Covering 26 hectares, Singapore Zoo is an award winning park housing wild animals from all over the world. There are over 2,800 animals in the theme park, where some are also involved in live performances. Kids will also be able to ride on animals, have fun at a water playground, while the adults can relax at various restaurants scattered around Singapore zoo.


  • Exhibits – Singapore zoo’s animal exhibits are all custom designed to mimic each animals natural habitat. Some of the unique animals you will encounter include  white tigers, pygmy hippos, polar bear, tapirs, Asian elephants, kangaroos, African wild dogs and a range of playful monkeys.

  • Animal Shows – There are four shows performed twice daily, as long as there’s no rain.
Show Description Venue Time
Splash Safari Watch a seal show off his tricks in the water. Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre 10:30am & 5pm
Animal Friends Interactive show for the kids featuring domestic animals. Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre 11am & 4pm
Elephants at Work & Play Elephants performing various tricks and playing with their riders Elephants of Asia 11:30am & 3:30pm
Rainforest Fights Back Different mammals and birds showcase their talents. Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre 12:30pm & 2:30pm

  • Token Feeding Times – You can learn more about various animals if you follow the trainers feeding trail. Commentary will be provided and you may even get a chance to feed the animals yourself.

Morning Feeding Trail

Timings Exhibit
9.15am Elephant Bathing Area*
10.00am Frozen Tundra
10.30am Treetops Trail & Otter
10.45am Giraffe*
11.00am Primate Kingdom
11.30am Naked Mole Rat
11.30am Goat*

Afternoon Feeding Trail 1

Timings Exhibit
1.15pm White Rhinoceros*
1.20pm Cheetah
1.25pm Warthog
1.30pm Meerkat
1.35pm African Lion
1.40pm Gibbon
1.50pm Giraffe*
2.00pm Treetops Trail
2.10pm Otter
2.20pm White Tiger
2.30pm Pygmy Hippo

Afternoon Feeding Trail 2

Timings Exhibit
3.45pm Giraffe*
4.15pm Proboscis Monkey
(SPH Foundation Conservation Centre)
4.30pm Mandrill
4.35pm Chimpanzee

Other Feeding Sessions

Timings Exhibit
11.00am Kangaroo*
11.00am Free-Ranging Orang Utan Island
11.30am Arowana (Free-Ranging Orang Utan Island)
Proboscis Monkey (Rainforest Walk)
11.55am Elephant*
1.00pm Frozen Tundra
1.15pm Giant Tortoise* (Only on Sundays)
2.00pm Primate Kingdom
2.00pm Komodo Dragon (Only on Sundays)
2.15pm King Cobra (Only on Sundays)
2.20pm Arapaima (Primate Kingdom Moat)
2.30pm Hamadryas Baboon
3.30pm Free- Ranging Orang Utan Island
3.30pm Goat (Rainforest Kidzworld)*
3.55pm Elephant*
4.00pm Frozen Tundra
4.30pm Free-Ranging Orang Utan Boardwalk
4.45pm Crocodile (Only on Sundays at Sungei Buaya)
5.00pm Hamadryas Baboon*
  • Kidz World – This zone is specially made for kids where they can either splash in the water playground, help feed the animals, or go for a ride on a pony, carousel or horse carriage.

Feeding Sessions

Timing Activity Venue
10.00am Falabella grooming session Stables
11.30am Goat contact/ feeding session Goat Pen
1.30pm Giant rabbit contact session Pets’ Corner
3.30pm Goat contact/ feeding session Goat Pen


Wild Animal Carousel 10am-5:45pm $4
Pony Ride 10am-12pm; 1pm-5pm $6 (2-12 yrs only)
Horse Carriage Ride 10:30am-5pm $6


Admission Adult Child (3-12 yrs)
Singapore Zoo Only Singapore Zoo $20; local seniors $11 $13
Unlimited Tram Ride Singapore Zoo $5 $3
4-in-1 Park Hopper Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari
River Safari
$89 $58
3-in-1 Park Hopper Singapore Zoo
Night Safari
River Safari
$69 $46
Singapore Zoo
Night Safari
Jurong Bird Park
$69 $46
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
River Safari
$59 $38
2-in-1 Park Hopper Singapore Zoo
Night Safari
$49 $32
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
$39 $26
Singapore Zoo
River Safari
$39 $26

* Hopper passes include tram ride. You can visit each theme park on different days within 30 days of purchasing the hopper pass.

