0 Best Bangkok Attractions Every Tourist Must See

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and one of the most enigmatic cities of Southeast Asia. A wide range of activities and famous Thai hospitality lures to explore this city through its beautiful sacred temples, colourful markets, spacious museums, luxury shopping centres and vibrant street life.

Futuristic modernity and traditional Thai culture beautifully intertwine in this huge metropolis, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for both first time visitors and returning travellers.

0 Most Popular Attractions in Bangkok

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Bangkok Attractions FAQs

Is there public transport?

Bangkok has a notorious traffic, but with modern and rather excellent public transport, it is surprisingly easy to navigate your way and travel around this huge metropolis.

  • The BTS SkyTrain is one of the most efficient ways to get around the city, especially to avoid all day long traffic. Skytrain runs along major roads and covers routes of many must see attractions in Bangkok. There are 2 lines: Sukhumvit line and Silon line. Visitors can also reach the airport by connecting to the Airport Rail Link. The BTS Skytrain is open from 6am to midnight daily.
  • The MRT Subway is a convenient public transport to travel around Bangkok underground. Subway is open from 6am to midnight daily.
  • Public Busses are cheaper but less comfortable (often without air conditioning) public transport option than trains or subway. Directions, routes and stops are a little less obvious, so make sure to ask the bus driver where they are heading before boarding the bus.
  • Taxis are relatively cheap and available on every corner. Use them with caution and avoid being scammed. Make sure you have a map, and only use taxis with working meters. Motorbike Taxis are also widely available and can be used for short distance trips. Make sure to barter down the price and agree on it in advance.
  • Tuk-Tuks are still popular public transport for shorter distances in Bangkok. They are not equipped with meters, so you’ll need to negotiate and agree on a price as well, similar to Motorbike Taxis.
  • Songthaew is a small two-seater vehicle with a roof cover for shade. This type of transport is less comfortable and less popular mean of transport in Bangkok. Directions are normally written in Thai, so it is best to ask the driver about the destination as well as the price before getting into a vehicle.
  • River Express Boats and Ferries are available for crossing one side of the river to another. There are several boats taking visitors to some top attractions. Majority of boats operate Monday to Friday 6am to around 10pm, but orange colour boats operate daily.


How far is Suvarnabhumi Airport from Bangkok?

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is approximately 30 kilometres east from the central Bangkok area. It may take half an hour to get there, depending on traffic and time of day.

  • Taxis are the most convenient and relatively cheap way to travel from the airport straight to your hotel. You will find a taxi desk on the first level of the international airport. Insist on a meter and be prepared to pay for any tolls and charges.
  • The Bangkok Airport Rail is the cheapest and fastest way to downtown Bangkok. It operates from 6 am to midnight daily, connecting downtown Bangkok with Suvarnabhumi International Airport in approximately 30-40 minutes. The City line makes six stops between the airport and downtown, connecting the MRT underground station at Makkasan City Interchange Station (MRT Petchaburi Station) as well as BTS Skytrain at Phayathai Station. The entrance to the Airport Rail Link Sevices is on the first floor of the Bangkok International airport.
  • Airport Express Buses operate from 5am to midnight on four different routes to central Bangkok, including Silom Road, Khao San Road and the Sukhumvit area. The airport bus counter is located on the first level of the international airport.
  • Public Buses are slower, but cheaper option and they operate 24 hours per day. To use public bus, first take the shuttle from the terminal to the transportation center. Here you can find 12 different routes to various parts of Bangkok as well as the public bus who will take you straight from the airport to Pattaya.
Pre-booked Airport Transfers. For completely hassle free and fast airport transport options, consider pre-booked Private Arrival Transfer: Bangkok Airport to Hotel or Bangkok Airport Shared Arrival Transfer.


What Bangkok Attractions can you see on long Airport Stopovers?

If you are flying via Bangkok and have long airport stopover, you can squeeze in a little taste of the lively Thailand’s capital. Keep in mind, it can take up to one hour or less to walk from the plane, clear immigration, and claim your baggage. Luggage can be dropped off at the Airport Baggage storage facilities. Make sure you are back at the airport at least two hours before international departures or one hour before for domestic departures.

