Universal Studios Singapore is full of thrilling rides, live shows and attractions that will suit visitors of all ages. Based in Resorts World Sentosa amongst other popular attractions, this hollywood theme park is one of the must visits in Singapore.


  • Hollywood – This is where the live street shows take place. If you’re lucky, you might see the Lake Hollywood Spectacular fireworks display at night from here. You’ll need to check the timetable on their site to see if its showing for the day you visit. A number of souvenir stores are located here too.

  • New York – See how they really make a film behind the scenes at “Lights, Camera, Action” hosted by Steven Spielberg. There’s also a fun ride for children, the “Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase”.

  • Sci-Fi City – The “Accelerator” is quite a thrill ride, but the what most visitors wait in line for is the crazy action sequence in “Transformers the Ride: the Ultimate 3D Battle”.

  • Ancient Egypt – Enjoy a gentle ride with the kids on “Treasure Hunter” or go on the indoor rollercoaster “Revenge of the Mummy”. You must place all bags in a locker before lining up for this rollercoaster. There may be a big crowd trying to use the locker room right in front of the entrance. Approximately 50m away (towards New York zone) there are more lockers.

  • Lost World – Watch the live show “WaterWorld” where stuntmen throw themselve off planks, planes crash, and jetskis fly. There are also Jurrasic Park themed rides including “Canopy Flyer”, “Amber Rock Climb”, “Dino-Soarin” and “Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure”.

  • Far Far Away – The home of Shrek, you’ll see an amazing castle towering this zone. Here, you’ll come across a couple of shows including “Shrek 4D Adventure” and “Donkey Live”. Kids will also be able to experience rides on the “Magic Potion Spin” and “Enchanted Airways”.

  • Madagasgar – A zone perfect for kids, jump on the river ride “Madagascar: A Crate Adventure” or the “King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round”.


How much is the entry fee?

Attractions ticket Adult Child (4-12yrs) Senior (60+yrs)
Universal Studios 1 day pass $76 $56 $38
2 day pass $145 $106 $76
Annual pass (12 months) $188 $158  $158
Annual pass + Express pass (12 months) $318 $288  $288
Season pass (6 months) $98 $88 $88
Season pass + Express pass (6 months) $198 $188 $188
  • 2 day passes must be used on consecutive days.
  • Express passes to skip the line can be bought on the day starting from $30.
  • All prices are in Singapore dollars.

Express Tickets

Universal Express from $30 Allows access to 1 time access to participating rides.
Universal Express Unlimited from $50 Allows unlimited access to participating rides.


  • Rides Under Maintenance – Some rides may be under maintenance and won’t be open when you visit. Before purchasing tickets, double check with staff to see rides are closed. At the time of writing this, both rollercoasters in Sci-Fi City are under maintenance.
  • Express Tickets – For some rides, the waiting time could be over an hour, especially during peak times. The express ticket is definitely worth purchasing if you can afford this extra luxury of skipping lines.


How many rides are at Universal Studios Singapore?

There are 15 exciting rides catered to various ages and 13 entertaining shows running at multiple times throughout the day

Are there lockers to store bags?

There are paid rental lockers near the entrance in the themed area “Hollywood”:

Small locker

  • 4 hours for $12
  • 1 day for $15

Large locker

  • 4 hours for $24
  • 1 day for $30

There are free lockers for rides outside the Lost World, Ancient Egypt and Sci Fi City, but there are fees if you exceed the free time limit (1, 2, 3 or 4 hours for $4, $8, $12 or $16 respectively). It’s best to carry as little as possible during the day to enjoy all the rides.

29 Reviews

  1. Avatar
    brendalsh 32 Comments
     -  21 Aug 2018

    love it

    I’ve been there a couple of times and it was so much fun! If you would like to focus on the rides, try to go during the off peak season on the weekdays. During halloween and christmas, there themed celebrations that you can enter. The prices are also reasonable for what it can offer

  2. tinathanabalan
    tinathanabalan 37 Comments
     -  15 Aug 2018


    Had so much fun here. Spent the whole day and went on most of the rides. I would say get there early because the crowds get pretty heavy throughout the day. Definitely something fun to do at any age.

  3. anneocampo
    Philippines 25 Comments
     -  18 Apr 2018

    Full day of fun

    Avoid the queue – get your tickets online! Most of the time too they have discounts when purchased online.

    There are so many rides to choose from – for all ages. Spend a full day here to enjoy all rides and activities. There are many programs too – you should get a map and check the schedule of each show so you can plan ahead.

  4. EvelynKate
    EvelynKate 26 Comments
     -  05 Mar 2018

    It was good

    Universal Studio Singapore is Instagram worthy however the items there are on the pricer end so be ready to spend more money on food, souvenirs and etc. There’s an express pass that you might want to consider as the queue is unbearably long especially on weekends and public holiday. For cheaper admission tickets, look up tour agencies in Singapore for cheaper deals.

