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  1. chocosenshu
    chocosenshu 20 Comments
     -  31 Aug 2018

    ube and crinkles

    If you are looking for Baguio’s signature ube jam and other treats, going to Good Shepherd Convent is the place to go. The treats are made by the skilled locals in the region. The prices are very affordable and they do offer discounts for bulk orders. Just make sure to visit here during early hours because it can get packed especially during the weekends.

  2. YamEsereth
    Philippines 25 Comments
     -  22 Oct 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    A highly recommended place to purchase pasalubongs and other goodies! We dropped by on our last day of stay in Baguio City. The products are not that pricey and there are a lot to choose from. But to save time and confusion, you can buy one of each. Hehehehe. Make sure to try the Ifugao coffee, Strawberry jam and Ube jam. But please check first the expiration dates of the jams and the travel hours you are taking to avoid spoilage. The queuing system is also organized since there are metal barricades between counters. The parking area is also spacious so there is no need to worry.

  3. rycepatrick
    Philippines 35 Comments
     -  17 Jul 2017


    Should you wish to have the most delicious ube halaya and lengua of Baguio, don’t miss to drop by at Good Shepherd Convent. The store is near Mines View Park, so if you’re in the area, try to check out the store. Its worth every peso spending in this yummy delicacies.

  4. chessieorq
    Philippines 32 Comments
     -  12 Jul 2017

    Fantastic attraction

    When in Baguio be sure to grab a bottle of 2 of their famous ube jam! It is so delicious and creamy. They also have different biscuits and snacks for sale.

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