Opened in 1971, The Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird sanctuary in Asia and is home to over 5,000 birds. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy daily shows, feeding sessions, and observe 400 different species of birds in specially designed habitats that resemble their natural environment.


  • Bird Exhibits – Jurong Bird Park is filled with birds from all over the world. Exhibits are all custom desgined for each specie so that they feel right at home. Some of the birds you will come across include flamingos, penguins, macaws, pelicans, toucans and hornbills.

  • Shows – 3 shows are performed daily displaying the intelligence and talents of various birds:
    King of the Skies – Falcons, owls, vultures and eagles demonstrate they’re hunting skills in this medievil show.
    High Flyers Show – Watch free flying birds race, sing, and swoop through hoops before 100 birds flock onto the stage putting on an amazing color display.
    Lunch with Parrots – Be entertained by talking parrots as they showcase their talents in this 30 minute show while you’re enjoying lunch.
Time Show Venue
10am King of the Skies Hawk Walk
11am High Flyers Show Pools Amphitheatre
1pm Lunch with Parrots Songbird Terrace
3pm High Flyers Show Pools Amphitheatre
4pm King of the Skies Hawk Walk

  • Waterfall Aviary – See a man made 30 meter waterfall in this 2 hectare rainforest enclosure where over 600 birds live. Walk to the suspension bridge to get a perfect snapshot of birds flying around, with the waterfall in the background.

  • Birdz of Play – With the constant humid weather in Singapore, this is the perfect area for the kids to cool down while parents can catch a breather from all the walking. Birdz of Play is a bird-themed water playground for kids where they can splash around under a giant tipping bucket, squirt others with water guns or slide down slippery dips.

  • Feeding Times – During feeding times, the staff will provide commentary so visitors can learn more about the various bird species.
Time Birds Venue
8.30am – 6.00pm Lory Feeding Lory Loft
10.30am Birds Feeding* Waterfall Aviary
10.30am Penguin Encounter* Penguin Coast
11.45am Hornbill Chit-chat Hornbill & Toucan
11.45am Southeast Asian Birds Tour Southeast Asian Birds Aviary
(Available on weekends & public holidays only)
1.30pm Flamingo Feeding* Flamingo Pool
(Available on weekends & public holidays only)
1.40pm Ostrich Feeding* Dinosaur Descendants
(Available on weekends & public holidays only)
2.00pm Pelican Chit-chat* Pelican Coast
2.30pm Birds Feeding* Waterfall Aviary
3.30pm Penguin Encounter* Penguin Coast

* You will have the opportunity to feed the birds at these enclosures. Bird food can be purchased on site.


If you’re Singaporean or a permanent resident in the country, you get free entry on your birthday (as long as you have proof). Otherwise you’ll have to pay these prices:

Admission Adult Child (3-12 yrs)
Jurong Bird Park Only Jurong Bird Park $20 $13
4-in-1 Park Hopper Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari
Singapore Zoo
River Safari
$89 $58
3-in-1 Park Hopper Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari
Singapore Zoo
$69 $46
Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari
River Safari
$69 $46
Jurong Bird Park
Singapore Zoo
River Safari
$59 $38
2-in-1 Park Hopper Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari
$49 $32
Jurong Bird Park
Singapore Zoo
$39 $26
Jurong Bird Park
River Safari
$39 $26

Other Services

Strollers $9
Wheelcharis free
Wagons (for kids) $15
Ponchos $5
Lockers $3
Buggy hire $180
Feeding Frenzy Tour (12:30pm; duration 90 minutes) $55
Bird Eye Tours (10.00am, 1.00pm & 3.45pm; duration 90 minutes $28 Adults
$18 Children


  • Show Times – There’s usually plenty of space on the sides of each arena, but to get the best seats (in the middle or front) arrive 10 minutes before the shows start.
  • Prepare for the Weather – The rain come and goes, but for most days, it gets pretty hot and humid in Singapore. There are areas between exhibits with minimal cover, so wear sunscreen, bring a hat and an umbrella for the unpredictable rain.
  • Tram – There’s a lot of walking during the day, so take advantage of the tram that circles Jurong Bird Park. Rides are $5 for adults and $3 for children per round trip. However, if you purchase a hopper pass or iventure attraction pass, the tram is included.


  • Direct Bus Service – Easiest way to get there is through the Singapore Attractions Express (SAEx®) Service which stops at various hotels.
  • MRT & Bus – The nearest MRT station is Boon Lay. From here, catch bus 194 or 251. It should only take 10 minutes by bus from Boon Lay station.

