come here for a few drinks only. Apart from these we also came across stalls that sold the usual stuff – flipflops, fridge magnets and t-shirts.

  20. ThePoshbelle
    ThePoshbelle 33 Comments
     -  29 Jun 2017


    The mecca of backpackers. The 2nd time I went to BKK, I made sure to book in one of the hostels here. This was featured in Leo Dicaprio’s movie – The Beach and I want to experience what life is in this area and boy it did not disappoint me. The place is very lively at night with lots of tourists and vendors. This is where I was able to see a vendor selling exotic food- spiders, cockroach, bugs.. and no, I didn’t try!
    You will not worry about BAHT because there are a lot of money changers in this area.
    One thing I don’t like is the prices of the items that the street vendors are selling are high.

  21. I Sadia
    I Sadia 15 Comments
     -  23 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Heck of a place! If you want to get food on-the-go and buy things and get to experience the culture at the same time then Khao San is the deal for you. Lots of merchandise and budget effective items are here that showcase an AMAZING street culture!

  22. KristinaI
    Yugoslavia 40 Comments
     -  22 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Lively and buzzing with people, in the day and night! Amazing street food and a lot of choices for places to eat, chill or have a drink with friends. There are great prices of drinks so it is also known as a great street for going out and partying!

  23. Ceci Valera
    Ceci Valera 15 Comments
     -  20 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    There are two things I would recommend Khao San Road for: the cheap accommodation and the great location. We found a very decent double room for aprox. 8USD. As far as noise is concerned, if you choose well the parties and drunk people don’t have to interrupt your sleep. The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, etc are quite close. It is very convenient to tour Bangkok from Khao San.
    Regarding shopping…if you think that is shopping, you haven’t been to Bali or Ho Chi Minh City. The food is expensive for Thai standards and not that great. Again, if you think you found the best food on Khao Sao Road, I am afraid you never left your backpacker bubble while you were in Thailand.

  24. enedwards
    United States 9 Comments
     -  12 Jun 2017

    Needs improvement

    Well… I would have loved Khao San Road as an 18-year-old embarking upon college and the party scene, but, I’m 30, married, don’t like crowds, and am in bed at a reasonable hour. 🙂 I knew this street was a popular place for backpackers, and that it would provide sensory overload with lights, music, smells, and more at night. It was a sight to see walking through it at night, which is all I really wanted to do there. There were tons of bars, restaurants, street vendors, and people hanging out. I walked through it again in the morning, and there wasn’t much going on; it was actually pretty quiet and many businesses were closed, cleaning up from the night before, or just opening for the day. It definitely has a touristy vibe to it. If you’re looking for a cultural immersion type of experience, this isn’t the place for it.

  25. natashameldrum
    United Kingdom 10 Comments
     -  12 Jun 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This is my favorite street in the whole world. I will return here there are no questions about that. If you want great food, shopping and to meet people then come here. If you enjoy partying you will love it here even more. Great to come and just see what is going on too

  26. Saeed
    Saeed 20 Comments
     -  09 Jun 2017

    It was good

    If you want to get the real vibe of Bangkok then stroll around this road. This is also called the backpackers paradise. Lots of street vendors selling food and other merchandise. You’ll also get accommodation in different range including budget accommodation. The road is packed with bars and clubs that stay open till late night. However, it’s not the place for those who like tranquillity. The street is live and loud for the whole night.

  27. Samantha Maccoll
    Samantha Maccoll 140 Comments
     -  05 Jun 2017

    It was good

    If you want to party, Khao san Road will show you how, packed with bars, vendors and backpackers, come night time the music vibrates out on the street where the party continues.
    It’s a must see when in Bangkok, even if to walk down the road & grab some street food!
    During the day it’s a totally different place and very much part of the street food, street market city.

  28. Javierj
    Javierj 29 Comments
     -  01 Jun 2017

    Not a good experience

    I think one has to go there once. Personally, I prefer quieter places with less backpackers. If you get approached by vendors and they want to give you a handshake, just refuse it politely, as they will not let you go until you buy them something (they’re not violent though). If you wanna buy your never achieved university degree or a fake drivers licence or student card, then there’s the place to go. Too many drunk people as well.

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