To save money, you can purchase the iVenture Singapore pass which includes Singapore Zoo and other popular attractions in Singapore.

Other Services

Strollers $9
Wheelcharis free
Wagons (for kids) $15
Ponchos $5
Lockers $3


  • Get on the Tram – Singapore Zoo is massive. You’re guarenteed to be tired at the end of the day if you’re walking around the whole park. Adults cost SG$5 and children cost SG$3 for the tram, but if you purchase the iVenture Singapore Attraction Pass, the tram ride is free.
  • Birthday Special – If you’re a local Singapore resident, you get free admission on your brithday. As long as you have proof!
  • Weather – You’re likely to experience Singapore’s spontaneous rain patterns. Bring an umbrella or poncho for these short periods during the day.


  • Bus – Catch the Singapore Attractions Express bus to go directly to Singapore Zoo. A 1-way trip is $5 for adults and $2.50 for children. There will be other busses available for your return at the end of the day. Check the full timetable on their official site.


MRT & Bus – This methods may take a bit over an hour to reach the River Safari from central Singapore locations.

MRT Station Bus
Ang Mo Kio Bus No. 138
From Ang Mo Kio bus interchange
Choa Chu Kang Bus No. 927
From Choa Chu Kang bus interchange
Woodlands Bus No. 926*
From Woodlands bus interchange
Marsiling Bus No. 926*
From across the road at Woodlands Ave 3

* Only available on Sundays & public holidays.

Taxis – If you’ve missed the bus & MRT, then a taxi would be the last resort. Bit more expensive, but at least it will get you to the zoo faster. There’s also taxi information on a billboard for your return trip.

15 Reviews

  1. EvelynKate
    EvelynKate 26 Comments
     -  05 Mar 2018


    The location of the zoo isn’t ideal but the experience is definitely worthwhile. The animal shows especially Splash Safari is memorable, the seal gave me a kiss. I can’t wait to visit the zoo again. If you are looking for cheaper admission tickets, check out tour agencies in Singapore especially if you are planning to visit other attractions like River Safari and etc.

  2. simmi sasidharan
    simmi sasidharan
    India 25 Comments
     -  16 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Singapore zoo is obviously one of the main attraction you shouldn’t miss out if you want to see unique animals and live shows. The show takes place during fix time, so note down the time while entering the zoo. Animal shows start on time, so catch your seat before the show starts. If you are tired enough to walk, you can take the train which I think would be more suitable for those with children. It’s the best Zoo I have ever seen in my life.

  3. CherieJulie
    Australia 74 Comments
     -  26 Sep 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Singapore Zoo was even better than what I had imagined. It was one of the first things I did when I first visited Singapore. I had breakfast with the orangutans which is an optional extra but it was worth it for a different and unique experience at the zoo. For a zoo, it appeared very well cared for and the animals were not locked up or in poor condition. There are numerous shows throughout the day, check the times and plan out what you want to do and when so that you don’t miss out on any as they are all really exciting!

  4. Vis
    Vis 46 Comments
     -  25 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I have been an avid animal lover and I try to visit the local Zoo wherever I go. But, of all the Zoos I have been to, I can say the Singapore Zoo has been the most enjoyable one. I enjoyed the many Orangutans in this zoo. I was literally glued while watching these amazing animals. I regret not spending enough time here. I had to do a whirlwind tour of the zoo. The whole zoo needs a full day to enjoy completely.

  5. shae23
    Australia 115 Comments
     -  03 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Singapore Zoo is the closest thing to what a zoo should be! I have been to zoo’s all over the world as an animal lover, hoping to find one that is ethical. This is it! The elephant enclosure is amazing, they have their own water hole with waterfall! Each exhibit also has space for you to sit and relax to watch the animals without disturbing them. I have been back to this Zoo 3 times, and I would go back again! The food there is not too bad but on the pricey side. I have not done the Night Safari but I have heard it is amazing.