  5. simmi sasidharan
    simmi sasidharan
    India 25 Comments
     -  16 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Universal studio is one of the best theme parks where you can enjoy different rides, live shows, and so many attractions. The Transformer ride was ultimate but the queue was bit lengthy and we had to wait for 30 minutes to get into the ride. For me it was scary, but my husband and daughter enjoyed a lot. I enjoy the Jurassic Park ride, it was awesome. The representative told mummy ride is scary, so we avoid it. The live shows and Madagascar river ride were what I really enjoyed. Food and shopping are very expensive.

  6. chessieorq
    Philippines 62 Comments
     -  04 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    One of the best theme parks in Southeast Asia. So many rides to choose from but definitely one must not fail to try The Mummy and Transformer rides. Try coming during the weekdays because weekends can be very, very packed. Some other attractions include Shrek, Sesame Street, Jurassic Park. There are also shows throughout the day in different parts of the park so one will definitely not get bored.

  7. Avatar
    mona91rai 24 Comments
     -  04 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    I visited here with my friends and relatives back in 2010. The rides were amazing and a lot of fun. The Mummy was extremely fun and unforgettable. Photos were endlessly being taken of every place and the performances were mesmerizing. I would definitely want to visit Universal Studios Singapore with my family once again the next time around.

  8. infinitesundays
    Philippines 25 Comments
     -  27 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    USS should be in your itinerary if you ever find yourself in Singapore. We did not avail the Express Pass but we were still able to try most of the rides with minimal waiting time. There are thrilling rides like The Mummy and Battlestar Galactica. Definitely worth the wait! It is quite small and can get crowded (well, I think all amusement parks get crowded) but as long as you plan ahead, you’ll be good to go! Make sure to allot one day for this amusement park.

  9. dewimayangsari
    Indonesia 26 Comments
     -  27 Nov 2017

    It was good

    It’s always fun to go to USS with friends, or taking nephews and nieces on short holidays there. But I am giving 3 stars because it’s way too small (I think it’s the smallest Universal Studios), hence the queues could be very tiring, and if you buy express pass, there are actually not much rides available in the park. And the ticket price is also pretty expensive for such a small park.

  10. ericwicaksono
    ericwicaksono 24 Comments
     -  25 Nov 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Universal is fun! It’s a perfect place to bring your kids or younger relatives. I would recommend you getting the express pass and go during a work day. If you’re a child inside like I am, the rides will be fun for you. Don’t spend money on drinks or food because it’s expensive.

  11. Vis
    Vis 46 Comments
     -  24 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Universal Studios Singapore, the name is enough for visiting. During my Singapore trip, the part which got me most excited was none other than a visit to the world famous Universal Studios. I made plans to avoid crowds and for this, I visited this amazing Studio on a Tuesday. I decided to get a 2-day fun pass, which included Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium, etc. The ticket was pricey at around S$150, but totally worth it. Avoid going during weekends, to enjoy a hassle-free park.

  12. rycepatrick
    Philippines 60 Comments
     -  15 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    When we visit Singapore, we never missed going to Universal Studio. Although it is small as compared to Universal Studio in California, the fun and excitement in thrill rides is still there. I really like riding in transformer and having picture with my favorite big bird of Sesame Street. Children aged 5 and up will surely have fun going to this attraction.

  13. Amy Richardson
    Amy Richardson
    Australia 31 Comments
     -  02 Jul 2017


    My sister and I really enjoyed Universal Studios. I’m only giving it 4 stars because I would have liked to see more thrill rides for the adults. But I would recommend everyone check it out, particularly people with children. You can easily spend the whole day here!

  14. Avatar
    checkaboom 10 Comments
     -  18 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    The rides are very exciting, although there are some to avoid if you are not a adrenaline junkie.
    Eating inside USS is very expensive as compared to normal outlets outside.
    Queues are long if you go on a weekend.

  15. imlalas
    imlalas 12 Comments
     -  02 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    A great place for a full day activity. One of the best theme parks in Singapore. However, be prepared to spend as things may get a bit pricey here.

  16. Avatar
    jonairepublica 10 Comments
     -  02 Mar 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Prepare for a jam-packed day when visiting Universal Studios SG. It’s a place to bring your family especially if you have kids. Bring also courage because the roller coaster ride is something you should not miss. You will not run out of things to do, in fact, you will run out of time and you might not finish all. So if you have extra cash, you can avail the express pass to avoid queuing up the blockbuster sections.

  17. Ai Jia
    Ai Jia 10 Comments
     -  05 Feb 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    Awesome! Spent the entire day there going on just about all of the roller-coaster rides. Only missed-out on the Madagascar ride due to the rain. Food was easy to get and there was a small praying area for Muslims. Highly convenient! We didn’t go on other rides as we figured there won’t be enough time anyway. Loads of people and queues were long.