The Mega Banga and The Paseo Mall shopping malls are less than ten kilometres away from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Most of the popular Bangkok attractions are 30-40 minutes away from the airport by public transport or by pre-booked airport transfers. To be on the safe side always calculate more time to get there & back, depending on your transport choice, traffic and time of the day.

Time permitting; consider one of many popular half-day tours:


When is the Best time to visit Bangkok?

Bangkok enjoys tropical climate, which means that it is warm all year-round and some months are more humid and rainy than others. The best time to visit Bangkok is from late November to the middle of January. This is a dry period with tropical but pleasant temperatures. Afterwards, temperatures start continuously rising and the city reaches highest temperatures in the months of March, April and May. May marks the start of rainy period, which lasts until November. You can expect warm and humid weather with both afternoon showers and heavy rain with thunderstorms.


What happens in Bangkok on New Year’s Eve?

Numerous Bangkok’s rooftop restaurants and bars, famous nightclubs and street parties will be in full swing for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Khao San Road is the go to place to let your hair down and party into New Year hopping from bars to famous nightclubs.

Asiatique – the Riverfront, is widely considered as one of the best public places to party on New Year’s eve and enjoy impressive fireworks display. This market is located on the bank of Chao Phraya River and comprises of boutique shops, eateries, bards and live music, making it a lively and colourful, yet romantic and fun place to count down the minutes until the end of the year.


Are there annual events in Bangkok?

In January/ February, Chinese New Year brings exciting celebrations to the Chinatown (Yaowaraj) in Bangkok. This lively and colourful event includes annual dragon parades, acrobatic performances and a lot of delicious cultural food.

In April, there is unmissable Songkran (Thai New Year) celebration. This is colourful, wild and very wet festival with music, street parties and friendly water fights on the streets of Bangkok. Visitors can join the fun with Songkran Festival Experience.

In November, Bangkok celebrates Loi Kratong Festival. This is one of the country’s most traditional festivals, when locals set little rafts, made from banana leaves, flowers and topped by a candle, to drift away on a river together with their worries.

New Year’s Eve is an important event in Thailand celebrated with amazing fireworks, special dinners and numerous rooftop and street parties.


What’s the Weather like in Bangkok?

On average, the Bangkok temperatures are always tropical and high, but each season brings its own aspects to the local weather.

Winter in Bangkok is a peak season for tourism due to dry and tropical temperatures but pleasantly cooler weather. November through January are most popular months, so expect crowds of fellow travellers. During this period temperatures range between 20°C -32°C.

Spring months have hottest temperatures of the year with highest temperatures reaching as high as 34°C- 40°C between March and May months. Towards the end of spring, expect a lot of short but frequent rain with humidity levels of 75%.

Summer months are less popular due to monsoon (rainy) season, which brings intense and frequent rainfall. The humidity averages just under 90%, with temperatures averaging around 29°C.

Autumn weather stays as high and humid with intense bouts of rain throughout September and October months, with September being one of the wettest months of the year.


Which Attractions are a Day trip from Bangkok?

Here are the best and most popular day trips from Bangkok:


The historic city of Ayutthaya is Thailand’s archaeological gem, boasting numerous magnificent ruins, striking temple sites and ancient statues of great historical and cultural significance. Have a look at popular tours, such as a River Cruise from Bangkok or visit Ayutthaya Ancient City by Train.

Thailand’s Floating Markets

This is another popular attraction for a day trip from Bangkok. If you don’t want the hassle of organising your own way to visit floating markets, book a guided tours, like the Private Excursion to MaeKlong and Damnoensaduak Floating Markets or the Floating Markets of Damnoen Saduak Cruise Day Trip from Bangkok.


This city is a small but important city with a dark historic past. Have a look at the highly rated tours, such as the Bridge on the River Kwai and Thailand Burma Railway Tour and the Private Tour Kanchanaburi Historical Day Trip from Bangkok.


Are there any Shore Excursions in Bangkok?

