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  1. chocosenshu
    chocosenshu 50 Comments
     -  13 Aug 2018

    Philippine Disneyland

    When Hong Kong Disneyland was still a dream, Filipinos have Enchanted Kingdom to give the magic and excitement they are looking for. Even though it is an old theme park, it regularly updates its rides to ensure that you will always enjoy trying them out one by one during your stay. They have cheaper rates as well as compared to Disneyland.

    Just be prepared for the slightly long trip because the park is somewhere down south and you do need a car to get there.

  2. Lea19269 26 Comments
     -  06 Aug 2018


    Enchanted kingdom is one of the best places when you visit manila because of the entertainment they offer to their customers. They have different varieties of rides, some for kids, some for adults and for people whose kids at heart. They also have establishments where people conduct photoshoots due to the beautiful scenery. They also have firework show sometimes at weekend and also when they have events.

  3. Iris Matubis
    Iris Matubis 25 Comments
     -  25 Mar 2018


    Probably the best and most classic amusement park in the Philippines. If you’re a student, don’t forget to bring student ID! The discount is a lot and it will be more efficient. Pack extra clothes too, especially if you’re riding the Rio Grande Rapids. I hope something can be done with the queues though 🙁 You spend a lot of time lining up!

  4. Avatar
    Crizelda Nicolas 27 Comments
     -  06 Mar 2018


    This is so far the best amusement park I’ve went to here in the Philippines and the place is just 42 km away from Manila. The ticket price (900.00) on weekends/holidays is worth it since you have unlimited access to all rides + their newest attraction, the EK Agila experience. The price of the food from their restaurants is a bit pricey though.

  5. chessieorq
    Philippines 62 Comments
     -  04 Dec 2017


    This is one of the most famous theme park in the Philippines. It’s a bit far from the city and one needs to ride a bus/van/private car going to the park. There are a number of rides in the park but I don’t think they have added anything new in the past months. Some rides include the Rio Grande Rapids where the riders get wet and the big roller coaster, the Space Shuttle. Ultimately, it’s a good place to go with family and friends nevertheless.

  6. slmgeronimo
    slmgeronimo 23 Comments
     -  03 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    This is my favorite theme park in the country! I’ve been here so many times with my friends and every ride is worth trying. One good thing about this theme park is that, it always try its best to add an attraction so that the visitors will have a reason to go back to the park. Ticket price is cheaper during weekdays and also, avoid going here during Ber months since there’s a lot of students having their field trip in this place.

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