  6. Analize
    Analize 11 Comments
     -  20 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I am not a big fan of animals in captivity, but this zoo must be one of the best in the world. They try to copy the natural habitat of the animal and give them some space to roam. You can learn a lot about the animals and their behavior and see animals you would never have seen otherwise. The night safari is also great because then you get to see the animals that don’t come out during the day.

  7. Avatar
    Simeen 9 Comments
     -  20 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    If you’re travelling with kids, Singapore zoo is not to be missed. Not only will your kids get to see many animals up close, they can even see how they’re fed, so don’t forget to check out the feeding times mentioned in the zoo map (you can pick up while entering the zoo). Some enclosures allow kids to participate in feeding the animals too.

    The zoo is easy to navigate on foot or you can take the hop-on hop-off train. There’s a wet play area inside which kids (and probably adults too) will love, so do get an extra change of clothes and swim diapers if you want to visit that area.

    Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the free animal shows that take place at fixed times during the day, they alone are worth the ticket price.

  8. sagey21
    sagey21 9 Comments
     -  13 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Animals here looked okay (not destressed). We watched the polar bear feeding. Zookeepers did a great job explaining more about polar bears. The waterpark here is free as well. Kids will love it so bring your swim suits. The pets show near the waterpark was also popular amongst small children. Look out for the showtimes and head there early as it can be quite packed especially during the weekends.

  9. imlalas
    imlalas 12 Comments
     -  02 Mar 2017


    As others have said, one of the best zoos I have been to. There were many exhibits available and animals appear well taken care of and comfortable with their home! Complete the trip with a night visit to the night safari too! It’s a real contrast from what the zoo had to offer.

  10. Nina1
    Nina1 10 Comments
     -  01 Feb 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This is definitely one of the best zoos we have ever been to. There are plenty of exhibits and shows, and the entire place was clean and very well laid out. I would recommend to come here early in the morning as it can get really hot and humid in the afternoon. Also, make sure to book the River Safari if you want to see the pandas. Overall it was a great day out for the family.

  11. Xuan Rin Ka Jyo
    Xuan Rin Ka Jyo 9 Comments
     -  30 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Ah fond memories of visiting the Singapore zoo as a child. I never realised how nice our zoo was until I visited a zoo abroad, the animals were fine and healthy, only thing is that we had to see them through the bars of their cages. So many animal shows throughout the day, the tram rides for everyone, the fast food when you got hungry. One could just sit there the entire day watching the antics of the animals, grooming, sleeping and the fun during feeding times!

  12. sabrinaoh
    sabrinaoh 10 Comments
     -  26 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Favorite place to go in Singapore over a weekend! I have visited zoos in many countries and my favorite was the zoo in Australia prior my visit to Singapore. You can easily spend a day and more there because there are much to see. What I really love about this zoo as compared to the others is the extensiveness and what I notice is that the animals live as they do in nature.. It makes it more immersive and interesting to watch them.

  13. Bridget
    Bridget 10 Comments
     -  17 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    This is undoubtedly the best zoo I have ever visited – the animals are not kept in cages but are housed in very natural-looking enclosures where they can roam freely, as nature intended. I especially loved the miniature hippopotamus who was the size of a dog and really cute. If you are travelling with children (or even if you’re not!) don’t miss Breakfast with the Orangutans – it was the absolute highlight of the visit.

  14. Avatar
    alrick3000 10 Comments
     -  16 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    This is definitely the best zoo I’ve ever been to. It was such a unique experience as the traditional way of displaying animals (ie. in cages) is not practiced here. Instead, the animals here are on the same ground with you, ready to interact with the park visitors. Some dangerous animals are placed on land surrounded by a moat which keeps it from reaching the park goers. This way, the park is able to display the animals without fences which would otherwise obstruct views. Some noteable animals on display were the white tiger which was very active when we visited, the polar bear which you may view through a glass on the wall of the pool and the baboons with their unique red bottoms. Don’t miss the park’s shows as they are very entertaining though the Night Safari’s shows are definitely better. After visiting the zoo, make sure to proceed to the night safari within the same complex which opens at night time.

  15. Avatar
    echo 30 Comments
     -  04 Feb 2015

    I could have easily spent the whole day here if I wasn’t rushing to visit the neighbouring theme parks River Safari and Night Safari. Great shows, lots of animals and reasonably priced food options.

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