There are plenty of shore excursions from the Thailand’s Laem Chabang Port. Booking outside your cruise ship’s services could save you up to 75% at times. Some popular choices are:


What are the best river cruise tours in Bangkok?

Chao Phraya river, known as ‘The River of Kings’ flows through the heart of Bangkok and there are numerous cruises available to enjoy the best sights along the river.

Day river cruises

Check popular private and group day cruises, such as the:

Dinner cruises

Check various highly rated dinner cruises, such as:

For visitors with more time, it is worth checking longer cruises, such as the 4 Day RV River Kwai Cruise.


What Attractions can you visit in Bangkok at night?

Bangkok is enigmatic and bubbly metropolis with no shortage of attractions to visit in the evening and at night time. Here are some of the popular choices for night attractions in the capital of Thailand.

Markets Tours

Exploring Bangkok night markets and tasting your way with street food tours are popular way to enjoy your evenings in Bangkok. The small group tour, Bangkok by Night: Temples, Markets and Food by Tuk-Tuk combines the best attractions city has to offer at night, including beautifully illuminated temples, colourful markets, mouth-watering food and even a mystery stop.

Bars, Clubs and Pubs

For young and restless travellers, there are plenty of fun and sociable Bangkok Bar Crawl and Bangkok Nightlife tours.

Dining Experiences and Night Cruises

For more romantic and relaxing way to enjoy your evening in Bangkok, check popular river cruises, including delicious dinners and fantastic views. For inspiration, have a look at the:

For travellers looking for traditional and authentic experiences, there is the unique opportunity to have a Private Thai Home Dinner in Bangkok or join the Thai Dinner and Dances at Sala Rim Naam Restaurant in Bangkok.


What are the best Bangkok attractions and activities for couples?

There are many unforgettable experiences and romantic attractions in Bangkok. Here are a few ideas that could make your trip more memorable:


Are there any extreme activities in Bangkok?

If you are looking for adrenaline-fuelled activities, you will not be disappointed in Bangkok. Here are some of the best extreme activities in Bangkok:


What are the best spa experiences in Bangkok?

There is nothing better than a rejuvenating and pampering spa experience after a long day of sightseeing in a tropical weather. Here are some of the best spa experiences in Bangkok:


What are the best walking tours in Bangkok?

Walking tours are one of the more relaxing options to explore Bangkok. You can start your day with the Morning Rattanakosin Walking Tour, get a taste of Thai culture on the Half Day Cultural Walking Tour of Bangkok, immerse yourself in hidden city’s attractions on the Bangkok’s Hidden Treasures Walking Tour, or taste unique blend of Thai cuisine on the Flavors of Bangkok Group Chinatown Evening Food Tour.


Are there any bike tours in Bangkok?

If you are looking to peddle your way through Bangkok, there is an excellent variety of wonderful bike tours. Here are some popular choices to give you unforgettable insight into Bangkok’s street life:

Half-Day bike tours

Full-Day tours

Night bike ride tours

Cultural bike tours


What are the best water activities in Bangkok?

To escape from Bangkok’s constant heat and humidity, you can enjoy various water activities to cool off, in and away from the city. For inspiration, here are some of our recommendations:

Islands and Beaches

Koh Samet Island (220km, 4.5 hours away)

Due to white sandy beaches, it is one of the most popular island getaways from the heat and chaos of the capital.

Koh Lan (140km, 3 hours drive)

Located close to Pattaya, this island offers several white sandy beaches. Often referred to as Coral Island, this is a great option for a day trip from Bangkok.

Koh Si Chang (110km, 2.5 hours drive)

Located closer to Bangkok, this tiny island gets a fair share of local and foreign sun seekers. Beaches are not top end quality, but what it lacks in sandy beaches, it makes up with its quirky fishing village atmosphere and plenty of snorkeling opportunities.

Koh Khram Yai (170km, 3.5 hours)

Although it is located only few kilometers from Pattaya coastline, it is relatively secluded. This little known spot offers small, clean, and picturesque beaches.

Koh Tao Island

This famous island is located further away from Bangkok. It is not possible to go there for a day trip, however this fantastic destination is a prime location for diving enthusiasts! Check the Snorkelling Koh Tao Tour.

