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  1. Mila
    Mila 24 Comments
     -  26 Apr 2018

    Not the first place to visit

    Despite this park is quite good (as everything in Singapore) I would not recommend it as a first choice for Singapore visitors – only for those who are really interested in plants and want to study their history. Apart from this it is just a big park situated quite far from the city center, so you will spend at least a half of the day to visit it. Gardens by the Bay, for example, is much more exciting.

  2. meredith
    meredith 23 Comments
     -  12 Jan 2018

    Fantastic attraction

    Want to unwind and being frugal at the same time? go to Singapore Botanic Garden. Here you can take a walk and enjoy nature for free. Nature is known to lower anxiety and walk around the garden can burn some calories. Don`t forget to bring mosquito repellant and wear comfy clothes.

  3. simmi sasidharan
    simmi sasidharan
    India 25 Comments
     -  16 Dec 2017


    The Botanical garden is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places where you can spend a whole day with children. Oh my god! I never expected this much variety of plant species. It is a great place to take pictures. Singapore remains humid and hot, so it is better to wear cotton clothes or shorts especially when visiting gardens. You should be ready to walk kilometers.

  4. Analize
    Analize 11 Comments
     -  21 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    The most peaceful, beautiful place in Singapore! I spent many hours here exploring regional plants I have never seen before. The Orchid Garden is truly spectacular, and as a South African it was great to see an orchid named after our own Madiba – Nelson Mandela. The Botanical Gardens is a must-see!

  5. Avatar
    abgc 10 Comments
     -  14 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This place is very relaxing! It has variety of plants, well-deserved to be a UNESCO world heritage site. The garden is very wide, I assure you will have an awesome time strolling or chilling here.

  6. Nina1
    Nina1 10 Comments
     -  01 Feb 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I am so glad that we decided to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens! This is an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy a walk and take in the views. There is an amazing variety of plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. We even saw an adorable squirrel walking around! The National Orchid Garden was our favorite attraction. This place is well worth a visit if you have time to wander, just make sure you have comfortable shoes.

  7. Sanhita Basu
    Sanhita Basu 26 Comments
     -  31 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the best Free Attractions in Singapore. However, although the gardens are free, one needs to shell out around SGD 10 to get into the Orchid Gardens which is truly spectacular. I came here during a summer afternoon so it was a little bit hot. It is one of the best places to come with your special someone and if you feel hot (just like I did) you can enter one of the many restaurants located here. If you plan to come here during the rainy season, you should bring an umbrella with you as there are not many shelters here. In a nutshell, this is a pretty impressive attraction where you can spend a few hours in complete solitude.

  8. Avatar
    Ange Viceral 19 Comments
     -  31 Jan 2017


    If you like some taste of nature without sleeping in tents and starting bonfires, this is a place for you. Enjoy a diversity of plant species in the site and take good pictures of scenic views and macro shots of beautiful flowers that will guide you and insects that walk with you.

  9. Xuan Rin Ka Jyo
    Xuan Rin Ka Jyo 9 Comments
     -  30 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    UNESCO world heritage site! That title says everything, and this is certainly hands down my most favourite Singapore attraction as a local. The garden maintenance costs millions of dollars and so did the strategic landscaping. It’s beautiful here. Your eyes will shine like stars I assure you. A common sight upon the grounds are couples having wedding shots done. I prefer to come here during the evenings, when the sun is not shining like a blowtorch over head. If you do go there during the hot day, bring an umbrella or a hat and of course water bottle.

  10. Lynn
    Lynn 10 Comments
     -  17 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    A great place to hang out for picnic, recreation and relaxation. The trees, the flowers and the scenery will make you feel relax and stress free. The Orchid Garden is also worth the visit since you can explore a variety of orchid species there. But this place may not be the one for those who are not so into trees and flowers.

  11. BridgetH
    BridgetH 10 Comments
     -  17 Dec 2016


    The Botanical Gardens are both beautiful and restful, especially after a busy day of shopping. They are a great place to go walking and admiring the amazing diversity of exotic plants that Singapore is so proud to showcase. You can easily access the gardens by bus or taxi. Take along some water – it can get hot!

  12. Avatar
    pinkandtravels 11 Comments
     -  26 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    I love gardens! This is a stress relieving and relaxing place to have a gentle stroll around and take in the natural beauty when remembering you are in the centre of Singapore. With a mini Rainforest, Orchid garden and an eco garden, the multiple differing sections of the gardens make this a great place for anyone to get a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the Singapore street life. If you love nature or even a garden, this place is a must visit!

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