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  1. pinayonlineincometv
    Philippines 25 Comments
     -  15 Dec 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    If you love culture and history, it is a must for you to visit this park in Lapu-Lapu City. The statue of Lapu-Lapu is there to commemorate how this man bravely fought Magellan and won by the sword. This place is perfect for a little walk and getting to know a bit of Lapu-Lapu City history. There are stalls around where you can buy snacks and drinks. It is accessible by tricycle. Best time to go there is early morning or at dusk. Entrance is free.

  2. Azyx Oveso
    Azyx Oveso 30 Comments
     -  11 Nov 2017


    This is the Lapu-lapu statue where it marks a historical event took place where it obviously got its name. There’s not much to see there aside from great food house and souvenir stalls. It’s nice and clean though. Tourists usually go to other places other than that statue of Lapu-lapu.

  3. rycepatrick
    Philippines 60 Comments
     -  12 Jul 2017

    Needs improvement

    We can only see the statue of Lapu Lapu in this small park along with the souvenir shops around. Not much to do other than taking pictures with the statue. The place is not crowded and only few tourists are roaming around.

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