12 Reviews

  1. anneocampo
    Philippines 25 Comments
     -  18 Apr 2018

    Go to Jurong Bird Park early

    Must see in Singapore! Get ready to see birds perform and take photos with them. They are really amazing. Lots of species kept in this park. Be early and make sure to check the show schedule.

  2. karlykowala
    karlykowala 26 Comments
     -  09 Jan 2018

    Fantastic attraction

    This is a very beautiful park with an amazing collection of birds all housed in large, clean exhibits. There are walkthrough exhibits where you are able to get close to the birds and feed them out of your hands which is a really magical experience and makes for some good photography. You can allow for the best part of the day at this park as it is so big and plenty to see and do.

  3. simmi sasidharan
    simmi sasidharan
    India 25 Comments
     -  16 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    The last day of our trip was to Jurong bird park which was 45 minutes drive from the city. A calm and quiet place with lots of greenery. Different species of bird, I think almost all species of bird from the world were there. It is not possible to walk and cover the entire bird park, so we took the train. The bird show was excellent. A must visit place in Singapore.

  4. ericwicaksono
    ericwicaksono 24 Comments
     -  25 Nov 2017


    Jurong is a pretty fun place to go to. It’s a great place to bring your family to. I was amazed at the amount of species the have. It’s a place where you might want to spend the rest of your afternoon at.

  5. Vis
    Vis 46 Comments
     -  25 Jul 2017


    I visited Jurong Bird Park along with Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari. The ticket for all these 4 parks along with tram ride and boat ride was around S$ 79. I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful birds and loved penguins. I had to pay S$ 35 for 2 pictures with parrots and etc on my hand. I expected it to cost less but S$ 35 was a bit high. Lovely park to cover along with various places around it.

  6. shae23
    Australia 115 Comments
     -  03 Jul 2017


    Singapore has a habit of doing everything right, and Jurong Bird Park was no exception! The enclosures are great and spacious for the birds. I highly recommend checking out the shows, the times are all throughout the day and are really entertaining! There is even a kids water park to keep them occupied – a great day out for everyone.

  7. Analize
    Analize 11 Comments
     -  20 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    As an avid bird-watcher Jurong Bird Park was a highpoint of Singapore to me. The shows were really amazing and the park boasts bird species that I would never have seen anywhere else. It is a great place for kids as well because they can stay entertained with the sights, the birds, and the shows. The park is big, so you can take a nice walk, but hopping on a tram is a good idea if you have small kids.

  8. Xuan Rin Ka Jyo
    Xuan Rin Ka Jyo 9 Comments
     -  30 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    The amount of bird species on here is staggering. Good for people who love animals and day-outings with little children, makes for good family fun. For the price, I would say it is worth it assuming you are there the entire morning and day to explore the whole park. Just walk slowly, listen to the birds and look at them, in fake but natural-looking manmade habitats!

  9. Subhobrata Basu
    Subhobrata Basu 26 Comments
     -  29 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Having visited Jurong Bird Park at least 4 times in my life, I can safely conclude that this is one of the best bird parks in this part of the world. One can easily spend 4 – 5 hours here and the entrance fees of SGD 29 is definitely affordable. The easiest way to reach here is by Bus No 194 from Boon Lay Station. Try to get in here early so that you attend all the shows and watch the bird feeding programs.

  10. Lynn
    Lynn 10 Comments
     -  17 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    It is a great fun to see a wide variety of birds including rare species at one place. The birds shows are not to be missed and a good place for family and children. I’d prefer taking my time, strolling and observing the beautiful variety of birds rather than getting a tram ride.

  11. Bridget
    Bridget 10 Comments
     -  17 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    I love birds and Jurong Bird Park is home to some of the most beautiful birds I have seen including stunningly colorful parrots, parakeets and much more. You need to plan on spending at least a few hours at the park so that you can attend a few of the bird shows – they are impressive indeed. Besides the beautiful birds you can see some wonderful exotic plants including thousands of orchids – a really magical place for all ages.

  12. Archana R
    Archana R 20 Comments
     -  11 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    The Jurong Bird Park is an attraction for people of all ages and it houses several species of birds such as pelicans, flamingos, parrots and many other varieties of birds in different sections. The park is well maintained. We really liked the High Flyers Show at the Amphitheatre where trained birds performed different activities, based on instructions by humans. Feeding the birds and clicking photos with colorful birds, perched on us were some of the activities we enjoyed. I would highly recommend a visit to this park to anyone who would like to spend a day amidst nature.

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