Water Theme Parks

Siam Park City is Bangkok’s largest amusement and water park. Here you can enjoy world’s biggest wave pool, large water slides, fun roller coaster rides and Jurassic themed attractions.
Dream World Amusement Park is beautifully decorated park embracing fantasy- land theme with trilling rides and memorable experiences. Consider booking Dream World Amusement Park with 2 Way Hotel Transfers, including admission tickets and transfers in advance.
Fantasia Lagoon is a lovely water park built on the roof of the Mall Bangkae and still relatively undiscovered by tourists.


What are the best theme parks in Bangkok?

Beside the popular theme parks with water activities already mentioned, take a couple of days out of your itinerary to visit the following theme parks in Bangkok

Safari World

Safari World is a perfect choice for animal lovers. It will surprise you with thrilling action stunt spectaculars, friendly encounters with curious dolphins and interesting African wilderness setting.

Dinosaur Planet

Step back in time to the delightful Dinosaur Planet. This Prehistoric-themed amusement park with life-sized dinosaur replicas, rides & multimedia shows comprises of eight zones, featuring over 200 life-sized dinosaurs.


Where can you see or learn Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok?

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is the most popular sport in Thailand and your local experience is not complete without seeing or perhaps even learning some of this ancient martial arts. The best places to see Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok are:

For visitors interested in learning Muay Thai, check out these tested and highly rated places:


What are the most common scams in Bangkok?

Bangkok is generally a safe city, but just like anywhere in the world, you have to be careful of certain unsavoury things and individuals. The best advice is to be weary of any unsolicited help and “too eager” advisors. Keep in mind, if some offers sound too good to be true, it is probably better to stay away. Here are some well-known scams for your information.

  • Broken Meter Taxi scams. At the airport, some official looking touts pretend that they have meter taxis and quote inflated prices to drive tourists to the city. Ignore anyone who is trying to offer a taxi ride and go straight to the official taxi desk (legitimate taxi drivers are waiting in their cars) or book private or shared airport transfers in advance. Also, be careful with taxis parked in front of your hotel and do not agree to any taxi ride without a working taxi meter.
  • Tuk-Tuks Scams. Be careful with Tuk Tuks parked in front of hotels, landmarks, shopping malls and other tourist places as they often ask for high fares or try to convince you to include few minutes stop at various gem or tailor shops to ‘just to have a look’. Research approximate prices or simply ask for this information at your hotel.
  • The Grand Palace Scam. This stunning place is crowded with scammers. Some will suggest the palace is closed and requires additional fees, inflated prices from tuk-tuk drivers, fake agencies and guide scams are just some of the situations you may encounter. It is best to join a tour that includes the Grand Palace on the itinerary.
  • Thai Gems Scam. Unless you are an expert on precious and semi-precious jewels, we strongly recommend not falling for popular cheap gem offers.
  • Wrong Change scam. This is a common scam in tourist areas, so carefully check your change!
  • Hualamphong train station scam. Be weary of the official looking people at the train station who offer to help you book seats. Normally they will take you to the nearby travel agent and advise that the train is full, then convince you to travel on one of their buses. Best to book train tickets yourself or pre-book tours with included train tickets.
  • Long distance bus scam. Sadly, this is a common scam when people get their money stolen from their wallets and bags on overnight buses. Keep your money and do not leave bags with any valuables on the floor.
  • Motorbike scams. If you are renting a motorbike, inspect it well and take pictures of any bumps and scratches that are already on the bike. Rent only from tested and recommended rental places and do not leave your passport as a deposit.
  • Large bar tabs. If you are planning to let your hair down and explore Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife, do not fall for a popular scam that will leave you with a huge bill to pay at the end of the night. Commonly, touts will try to lure you with offers of cheap drinks and free ping-pong shows. Be careful of dodgy bars and stick to recommended places by expats or fellow tourists.


What Bangkok activities and attractions can you see on a Budget?

For most travelers, expenses in Bangkok is relatively cheap already. However, if you’re on a strict budget, here are some of our recommendations:


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