  18. Nina1
    Nina1 10 Comments
     -  01 Feb 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    We arrived here early to avoid the crowds, but the park filled up incredibly quickly so we had to wait 50 minutes for a few rides. We didn’t do as many rides as we had planned, but we hit the highlights we wanted to and had a great day. I particularly liked the Transformers ride. My boyfriend was a little nervous as someone afraid of heights, but agreed that it was well worth it. This place is truly unforgettable.

  19. Sanhita Basu
    Sanhita Basu 26 Comments
     -  31 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This was my 2nd visit to Universal Studios and one thing I liked about this place is that they are constantly upgrading their shows and rides. The Waterworld is really exciting but I will not recommend this place for the aged and definitely not for the faint hearted. I suggest that while coming here you avoid the Sentosa Express as you need to wait for at least half an hour for the train to arrive. Coming here by the taxi or the Boardwalk is a much better option.

  20. Avatar
    Ange Viceral 19 Comments
     -  31 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This place is worth every dollar. Awaken the child in you with the rides and theme park food. Every ride definitely takes you to the feeling of being inside your favorite movies. Be patient with the rides if you’re not getting the express passes. There are also different shows and parades around the theme park, make sure to check the schedule for the day. End your day with viewing a lovely fireworks display. 🙂

  21. paulan
    paulan 11 Comments
     -  30 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    If you’re an adult who loves thrill rides, you’d definitely enjoy a full day here. Personal favorites are Battlestar Galactica & The Mummy – I went for these rides again and again and again. Better to go on a weekday, I guess, so that there would be shorter lines. Lots of interesting stuff will be competing for your attention, you’d be so confused on where to begin. Also, bring your best smile and be ready to pose with some famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Po, etc.

  22. sabrinaoh
    sabrinaoh 10 Comments
     -  26 Jan 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    There’s no reason to not go to USS at least once in your life. In my case, I went here 6 times in just 2 years! Each time, with different group of friends. I reckon the dry/wet rides, sensory performances and lively atmosphere makes you feel like you are transported to a different world. Great place! Although I may not return anytime soon 🙂

  23. Lynn
    Lynn 10 Comments
     -  17 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    One of my most favourite visit in Sentosa Island. Though it’s a bit costly for a day entry, it’s worth the price since there are so many things to do and see in USS. Many exciting rides, entertaining shows and thrilling performances awaiting you. I enjoyed all the shows there and the Water World show is the best ever. But prepare yourself for the long queues on each ride and ensure that you go there in the morning.

  24. Myleemunyee
    Myleemunyee 10 Comments
     -  17 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    Love my day spent at Universal Studios Singapore. The rides were worthwhile with fun filled adrenaline as well as family fun. Lots of good snacks and food too. Have been there 4 times and will keep going back!

  25. Archana R
    Archana R 20 Comments
     -  11 Dec 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    It is definitely one of the best theme parks in South East Asia, with so many fun filled rides and attractions. The shows & performances are awesome so make sure to catch up with as many shows as you can. The Shrek show was entertaining and the live stunt of the water world is a must watch. Other than the transformers ride, the Egyptian roller coaster was also thrilling. Food in the outlets are a bit expensive so think about bringing some with you. Express ticket might not be required if you a visiting on a weekday but it is always recommended to book tickets online as you can get better deals.

  26. theglobalexplorer
    theglobalexplorer 10 Comments
     -  27 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    USS is a must-visit when in Singapore. Schedule your visit on a weekday to avoid the crowds and you will not need to purchase the Express Pass anymore. Be sure to experience Transformers and The Mummy rides.

  27. Avatar
    pinkandtravels 11 Comments
     -  26 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    It takes you to all your childhood dreams. I just loved it. Really. It’s a full day excursion. Make sure you arrive as early as possible so that you can enjoy a complete day at the studio. Don’t forget to take transformer ride!

  28. Avatar
    alrick3000 10 Comments
     -  16 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    Definitely the best theme park I’ve been to! Way better than Disneyland in Hong Kong. The rides here are simply exhilarating! The transformer ride was so awesome that I waited in line 3 times (2 hour long queues) just to experience it over and over again. The Revenge of the Mummy was great as well though I’ve had similar experiences in other theme parks. You should also watch out for the schedule of the different shows like Waterworld which was truly entertaining. The performers bond with the audience first before performing which makes the show even more exciting! Get ready to get wet though as the performers enjoy blasting water at the audience! Don’t miss the Jurassic park ride as well though it would be better to visit it just before you leave the park as the chance of getting wet is very high. One day is enough to cover the whole park. Just make sure to visit on weekdays so that the queues wont be that long.

  29. Avatar
    bubblii 11 Comments
     -  15 Nov 2016

    Fantastic attraction

    So much fun! If you can get there at opening, I would highly recommend it. That way you can run straight for some of the more popular rides like ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ and ‘Transformers’. If you do that, there will be less wait time and you may get to go on more than once if you enjoy it. As the crowds start to rush in queues can get extremely long. I’ve visited twice and one time was over Christmas. The decorations are beautiful, so if you like taking photos you will love it.

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